U23 team and PIF takeover rumours: This past week on our Substack

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan are experiencing some momentum on the pitch, with five wins in the last six league games, and rumours point to a promising future. On our Substack, it has been yet another week of bonus content and below, we give you a taste of this. 

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With more in-depth analysis, as well as topics that we for various reasons cannot cover on the main website, we are certain that most of you would enjoy our bonus content. But without further ado, below we give you a preview of the week that has been on our Substack…

Growth Decree abolishment and why AC Milan fans might need to brace [Bonus article]

The Growth Decree has been all the rave in Italy over the last few weeks, as politicians decided to abolish the beneficial tax relief for football players as well. This has inevitably had a huge effect on the Serie A clubs, who certainly are not content, and we have already seen AC Milan change their strategy. But how far will these effects extend?

Giorgio Furlani, along with many other club representatives, has expressed his disappointment with the Growth Decree abolishment by labelling it ‘a sad decision for Italian football’. Milan in particular have been heavy users of the tax relief and one can certainly understand the reaction of the Rossoneri CEO, who now faces an even tougher task related to the wage bill.

Whether he’s right or not is a whole other debate, which we will not get into in this bonus article. That being said, most Milan fans are curious about the potential consequences: What are the immediate effects, will the Rossoneri’s strategy for the future change and perhaps most importantly, how will this affect the many key renewals on the cards?

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Milan’s U23 Team Pursuit [Bonus Podcast]

Oli and Anthony discuss the reports that Milan are interested in purchasing a Serie C team to use as a ‘Next-Gen’ side.

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Why all this fuss, if it’s not true? [Bonus article]

In recent weeks, there have been many rumours regarding a potential takeover of AC Milan, with Gerry Cardinale meeting investors in the Gulf area. For those who aren’t too familiar with the situation, it could seem like a takeover is indeed on the cards. That is not exactly the case, of course, but the American isn’t helping himself.

Many Rossoneri fans have been getting their hopes up with the idea of PIF, the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund, buying the club from Cardinale and investing heavily to improve the Milan squad. All of this is far too premature, it goes without saying, though the American has indeed met with PIF as well as other investors in the Gulf area.

So, then, what is actually the truth? It is rather complicated and has many different layers. But one thing that has struck us a lot is the media strategy adopted by Cardinale, which is certainly worth highlighting and analysing a bit deeper. Because it’s not exactly the strategy we would have chosen if we were in his shoes.

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A special game on the cards [Newsletter]

AC Milan are seemingly gaining some momentum in the league, having not lost since the start of December, and the question is if the Rossoneri have overcome the main struggles. Saturday’s game against Bologna, which is a special one for many reasons, will probably give us a pretty good answer to that question.

Stefano Pioli and his men are six games unbeaten in the league, winning five of these, and have now truly cemented themselves in third place. Thiago Motta and his Bologna are up next, visiting San Siro on Saturday, and it’s a special game for many reasons. So let’s go through them one by one, with the Rossoneri hoping to put some pressure on Juventus and Inter.

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