Two remarkable statistics underline how impress Reijnders’ Milan debut was

By Oliver Fisher -

Two very positive statistics have emerged from Tijjani Reijnders’ first start in a competitive game for AC Milan during last night’s win over Bologna. 

Reijnders is widely considered to have been among Milan’s best performers on the field at the Stadio Renato Dall’Ara last night, at least gauging the opinion of the printed press and social media.

He got a 6.5 in our player ratings, with the following assessment: “Got the assist for the second goal after a great run into the box and he continued to move around the pitch in a smart manner. He did also help out in the defensive phase, which was necessary to see.”

There were two stats that above all underline his importance last night. Firstly, as per official league data, Reijnders was the player who ran the most in the game.

The Dutchman was the player who ran the third-most distance in all of Europe in 2022-23 and he covered 12.8km last night. Tonali, by comparison, reached a highest of 12.4km during his entire time at the club.

Meanwhile, OptaPaolo reports that Reijnders is the first Milan midfielder who has played an entire Serie A match without missing a single pass since they began recording this data (since 2004-05). He completed 28/28 attempted passes.

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  1. Very impressive player, I saw him playing in friendly games and I knew he is ready for seria A, but everyone seems to be avoiding the elefant from the room… our defensive side is weak, the only reason we didn’t conceded a goal was because Mike was there. Tomori keep doing the same mistakes and we play without a good central defensive midfielder like Kessie. Loftus was very quiet last night but even if he has the physical he is not defensive midfielder. Amrabat, Sangare, Fofana or even Dominquez would be helpful to balance the team

      1. I don’t think we can afford another midfielder considering that we need a backup up for Giroud, maybe in January if we sell Ballo , Alexis and Origi.

        1. Weren’t Saudi also interested in signing Bennacer in Jan? If we sell him for 50-60 and get someone like Gavenberch or Florentino Luiz that would complete our midfield. Benny is good but he is injury prone.

  2. Wow, this stats is insane. 100% accuracy with highest distances. I doubt the best mezzala ever did this : Iniesta, SMS, Pogba, Barella, Bernardo Silva, etc never did this stats ever, i think.

    If he did this kind of performance regularly, no doubt he will be the mezzala ever and become ACM Legend.

  3. 8 new signings… last year only Thiaw was good guess. If in this year only 4 of 8 new arrivals make impact, we are much more upgraded team.

    Last year: De Ketelaere, Florenzi, Vranckx, Origi, Dest, new arrivals without any impact.
    Only Messias did good with Thiaw.

    Whe we add old players like Tatarusanu, Fode Ballo, Bakayoko, Adli, Rebic, Lazetic and Ibrahimovic, that’s altogether 12 players who didn’t play anything for Milan last year, so last year success was so great that can’t be easily achieved.
    This year with Pulisic, Chukwueze, Ruben, Okafor, Tijani, Musah and even Romero and Sportiello we must believe in stronger squad and better play.

    1. “If in this year only 4 of 8 new arrivals make impact, we are much more upgraded team.”

      LOL, what do you mean “if”? 😀 They already made more impact than CDK, Vranck & Dest combined whole season. And the new midfielder (counting Puli too) look like they’ve been in Milan for ages. “Too many purchases”? Did the open half look like that? Not to my eyes, no. Puli & Reijnders were THE best two on the pitch. Again. And they’ll only improve from here. 🙂

    2. To be fair, not sure how this affects impact but the signings last year we’re backups. This year they are starters so they’re bound to play more than those signed last year and have a higher chance of succeeding. That being said ooof I really did t like the backups last year lol 😂

    1. I don’t think anyone praised Krunic… he is a decent player who helps the team, personally I wouldn’t mind having him on the bench as backup maybe Musah will take his place we will see Loftus has to step up too

    2. Dude u cant compare a regista with mezalla
      regista job is to connect the midfield and back four, and stay behind to fill the void that mezalla make. basically regista enables mezalla. good mezalla means good regista.
      not saying krunic is 10/10, but its hard to find a new regista as he needs to be the one who initiate from back four. we will replace krunic, but not now, maybe next season or we will be slaughtered during the initial build up. unless we sign kessie back, we should just be happy with krunic at the moment

    3. Well said man, Lord Krunic walks like a headless chicken on the field, he can barely make 2 good straight passes. His defensive abilities are so so.

    4. If you don’t realize from the pic, Krunic ran the second farthest in the match with 12.4 km. And he also has
      – mere 95% pass accuracy, (56/59), his successfull passes is twice the number than total passes of Reijnders
      – only 1 key passes
      – 2 tackes and 2 interception.

      Now he plays in different position but his performance last night was really decent, and he also worked hard for us.

      Try to open your black tinted glasses and look at his Overall performance.

    5. Lol Krunic had the second best passing succes rate. And higher than mostly everyone else. Don’t comment on stats you’ll get schooled. You need the guy in front of the defence to be able to pass the ball out accurately. Its interesting as his progressive carries were higher than Tijji smh 🤦‍♂️

  4. To be honest I already like him better then Tonali and know many will dissagree however this guy in my opinion will prove to be an upgrade player.

  5. They missed a very critical point where he prevent one on one situation with Maignan. Not with brutal tackle, but closing the shooting chance in exceptional way.

  6. O jogador indicado pra jogar a titular seria Weider Weifer para jogar a frente dos defesas porque existe um buraco que Musah não tem experiência para cobrir

  7. There is still januray where they can add a nother defender and a cdm for now let see what musa can do when his ban is served

  8. I did mention this in the ratings blog. Tijji had an incredible 100% pass rate. And was pulling to he strings in midfield. Also liked that block on the 1v1. Let’s hope he keeps it up.
    For RLC I think if he really starts to think about his game and start to understand Serie A he can become very effective.

  9. Reijnders was the MVP of the Match! The guy played perfect game with and without ball.Covered space widely,box-to-box when needed,saved two goal oportunities from Bologna in our 16,played perfect direct/long/for passes,took ball for run at least 5-6 times,was almost whole time first to press on Bologna’s defence line…..Puli was great,no doubt,but Reijnders was fantastic!Unbeliveable good,the guy is huuuuuge talent.Can hardly wait to see Bennacer on 6,and Reijnders + Cheek on double 8… looks realy promising.Scudetto?Let’s see!

  10. RIJNDERS IS A ROCKSTAR! 🔴⚫️⚽️ What a buy this kid is. I can’t believe no other top club was looking at him…

    1. barcelona also tried to aquirre him but he wanted to sign for milan, he even said so himself earlier in an interview.

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