CM: Two factors make a move to Milan unlikely for Algerian midfielder

By Euan Burns -

It is seemingly increasingly complicated for Houssem Aouar to get a move to AC Milan as there are two factors at play stopping the Rossoneri from making an offer, a report claims.

As has been reported by, the midfielder who recently declared for Algeria rather than France would like to join Milan at the end of the season and is aware of the interest Milan have shown.

Milan would much rather confirm a permanent deal for Brahim Diaz than sign Aouar, although Real Madrid are showing signs of wanting to use Diaz in the 2023/24 campaign which could be good news for Aouar.

Another factor is that Milan must get rid of Yacine Adli if there is going to be space for Aouar which would mean selling the former Bordeaux man without really giving him a chance in the first team.

A move is still possible but Milan do not view it as a priority.

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      1. Maybe because our squad is weaker every year since he has come in charge starting in the summer of 2020.
        Maybe because he keeps losing our best players for free.
        Maybe because he doesn’t listen to his scout recommendations to sign players like Enzo, Kolo Muani, Kvara, etc.
        Maybe because he can’t sell a player even if he tried.
        Maybe because he is incompetent inexperienced amateur at the job he has.

        1. Weaker every year? How much stronger, were we prior to his arrival? We won the Scudetto, under him..

          As for losing, best players for free; it was their decision, to leave… Stop blaming him, there are many clubs, in Europe that have lost their best players for free! At least you should speak factual, instead of putting non existent blame!

          1. Our squad is much weaker,
            None of our midfielders are as good as Hakan and Kessie and our defense has been swiss cheese without Romagnoli this year compared to the team in 2020 and 21.
            If Maldini was any good at his job it would have been Milan 20 points ahead of everyone in the serie A table not Napoli, while Milan is scrapping to make top 4, which we are lucky to still be in the hunt because Juventus got 15 points taken away from them.
            If Milan loses to Napoli, Juventus will be only 4 points behind us on the table even though they lost 15 points that they earned on the field, with 10 games left.
            Yeah, sure we are not weaker.
            Since you wanna talk about fact, why don’t you present some facts.
            Give me one club that lost 4 starting players for free in 12 months span in their prime years.
            Present facts in defense of your idol. Since you obviously get triggered because someone criticized him

          2. renewal tactics is poor by offering new contract at the last year of contract is so poor, mind you leao is going for free

        2. Criticising and putting, non existent blame, are two different things.. I got triggered, cause you always, want to put blame on Maldini!

          Hakan never wanted to renew, his contract, even without him, we won the Scudetto! As for Kessie, his agent was, asking to triple his salary… Despite Kessie, promising to renew his contract! Now coming to Romagnoli, he was down the pecking order and actually many people, wanted him to leave, now Tomori is their new scapegoat..

          Maldini can’t hold, them in gunpoint, to commit their future in the club! Or? Did you want, Maldini to pay, them from his account? I think we are going to achieve top four, come end of the season, regardless of Juve’s 15 points penalty..

          1. At least you admit you get triggered over Maldini criticism.
            Putting non existent blame?
            Whose Job is it to sign , sell and negotiate contracts with players? That would be Maldini.
            As a sporting director his job is to either resign a player or sell him, any other result is a failure. He didn’t lose 1 but 4 players for free.
            His job is judged based on that, so whatever excuses you wanna use to defend your idol, the fact is that he failed with all those 4 players, and those failures cost Milan over 100 million.
            So Milan is weaker because those players are not on the team anymore, but even more weaker because Milan didn’t receive any money from their departures so they can properly replace them.
            Holding Maldini responsible for for something that is his job ,that he failed at, and the club is suffering because of that is putting non existent blame according to his idolaters .

        3. This is ridiculous. Yes some of the signings were not so successful, but many of our key players today are here thanks to Maldini.
          For those players who left, the main reason is because they didn’t want to continue with Milan.

        4. @Poli I have explained you, the whole thing! It’s upto you, to take it or leave it.. Your argument, revolves around four, players who left for free.. You don’t have, any other valid point! Most of our, players like Leao, Theo, Maignan etc are here, because of him.. It’s useless, to argue with you, cause you haven’t, followed their renewal saga.. And, you have a belief that, it’s all because of Maldini..

