Tuttosport: Torino eye Milan defender as replacement for outgoing €40m man

By Oliver Fisher -

Alessandro Buongiorno is preparing to become a Napoli player as a deal with Torino is close to completion, and they are targeting an AC Milan defender to replace him.

As Tuttosport (via Calciomercato.com) are reporting, the operation between Torino and Napoli is almost done, with the Partenopei expected to pay €35m as a fixed transfer fee and then €5m in potential bonuses.

The defender has also has a Scudetto clause inserted in his contract, with a bonus that will be triggered in the event that Antonio Conte manages to repeat what Luciano Spalletti did by bringing the title to Naples.

The Granata are immediately thinking about how to reinvest the sum received and give a new defensive reinforcements to the new coach Paolo Vanoli. Urbano Cairo, together with the sporting director Vagnati, is exploring different avenues and one of them is Jan-Carlo Simic.

The Serbian could be a real opportunity for Torino, considering the fact that Simic has not responded positively to the renewal proposal put forward by the management. There is the concrete risk of losing him on a free transfer given that his that will expire on June 30, 2025.

Milan might well look to cash in on the Serbian rather than get nothing for him, or more likely they will continue renewal discussions to try and make a breakthrough.

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  1. Great and in couple seasons when he explodes we can beg for 25 mln transfer back to Milan, but some other club will pay 40. Meanwhile we can find another Pellegrino.

  2. Okay so we missed Buongiorno who went for a reasonable €35m and we’re losing Simic as well 😂 meanwhile our management enjoys their summer vacations

  3. If milan sell simic then why the hell have an under 23 team?
    Also – sell simic to anyone but torino!!!!! Or ask torino for €20 million and nothing more, nothing less

    1. Because they can sell him and make money as he’s a talent…it’s about making the most money and spending the least

      Buongiorno for 35m….and we didn’t get him? Jokers

      1. They will sell him if he doesn’t renew his contract. That’s the reason why he is rumored to be leaving, not because they can make money off him.
        Are they suppose to keep him and let him leave for free next summer?

        1. No but I’m sure if we appreciated his talent and gave him some sort of guarantees he’d sign….

          Or shall we sign some nobody from Ligue 1

          1. He was a nobody before Milan signed so what is the difference?
            Also, what guarantee can you give him. He is a 19 year old who wants to play regularly.
            If he doesn’t want to renew, he has to be sold. It is that simple.
            You can’t guarantee him anything under a new coach. He has to earn his playing time. If Fonseca likes him during this pre season, he can guarantee him to maybe be 3rd or 4th CB, outside of that Milan management can’t guarantee him anything.

        2. He probably thinks that after performing well, even scoring on his debut and still being given no time to play while a LB played at CB and Kjaer got ahead of him he hasn’t been dealt a fair hand…I don’t blame him

          1. I don’t blame him for wanting the leave because of lack of minutes and playing time given to him, but that’s not the argument here. You making it seem like they are trying to sell him just so they can make money off him.
            He didn’t play because of the dumb ass coach Milan had, maybe the new coach will play him or even start him, but if he doesn’t renew before the end of the window he has to be sold. Milan lost enough players for free.

      2. Milan probably was planning on making a move on him if one of our defenders get an offer. Because me too, in some sense think that it is waste if a lot of money if we buy him before we sell any of the existing defenders.
        If we have too many players, other club will see us in a desperate situation to sell some, and it would put us on worse position of bargaining.
        I don’t think the club has a lot of option now to buy another defender.

  4. Yes, only on loan without options to buy. This seasson there will be no space for him. Tomori, Thiaw, Gabbia, Kalulu and they want to buy another one. For him is better to play and better in Torino then in seria C with Milan Futuro….
    I think on this seasson or maybe next 2 seasson Hummels or Varan is the best posibble options.. and then he come back and play ..

    1. Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit, is it? He is unwilling to resign for Milan, you sell him now for whatever you can get or lose him for free next year. Remember the Donnaruma, Kessie, Calhanoglu, or Romagnoli fiascos? Want to repeat that or get something?
      A loan for a player on his last year? Yeah, that’s an awesome idea. 🙄

  5. I don’t understand why these idiots from management can’t extend contract of this talented young defender… Simic has everything, young, talented, charismatic, leadership, a future star. Just give to this boy a good contract for 5 years and assert him a stable backup role in first team. What is so hard to do this ? Jesus…this idiots are so incompetent…you spend 3-4 milions for a dead wood with no talent like Pellegrino and you have no money for keeping a bright talent like Simic…such a morons run this club these days…

  6. Buy back option. Let him grow there for 2-3 seasons and then if he is worth the money buy him back. I really like simic and I would like to see him play for acm, but if he can’t find minutes let him play somewhere else, but don’t just sell him and lose him for ever.

    1. He doesn’t want to renew because he doesn’t wanna play here. He just uses Milan as his stepping stone. If he wants to stay here he would renew and asks to be loaned out.
      To be honest, Milan is not the best place for a young academy player to mature. Who is the last noticeable player came from our academy? If there are, they are all succeeded after they changed club. The exact way he would and objectively should for his own good.

  7. I wouldn’t do business with them. They drive hard bargain. They wanted cash before now. They want him maybe a loan and nothing more.

  8. Buongiorno and Simic have the same agent…he is the one asking for simic to get that origi money. Its risky to lock in a long term contract…especially with Thiaw on 1M for the next 4 years…Reijnders on 2M

  9. Plane idiots. We cant make any normal development any longer. He does not sign because idi*ts wont promise him playing time. Of course we better buy some stupid Tottenham nobody instead. You know what. I dont care anymore. F*ck it

  10. A competent management team could have used Simic and Pobega and perhaps a little cash to get Buongiornio – but instead we will look for a bargain reject from Chelsea and overpay them for him

    Good times

    1. Or Pobega for Kayode since Fiorentina are interested in our midfielder. But these executives will rather waste 20 millions on a Spurs reject.

  11. Depend on player will. If he want renew then ACM will dry loan him to torino, if he refuse to renew then no choice to sell him permanently to torino. He is in his last year contract

  12. Hahaha.. this could be the funnies milan management. Miss the mercato and could be lost one of the milan youth prospect..

    watch out napoli could be Inter Milan 2.0 under conte..

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