Tuttosport: Torino line up swap deal to secure Milan midfielder Pobega

By Isak Möller -

Torino really pushed for Tommaso Pobega last summer but the midfielder ended up staying at AC Milan. This summer, Il Toro are expected to try again and could sweeten the matter with a player swap. 

Pobega spent the 2021/22 season on loan at Torino and did really well, impressing Milan enough to earn a spot in the first team for this past season. For the Rossoneri, he bagged three goals in 28 appearances.

According to Tuttosport, as cited by our colleagues at SempreMilan.it, Torino are still keen on the 23-year-old and will make a new attempt this summer. Ivan Juric has asked the management to probe the ground with Milan, who remain in limbo.

Pobega is certainly not a starter for the Rossoneri but there is currently a lack of midfielders, awaiting reinforcements on the mercato, which makes the sale slightly complicated.

Torino’s willingness to include the right-back Wilfried Singo, as per the newspaper, could perhaps make the move possible. Singo, aged 22, is a very good right-back and the Milan management likes him a lot, including Stefano Pioli.

Another plus is that Singo is considered ‘homegrown’, having spent enough years at Torino at a young age and that is good for the UEFA squad list.

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  1. Value Pobega 22 million at least. If they pay 10 million plus Singo, might worth and Pobega would play more competitive football.

  2. Not going to happen. It makes no sense to get rid of Pobega to bring in another midfielder to replace him. If Juric wants him so bad he can’t be bad. That guy is crazy like Conte, even more, but he knows how to use each players strengths really really good.

    1. Pobega scored more goals than our other mids last season with a very limited playing time and being played out of his normal position. The guy has potential. But as some other people said Pioli is not the best when it comes to using players strengths. I mean the guy wasn’t playing Paqueta who is now one of the best AM in the world lol.

      1. It’s not just Pioli.

        Pobega would need to preform at approximately four times the level of new signings.

        That’s usually the requirements for all youth players going back to Darmian….

      2. Paqueta the best AM in the world lol. That’s an exaggeration if I ever saw one. He was playing fine with Lyon, but his form went down with West Ham and nobody talks about him anymore.

        1. I said one of the best. And his numbers in West Ham are preaty good, despite West Ham under performing last season. His market value keeps going up.

      3. That’s playing exaggeration

        Playing good at Ligue 1 is not a big indicator. His form at West Ham dipped and they almost relegated, best AM in the world. Lol

        I mean, even Arsenal reject like Lacazette instantly became top scorers there last season, more than Openda, Balogun etc

        Those facts always tell something about Ligue 1.

        1. Damn, you people only read what you want to read to a point where you are literattly leaving out words from the same sentence just to fit your narative. That’s next level ignorance. It’s very clear that i said one of the best. And West Ham poor form is not up to him, his numbers are good and he is good in Brazil too. If he was not good his price wouldn’t have risen.

    1. Milan dose not need a new RB they have Kalulu who is far more promising then Singo. But the swap for Ricci is not a bad idea. Milan needs a more defensive mid like Ricci, and Pobega can play in a more attacking role in Torino which is better suited for his skills. In Milan the AM role is too crowded for Pobega to be given a chance there.

  3. Depends on the system imo, in 4-3-3 he could even turn into a starter thanks to his scoring and less „holding“ duties. With 4-2-3-1 it is a bit different.

  4. Why on earth would Milan be looking for another right back when we have much more important positions to fill.
    We have calabria, Florenzi, kalulu and alexis, all of whom can play RB

    1. Yeah I agree. I would also steal Vlasic transfer from them if West Ham is asking only 10M€ for him. He is left footed, can play multiple positions, 25. A cheap replacement for Diaz that can be at least a backup for a few positions.

  5. Sure swap your highest scoring mid from last season who is worth around 18 mil for a 12 mil RB who will sit on the bench behind Calabria, Kalulu, Florenzi. The only way this makes sense is as if they want to get rid of all the remaining Italians in the team, no other point to do this swap. They don’t need a RB. At this point Redbird could just remove the team from Italy if they dislike Italians so much.

