Tuttosport: One of two stars to get Zirkzee – Milan may negotiate with Bayern

By Oliver Fisher -

It is now no secret that AC Milan are planning to invest in a new striker during the summer transfer window, but they might also lose a star player too.

As Tuttosport (via MilanNews) writes this morning, Milan’s main objective is to end the season with the best possible result, which translated means to get as far as possible in the Europa League and to get second in the league. Then it will be time for important decisions.

The summer mercato will come around and what is certain is the need for a centre-forward for the future. The first name on the list is Joshua Zirkzee, who has been outstanding for a Bologna side who have surpassed expectations this season.

The Milan management see Zirkzee as the number one objective to strengthen the forward line, but it could be a complicated pursuit. Bayern Munich have a €40m buy-back clause, and even if they didn’t use it they get 40% of the proceeds from a future resale.

For this reason, it is likely that Bologna will demand a minimum of €60m for the Dutchman and that’s why it might be better for Milan to deal with Bayern Munich rather than with the Rossoblu.

The reason for that? The Bundesliga giants have set their sights on some of the Diavolo’s jewels – Mike Maignan and Theo Hernandez above all – and they could also be willing to set up an exchange of sorts.

Both are not considered unsellable by Milan, should the right offer arrive. The goalkeeper’s contract expires in 2026 and despite being a leader for this Milan side, talks about a renewal have not yet taken off because he wants the same salary as Rafael Leao.

On the other hand there is Theo, whose deal also expires in 2026, and for whom the agent could make similar requests. Within this scenario, Bayern could find an ideal situation, also because Manuel Neuer (due to age) and Alphonso Davies (Real Madrid bound) could leave.

In the face of a big offer Milan would listen, and they could decide to try and set up a negotiation that involves Zirkzee, such as cash plus the striker for one of the two French champions.

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  1. I like Zirkzee, but is he worth disintegrating the squad? Like Mike is having the worst season and got injured easily lately, but he is still one of the best out there. Theo is also among the best left back. There is other players like cdk or maybe chuk or even colombo that can be sold without sacrificing squad integrity. He is good prospect but not as exciting as Dynamo Kiev Sheva, or Sao Paolo Kaka or even Internacional Pato. He is probably a good signing but not worthy of sacrificing Mike and Theo

    1. If they cannot reach an agreement with Mike over his salary, what else is there to do? If they can agree somekind of Zirkzee + cash deal with Bayern, it’s good cause they can reinvest that for new goalie. Although I think Sportiello can step in Mike’s shoes.

    2. Cash + players that’s bad for business….we are trying to improve the team not giving out our best players…Milan can get Joshua if dey really want too

    3. Lol, I love how people continue to live in the past. Shevchenko, Kaka and Pato would all be out of our reach today given the hyperinflation of transfer fees. Madrid paid Santos 45m for Rodrygo at age 18. They paid Flamengo 45m for Vinicius Jr at age 18. They paid Flamengo 30m for someone nobody knows called Reiner, who may be a bust, also aged 18. Mudryk went from Shaktar to Chelsea for 70m! Keep dreaming!

  2. With all due respect but giving Theo to get Zirkzee is a naive idea. Theo is top notch in his position. Zirkzee is not and will never be a top quality centre forward.

    1. Agreed. For some reason the Milan management has thought for at least two decades that all you need is one good striker and that’s the core of the team. So far, they haven’t had that strikers since Zlatan left the first time and sacrificing our best defender to get “a promising talent” to be the main weapon is just ridiculous.

    2. Objectively true, but I don’t think it will be Theo. I think Mike will be (and of the three starts continuously rumored to depart should be) the “sacrifice”. I have a feeling Theo would renew for the same salary Leao is getting and he would deserve it. Mike is asking for more than Rafa.

  3. Must this useless management sell our key players just to get an average player?? This shows our management does not know anything at all.

    They keep destroying this team thinking they are doing a great job. How can any good management would want to sell their key players that can easily bring them trophies. If this people want to buy players they can easily do that without seeling any of our key players, but because of the useless selfish owner we have that don’t want to invest in the team we keep down grading our level.

    Selling mike or theo just to get Zirkzee is just so pathetic and trust me he can never become a top striker in the world because he’s just an average player at best.

    Please with all due respect, CARDINALE should sell this club he does not know how to handle a big club like Milan and even all the so called management should leave except from Ibra.

    This is my own honest opinion.

    1. Remember that the above is not coming from our management but just from a journalist. There is no guarantee that our management is actually thinking about this deal. This is just an article on a website; it’s not the official position of our management.

      This said, I’d sell Mike. He’s been just an average goalie, lately. Di Gregorio seems better. Sell Mike, get Di Gregorio, use the remainder to add to the budget for a striker. DO NOT sell Theo Hernandez! That would be really stupid! Theo is among the best in the world in his position. Zirkzee is not.

      Mike was among the best of the world but whatever the reason is, he is in decline. There is an index of expect saves against good shots. At Lille his index was a mind-boggling +7.0. At Milan, initially his index was a very good +4.3. This season his index dropped all the way down to -3.0. Positive numbers are good; negative ones are bad. Mike has repeatedly let in soft goals at the near post. He hasn’t saved a PK in the last 11 attempts. He is not even the best Serie A goalie currently, let alone the best in the world. I don’t know what is wrong with him this season, if it’s mental, if it’s physical, but the truth is that he hasn’t been anything to write home about.

      Zirkzee for me is also just an average striker; or actually, he is good but ultimately overrated and overpriced. Just so that you guys think about it, do notice that his stats in goals and assists this season have been inferior to those of De Ketelaere, someone we did not hesitate in letting go.

      I do not think that Zirkzee will solve our striker problem.

      I think the solution for our striker problem is Camarda. He is still very young but I would try to integrate him into the first team. He is a gem and he’s already ours. I think he is much better and has way more potential than Zirkzee.

  4. The reason clubs frown on cash+player deals is because they diminish the Capital Return Gains with a lower sale fee. That’s why often times clubs want similar operations done as two transactions.

    With the sale proceed from CDK, technically Milan could cover at least half of the fee for Zee (if it does in fact jump up to 60mil). And ideally Mike would be sold as a separate transaction (if he can’t renew).

    BUT at the same time, if Bayern can buy Zee out at 40mil instead of whatever ridiculous number Bologna asks for AND Mike doesn’t renew, then this could become a double operation presumably.

    Either way there would be Capital Gains on Mike since he only cost 15mil while on CDK, the return could yield a profit only after Atalanta sell him on at like 60mil (which we get 10%back on).

    I don’t know, but I’m curious to see how it plays out.

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