        5. why not blaming milan owners who put salary cap and that’s made it impassable to renew our best players maldini is doing alright job with way the thinking at the top he can’t offer contract to them players that worth their value because american owner put salary cap thinking like this is american sports you should look to all facts before judge the failure off the club on ,the ownership of club don’t know how to run club like milan

    1. What’s if we sign Aouar, and he flops? Well, you are going, to blame Maldini for signing him right? It seems your little brain, can’t stop thinking about Maldini..

  1. Money money.

    Our first team players’ salary is increasing and revenue is too small because commercial and broadcast revenue are too small that it is funny.

    We are reading about new stadium revenue but how about low income from puma and Emirates? Milan is among top 8 clubs in the world and club received very low income from serie a broadcast and commercial part.

    We can’t go in Europe like this RedBird

  2. @Pioli. I agree with you on Maldini incompetence. I feel the same way too. He signed Yacine Adli for 10m and spent an additional 35m on CDK to sign another AM.

    So 45m spent on 2 AM that are flops and we didn’t even replace Kessie? Why did he need to spend 45m of our transfer budget on 2 AM players when we already have Diaz in the squad and planning to sign him from Real Madrid?

    It makes me wonder if Maldini is not talking to Pioli about the players he’s signing because I can’t understand the reason behind spending the majority of our transfer budget on 2 AM players instead of signing Amrabat from Fiorentina to replace Kessie and get Dybala for free.

    Dybala would have lowered his salary demands to come to Milan since we won the scudetto and we are playing in the UCL.

    Then we could have use 45m on getting Amrabat. We should have also renewed Romagnoli and sell Gabbia who is clearly not good enough because he will not start ahead of Kalulu, Tomori and now Thiaw.

    Also, why did Maldini choose to sign Origi who was injured and wasn’t even a starter at Liverpool and he never scored double digit goals in a season?

    Belotti was a free agent and captain for Torino and he consistently scored double digit goals in a very poor Torino team until his last season when he was injured.

    Belotti is also a Milan fan from he was a kid. Belotti would have been a better option given his scoring record and Serie A experience.

    Yes Maldini is incompetent and Milan need to remove him from sporting director and bring in someone who has experience to build a squad.

    We waste a lot time on these players renewals until they leave for free. For example, Leao renewal should have signed and completed after we won the scudetto to confirm him for the future.

    Same with Kessie. We should have completed his renewal before the olympics instead they let these players run down their contracts and then some fans say it’s not maldini’s fault. Smh

    1. You guys go on and on about Maldini like he isn’t doing a good job under the parameters he’s been set. Yes there’s criticisms that can be made but tbh his hands are tied. He’s operating under a cap on salary in order for us to balance the books. You guys completely ignore this when making your evaluations. Added to that the owners don’t like paying high agent commissions.

      Dollarama and Kessie both had the same issue, their agents wanted a high commission as well as a wage that would pierce the salary cap.

      Dollarama gets 12m per year and so does Kessie. There’s no way we’re competing with that. Their agents wanted at least 20m commission which tbh only teams like Barca and PSG are willing to pay. For Hakan, he never wanted to stay at Milan due to the criticism he faced. He got lucky that Eriksen got a heart attack and Inter needed a replacement because he only left for .5m more and caught M&M off guard as they had been positive signals to re-sign at that point.

      Without Kessie we would not have won the Scudetto and we won the Scudetto without Hakan. You never know how things can turn out if we “would have sold and got x” or keep until contract expires. The other thing you need to understand is that players are willing to run down their contract because they know they can get a better one as a free agent.

      Yet still, Maldini had negotiated our entire backline and double pivots, no one seems to give him credit for that. Likely he’s going to renew other positions too. But it’s always going to be difficult with players whose value skyrocket as they have the power.

      You mentioned Dybala like it was FIFA or Football Manager. Yay he’s free, let’s get him. Free don’t mean he’s cheap. He used to get ,13m at Juve. He gets 7m now with a 4m bonus for a potential 11m per year.,.that’s not a huge decrease. Tell me wheres the real wage reduction here? His base salary is close to our cap and his realized wage far exceeds it and would be the highest paid player by miles. Tell me how you would negotiate that! And tell me how would other players view that. I like Amrabat but I do not know if I’d spend 45m on him.