  6. Bad idea . Especially if want to change formation to 433. Pobega & adili will shine in 433 . Better buy singo 10m euro or swap junior + cash for singo

  7. Do NOT sell Pobega! The guy is really good, has great potential, young and home grown. This will be really stupid.

  8. We need an upgrade at RB. Love Calabria he is a warrior, BUT we need more out of that position especially from an offensive standpoint. We are way too predictable- teams know we have zero threat from the Right side and overload the left with Theo/Leao. I advocated playing Kalulu as our starting RB – but I guess Pioli only sees him as a CB – AND Redbird will likely sell him. Either way he apparently isn’t going to be given a fair chance to earn the RB position before he is sold. So hence the need for an upgrade.

    As I have said numerous times in previous posts – SWAP Poegba for Singo. Offensively Singo is a beast able to get up and down and whip crosses in. Hopefully we snag a new RW (Chuweuzuke) and we can form a nice attacking pair on the LEFT to pair with Theo/Leao on the RIGHT.

    Singo has ALL the physical tools (height, size, speed control) BUT must improve on his defending. BUT anyone can be taught how to defend- just look at Theo. He was horrible defending when he first came to Milan. Then Paolo taught him and boom – one of the best (if not the best) LB in the world.

    Besides – isn’t that the main reason Redbird argued for keeping Pioli? Because he is so good at developing talent??? Well then here is another challenge Mr. Pioli. Teach Singo how to defend properly – just as we did with Theo. Teach Singo, and he will be a steal for a Pobega swap. Once he does we will have two excellent wing defenders causing havoc on both sides of the pitch and won’t be so predictable. Singo also satisfies the homegrown rule so we are fine there.

    Poegba is still developing to be fair. He stood out for Torino 2 seasons ago – playing in a more advanced position. Below average season with us last year. Ya he scored a few goals, but his positioning, ball control and lack of pace often hurt us. Maybe he was played out of position in the double pivot, maybe he can’t handle the pressure of a bigger club, or maybe he just needs more time to develop. Problem is he won’t get that time with us. We are spending $$$ to get RLC, Reijnders, and possibly Musah (or pray Gravenebach) – who are meant to start – same with Pulsic (ACM) if we stick with a double pivot. Even in a mid 3 Pobega is the odd man out with those 3 already mentioned and even Benny (when back and healthy) will get the nod over him. So he’s a back up for us at best – so makes sense to swap him for a starting RB if we can. Let him go back to Torino and develop as he won’t get the playing time to do so with us. We can always Insert a buy-back clause or first option to buy if he’s sold in the deal IF we believe in this kids talent and that he will develop into an excellent player in the future. But I doubt we do.

    Get this done. Singo with Calabria backing him up would be great business IMO.

    AND Yes I would try for Ricci in a separate deal as well. Solid player.

    1. Holy Crap I actually agree with you, pal. What’s this world coming to?!

      Calabria definitely needs an upgrade – he’s been inconsistent. I’m not even sure I like him as our captain. Singo has a lot of potential and more pace than Davide and would be a more promising an option.

      Pobega isn’t a bad player by any means, but Pioli has him on the fringes and that doesn’t look to change anytime soon. Midfield depth is important, but with mercato window still open, we would need to wait till the end to see if we have enough coverage to let Pobega go.

      1. HA!!!!!!!

        It’s all good man, after all we are both Milan fans – So our paths were bound to cross at some point lol. Just don’t get used to it LOL. 😜😜😜😜 JK.

        I have no issue with disagreeing viewpoints on player transfers, tactics, etc…at the end of the day we are ALL just fans and amateurs compared to the professionals. BUT I have ZERO tolerance for stupidity (@bb) or racist comments (@dejan10). The rest is just water under the bridge brother.

        Forza Milan 🔴⚫️

      2. Ahahahahaha
        I don’t even agree to have Calabria go but the way Juro made out his points, I’m like ok not bad. I can roll with that 😁
        Also as unsaid Calabria might end up like Romagnoli who was captain but not one of the best players on the field

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