Tuttosport: Fonseca must decide as Milan have third-striker names in mind

By Isak Möller -

In addition to Alvaro Morata, who appears to be just one step away, AC Milan could also sign another reinforcement for the attack to act as a ‘third striker’. Not so much pecking order-wise, but to complete a trio up front. 

Milan currently only have Luka Jovic for the No.9 position and Morata’s arrival – which reportedly is getting closer – will thus be very important for the department. One more could still arrive, though, especially since the Spaniard would cost just €13m.

According to today’s edition of Tuttosport, as cited by MilanNews, the management will speak to Paulo Fonseca to understand if a ‘third reinforcement’ is needed in attack. Should the Portuguese manager express a need for that, then the Rossoneri will get to work immediately.

They already have a few names in mind, per the newspaper, with the likes of Tammy Abraham and Memphis Depay on the radar. The Roma striker has a price tag of around €25m while the Dutchman is a free agent, having left Atletico Madrid.

Technical director Geoffrey Moncada is also monitoring the progress of Kevin Denkey (23 years, Club Brugge) and Youssef En-Nesyri (27, Sevilla). There is no shortage of targets, in other words, and everything will depend on the decision of Fonseca.

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  1. Yeah when you target every random striker in Europe, of course there is no shortage of targets. That’s the whole point of moneyball. Leave the big fish for the ambitious, there are enough fishes in the sea anyway.

    1. We don’t even need to play moneyball right now – we have money. Likely €100m+ to spend, they sold CDK, Benny might be on the move. Maybe they’re saving it for bonuses for management. Makes no sense.

  2. And later put blame and pressure on the coach to perform miracle with the mediocre players they provide.

    Clueless and unprofessional set of managements

  3. Morata as direct replacement for Giroud is fine. At 31 for 13m he is decent signing but he shouldn’t be our main CF. If we had to choose 1 from that list then Tammy Abraham is the best choice. Still young, has serie A experience and like Pulisic could flourish at Milan. Main issue with both is neither are 20 goal strikers! 🙁

    1. Good enough to be the main ST for patetiko and Spain. Nit good enough to be a main ST for Milan.

      What sort of nonsense is this?

      Also, go check the score sheet for serie a in the last few years and tell us who scored 20+ goals consistently.
      Heck go check spain, eng and ger sheets as well.

  4. To put things in perspective
    Barcelona are going to activate N.Williams buyout clause of €58m

    This is a team about 1bn in debt

    Not to mention all our main rivals in serie A that are in “trouble” like Inter and Juve etc, making serious moves.

    These owners and management are a disgrace to the club!

    1. The difference between us and inter/juve, is that they’re willing to spend money and put themselves in risks in order to be competitive and win titles, that’s their objective. RedBird’s objectives don’t have anything to do with winning titles, just reaching the bare minimum of 4th place which will guarantee revenues from UCL next season, so why spend much money ?

      1. Well even the geniuses at Redturd might understand that attracting top young talent will create an exciting team, a team that will progress in competitions, a team that people will watch, a team that generates interest, a team that attracts better sponsors, tv rights, fans.
        In essence a better team!
        A better team is worth more money!

        1. Well financially (I will throw random numbers), why spend 150M€ to have 50% to win the scudetto and 30% or less to win the UCL and thus have more revenus while you can spend 70M€ which will guarantee at least fourth place. The first is high risk-high reward, the second is low risk-low reward or even 0 risk-low reward.
          They already said they don’t care about titles, and they’re betting on making a lot of money from the stadium project, so why spend a lot of money for a target they don’t even care about and risk not getting it.
          With Morata, Emerson, maybe Fofana (assuming we get them) we’re almost sure to finish in top 4 and I guess that’s stable revenue with few spendings.

          1. Hopefully the manager gets the trust of the group or it may be a rocky road.
            As things stand Inter, Juve, Napoli have at least as good squads as Milan if not better. Roma and Atalanta wont be far away either, so no guarantee of top 4.

            Last season was an anomaly in that Juve, Napoli, Roma, Lazio all had catastrophic seasons resulting in managers being fired. Expect a much more competitive league this season

    2. And you think it is sustainable that way?.. You think it won’t come back and haunt them. Look at the English clubs now scrambling to sell players just to comply with Financial fair play because it has now reached their doorsteps through their FA acting on it

      1. I see English clubs like Brighton out bidding us on players.
        We are not in danger of breaching financial fair play, that is for sure!

        But hey if you enjoy reading the end of year balance sheet more than winning trophies, enjoy

    3. To put it in perspective, you’re an Idiot. Just because LaPorte says something doesn’t make it true. Barca can’t sign anyone, they need to sell first—not just players but assets, the club’s future again. Barcelona is a dumpster fire financially, which is insane seeing how much they bring in every year. Is that the way you’d like Milan to be run? If so my claim of your intelligence level is accurate.

      1. The point I am making, lest it be lost in your feeble mind, is that all these clubs in “trouble” are still ambitious!
        No I do not want or expect Milan to be run into financial difficulty. We are in a stable position, which makes this move all the more pathetic and short term.

        1. Milans project is geared towards long term sustainability and success. They aren’t gonna throw 58mil release clauses on players right and left.

          This thing is gonna grow slower than anyone here would like it to. But the reason this club isn’t in financial dire is because of how they do business.

