Tuttosport: Two new signings bring champion DNA to Milan – they know what it means to win

By Isak Möller -

With the signings of Mike Maignan and Olivier Giroud, Milan have managed to add additional winning mentality to their team: a champion of France and a champion of Europe, which certainly isn’t bad. 

As highlighted by Tuttosport (via MilanNews), Maignan won the Ligue 1 with Lille last season and he was a protagonist for the club. He conceded just 22 goals in 34 games played and impressed between the sticks.

Giroud’s record, understandably so, is even more decorated: Champions League, Europa League, Ligue 1, seven cup wins in England and of course, the World Cup. In other words, Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara have added strong players to the team.

While the project focuses a lot on young players, it needs to be balanced out with a few experienced players that know what it means to win. Maignan and Giroud will help with this, which is why they will be so important for the club.

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  1. Milan brought this shit from the players. And we lost two good players Donnarumma and Colhanoglu. Very good calculation and a good choice for the new season, I don’t think we will win anything this season 21/22. I’m sorry but this is very annoying

    1. If you consider calhanoglu a good player ….
      I don’t like either this aquisition mostly because of his age. He will occupy a starting spot in the team; that means for a youngster less time to prove himself.
      If this is Milan i don’y like it.. i dont like Pioli’s Milan.

    2. Donna case is the case of loyalty, you can never satisfied a greedy player no matter how much you try. Maignan is not a bad replacement remember Milan from beginning has been great with signing keepers. From the season he just had he is fired up and good to go. The problem I have is giroud he has played his best years but not a bad signing though. Considering he is still rated highly in France/chelsea both national/club team even though they have younger striker. What I need now is who will be that young striker that they will buy to compliment this two old strikers we have.

      1. Loyalty?? Lol. It’s business. Loyalty in sports is dead. If you made 50,000 at your job and another company offered to double your salary you would take it as well. Or are you gonna turn it down out of loyalty? Football players are no different. We screwed up not resigning him earlier. Period. Now we had to pay for that mistake and decided not to do so so he left to a bigger club. If we had signed him then sold him this year or next we would have $$ to buy players and wouldn’t have to sell promising talents like Hauge or Poegba to fund transfers. So all the people that say since we didn’t resign Donnaruma now we can spend all that money on other players then Ask yourself – if that is true why do we need to sell Poegba, Hauge etc…? It’s a joke

    1. Lol. You obviously don’t know much about football my friend. Your logic is flawed. So because Messi didn’t win the league this year Barca should let him go? Same with Mbappe for PSG? Come on man. Both Donnaruma and Hakan should have been resigned if only to sell them for a transfer fee. It’s basic business. How much is Donnaruma worth now?? After wining the Euros and player of tournament? 10M a season would have been a bargain. To let Gigio walk for FREE is criminal. We are becoming a joke of a club. So fkn sad

      1. Donna case is different the last time we try signing him it was great problem. Now the same. We have offered him so much, how much has he offered Milan? Non. dogs know their masters, but when a dog decides to bite his master will you keep that dog around? same with Donna. What you have failed to realize is that clubs have keepers now if not do you think he will still be without a club? Even if PSG sign him his shirt is not guaranteed. Hakan if Milan should have offered him a contract he his already 27 almost 28 four years contract he will be 32 who will have sign him for decent Transfer fee. He is very inconsistent and offer little to attack. Without eriksen injury inter won’t have bought him. His current contract to what Milan was offering what is the difference. After underwhelming euros he quickly ran to inter because that was the best he could get. If he is such a great player he won’t have sign yet he would have waited for the best offer. Man city, man United, Liverpool all needs attacking midfielder but non offer him contract to tell you he is an average player. So wish him good luck in his future endeavours. What is on my mind right now is pessina he is a world class player against England, he was flawless that is who we should be talking about not shoe of best fit. Milan give Atlanta €15m + Colombo but with buy back clause pegged at a certain amount as developmental fee get pessina back forget those half bake players. We don’t need isco or Dani ceballos. We need winners he is still partly our player.

        1. This isn’t about loyalty is business. Football like every other sport is a business. We offered him a solid salary yes – but guess what – we did not offer him his market value. Now what is he worth?? Lol. Like I said 10m is a bargain. And again we should have signed him then sold him if we didn’t want to pay long term. It’s simple business. Talking about club loyalty is nice but it is no longer reality. We are not going to see a player stay in the same shit his entire career it is very rare. Kaka, Sheva, etc…all left regardless. Let’s not be so naive and think sports are still about loyalty. Business is business and we should have resigned him if only to resell him down the road.

  2. Hakan is just an ordinary average player. I don’t even feel bad loosing him. The only regret i have is loosing Donna, even on a free. If we can sign any player from the ones listed so far, all are better than Hakan. Give Hauge and Colombo a chance

  3. Well now is Donnaruma worth 12M a season??? LOL. The answer was always YES!. Fkn disgrace we didn’t resign him and let him leave for ZERO. Those who said let Donnaruma leave are the same ones complaining about not buying players….well you cannot buy players if you don’t have $$. Gazidis should be fired and everyone else for letting Donnaruma leave for free. Stupidest business decision in Milan’s history. We have to see him for next 15 years win trophies for other clubs and for the National team. Disgusting. We have become a joke of a club. Can’t wait until Romagnoli leaves for free. Kessie probably too. What a disgrace.

    1. I still don’t miss him he took us for granted. So he is free to leave. Maignan hasn’t flop yet. De gea was a great keeper at his younger days but has he not be displaced by unai Simeon. De gea left atletico was he not replaced with coutouis when coutouis left was he not replaced with another keeper. Maignan hasn’t failed. He might even perform more than Donna. He is a great keeper. Remember Lille draw and put three against us in Europa League. Maignan was the keeper. He won the league in France against psg. Look at Chelsea that spent €70m to buy a keep only to be displaced by a less keeper. Donna has been great with Italy but not to that great with Milan. If maignan can offer Milan more not bad.

      1. That’s not the point whether Maignin will be good or not. I think it’s a solid signing and he will be good for us. The point is we could have signed Donnaruma and sold him for $$$ and then sign Manigin. That’s smart business. Now we have no $$ to buy players. We gave up 60-80 million for Donnaruma. That is not smart business.

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