      Sure Maldini and Massara got players I don’t like eg Origi and messias while CDK is a TBD. but he has renewed the core players in a time when they could be making way more money elsewhere. And ppl dont seem to credit them for that

  3. Blaming M&M for ALL of Milan’s shortcomings and not placing ANY blame on Ownership is comical.

    BOTH are to blame.

    Have M&M made mistakes? Of course. It is impossible to get every transfer correct. Constantly citing players who got away like Kolo Muani, Enzo and Krava is conveniently cherry picking to support your argument. What about the players M&M did want to sign but weren’t given the budget to do so? Konè for 10M – who Bayern will buy for 40-50M; Fofana for 35M – who sold for 80M to Chelsea. No mention of such players. Is it possible Muani didn’t come to Milan because Frankfurt offered him a higher salary and more playing time and we were limited by our wage cap?? Lol. We conveniently forget these things. Let me break the news to you. Not everyone wants to come to Milan especially when they will make less $$ and have to play in a tougher defensive minded league.

    And what about the players we DID sign for cheap that have turned out to be steals: Mike, Theo, Benny, Tonali, Leao, Kalulu, Thiaw, etc….not bad. Jury is still out on CDK, Adli, etc…it’s early and they like Tonali – need time. They are not flops just yet. Patience is needed.

    You claim we never replaced Kessie – and I agree. However, they tried and unfortunately failed. His replacement was Sanches who chose play under his former manager and to take more money with PSG. So we moved to Aster and brought Poegba back from loan. Neither has yet to demonstrate they are capable (although if given time, I think Aster will). That was a miss. It happens. BUT you are forgetting one crucial component: had Ownership given M&M the funds to resign Kessie we may not be in this situation OR had Ownership given M&M the funds to sign Sanches BEFORE PSG changed coaches and he went to play for his former gaffer, we may not be in this situation. Or go back even further, had Ownership given M&M the funds to buy Konè maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation. All speculation. Just like it’s speculation that Enzo would have an amazing WC and be sold for 120M – hindsight is 20/20. Easy to say now, but nobody would have predicted it back then. Either you trust M&M or you don’t. I don’t agree with every transfer they make BUT I also recognize they are handcuffed to some extent. Its not a one way street.

    Now I agree M&M are horrible negotiators. We should hire a professional to negotiate the contracts so we don’t let players leave for free. There is no excuse for that. M&M&M (moncada) should do what they do best – identify and get talent. Have a lawyer or someone else negotiate a deal. BUT even with all of that it is difficult to do ones job when you are forced to work within the LIMITED parameters (budget) these owners have given M&M. Constantly having to nickel and dime salaries and ask for discounts on loans and options, etc…Whose fault is that? It’s easy to blame M&M for this but that conveniently ignores the underlying problem: Ownership. Does anyone really think all these free agent players this summer like an N’Dicka will chose Milan over Liverpool when Liverpool will offer him 6-8M/season and we will offer him 2.5M?? Who’s fault will that be? M&M because they couldn’t sign N’Dicka (just like Muani) OR Ownership because they will not allow M&M to offer more competitive salary to try and lure talent here?

    So while I agree that M&M have made mistakes and have to HIRE a NEGOTIATOR, putting ALL the blame solely on their shoulders is unfair and conveniently ignores Ownership’s frugalness. You cannot ask someone to cook you a steak and lobster dinner then only give them $10 to go buy them at grocery store lol. Doesn’t work like that. You get what you pay for. And until OWNERSHIP decides to spend a bit more money this will continue. Gamble on cheaper youth and hope they turn out. And if they don’t right away (like CDK) it’s all M&M fault. And if they do like (Kalulu) then fans are quiet lol. The cycle continues.

    When we sell our best players like Leao, Theo, Mike, Kalulu, Tonali because they get offers from abroad doubling or Tripling their salary and replace them with cheaper younger talent – who may or may not develop into the same kind of stars the players we sold them for – who is to blame then? M&M or Ownership. I think we already know the answer to that lol.

    1. OK, who’s the f*cker that is pretending to be Juro?! This text above cannot be his as there are things that actually make sense. 😀

    2. Agreed with everything here except maybe the extent to which ownership wants to influence the budget. They can either spend like in the golden days or take a more pragmatic approach – which they seem to be doing. But we don’t bring in as much money as we used to in the past so a line has to be drawn somewhere and unfortunately it’s the salary line. This directly influences how we iperyon the transfer market. And This is why the stadium being built is so important

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