          Everyone here claims to be a financial analyst and a transfer guru but in reality no one knows sh|t and no one has run a club before. So all that’s happening is huffing and puffing because “feeble” minds, as you put it, don’t know the first thing about it and aren’t spending their own money.

          Plain & simple, this club is on the right path. Less flashy, sustainable path. With plenty of young talent (not worth 58mil in release clauses).

          Couch analysts that come here and call management stupid are just that – fish out of water here. And no, spending more does not guarantee winning more. Look at PSG and the English clubs that outbid us and still can’t win sh|t.

          Support the club, not the spending policy. Or move on.

          1. Nobody mentioned spending recklessly, but as most fans, the curva, journalists, ex players, ex managers (all who have seen this before) have questioned the complete lack of urgency, ambition and quality needed to improve the team.
            There have been plenty of good free players available also, like Spinazzola (back up LB) or in the past Dybala (but we didn’t want a mature player as their value would not grow). You can’t have it both ways

            Anyway you don’t seem to have any interest in the team, just supporting a bunch of financiers

    4. Not sure Barca is a good example there. Inter, Juve yes. They’re trying to keep on a financial path relatively speaking but also aim to win. We’re very keen on the financial path with winning as very secondary. Barca is selling it’s future and it’s assets to purchase players in the current. That’s a recipe for disaster. Ambitious, yes but those chickens will come home to roost

      1. I agree with all of what you say, I guess I’m trying to get across what it means to big clubs and their fans to win (they will do almost anything).
        Now I don’t want to go down the Barca route, but it is embarrassing how little ambition Milan under current owners have.
        If I were Theo or Mike seeing this, I would certainly be more likely to leave than if we made some good signings.
        Bear in mind we don’t need to revolutionize the team, just sign a good striker a good DM and a good defender.
        Zirkzee at 40, Hojbjerg at 20 and Calafiori at 40 would have been a reasonable window. Minus money from sales that would be very sustainable

        1. I agree. And really we’re at a point where we can take it to the next level by some shrewd signings (Inter always comes to mind here). Doesn’t mean we have to spend alot on transfers, just sensible ones to increase the level of the squad. There’s Hummels and Varane for free for instance who come with experience. Yes we’ll need to up the wage budget but we’d have a better squad in the long run. Time is ripe to act but seems we’re ok trying to do the min 🤷‍♂️I agree with what u said on Theo and Mike, our ambitions will dictate whether they would stay or not.

        2. Not spending big doesn’t mean you don’t have ambition. Just means you do business smart. Milan’s 2007 team was hardly worth billions. But they won CL. While PSG spending millions every transfer window, can’t come close enough to smell that CL trophy. Same with Chelsea, another example.

          You’re just fixated on spending top dollar to feel good about this club for some reason.

          1. WOW

            Go tell that to Madrid fans!!

            Obviously you don’t remember or didn’t watch Milan in 07

            You think the likes of Nesta, Pirlo, Inzaghi etc came cheap?
            There was years of investment to improve and build that team. (if perhaps by 07 they had started to decline).

            I have no issue if we sign free players, so long as they improve the squad, but management wont even do that.
            I’m fixated on bringing in top quality players. If we can only afford 1 ok do that.

            This club is not developing a sustainable project, they are trying to spend as little as possible until they make a tonne of money building a stadium.

            Why would you trust these people for a second?

            Elliot (a vulture fund, notorious globally) were more trustworthy and ambitious

          2. “Not spending big doesn’t mean you don’t have ambition”

            May I quote you on this in future?

            Because unless you produce brilliant players every year, this is exactly what it means

  5. Not sure I understand some thinking on this site. But not because you have money doesn’t mean you should throw money needlessly. If someone is available at a good price, you take it especially as you have other bigger plans. By the way, some are annoyed with the management because they had the money and if they wanted Zirkzee they should have paid it.. but why would you give into daylight robbery with that commission? All am saying is we should stop obsessing about “Big price tag Striker”… They do not guarantee 100% victory and they are not many of them out there now anyway.

    1. Other clubs facilitate coach with competitive squad, our management pick average new players and train them to reach their ceiling or else sack their coach. Plain and simple innit?

      1. We had an average squad when we won the Scudetto. Outside of the same Leao and Theo that we had now, there were no world beaters. No Top Strikers…

    2. Welcome to European football man. It’s a highly competitive market with many actors trying to reach the top, which is eventually the UCL trophy. To reach that top, you need to spend big money. The last “small” club to win the UCL was Porto more than twenty years ago. The fact that Milan, the second club with the most UCL trophies in the history of the sport and currently profitable, is now more interested in its U23 team or to build a stadium with a theme park should be a nonsense to any Milan fan.

    1. i think you speak too much guy.

      why didn’t we win scudetto rather played poorly even if its successful transfer market as some people claim.

      In 2018-19 we had around 400m loss. We stick with low spending by recruiting young players from top clubs and fans stick with management as its necessary to be out of debt.

      In 2022-23, We are in profits. Also remember that we played champions league for 4years so that we came out of debt. es pecially semi-final run in 2023 gaveus 120m from champions league alone.

      Today we have profits and sales in players and season pass is increased by 20%.

      With all the money we have, fans are not asking for Haaland or Mbappe but players who can improve the team in the budget of 40/50m than recruiting 5x20m players who might gamble or not in the end.

      and they continued to do it without any plan A, B, C.
      All teams know what they want except AC milan.

      It seems priority for current management is Serie C than Serie A.

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