UEFA confirm Milan have met Settlement Agreement target for 2022 financial year

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have met their target for the 2022 financial year with regards to the Settlement Agreement that they signed with UEFA.

A statement on the UEFA website writes how the CFCB Trial Chamber completed the assessment of the break even requirement for the 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 fiscal years.

It is the last time that clubs will be assessed under the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations (2018 edition) before the switch to the newer version of FFP.

The CFCB Trial Chamber continued to monitor nine clubs which were subject to the settlement agreement regime during the 2022-23 season.

Milan, AS Monaco, AS Roma, Beşiktaş JK, FC Internazionale Milano, Olympique de Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain have all met the targets set for the 2022 financial year.

The CFCB will continue to verify compliance with their settlement agreements during the next season, the press release confirms.

An explanation of how the FFP regulations and Milan’s financial situation affects the possibilities in the transfer window can be found on our Substack.

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  1. The thing that everyone forgot that Milan has to deal with,

    You can thank Yonghong Li for this, till 2025 Milan can’t take risks

    1. What exactly? I am 100% sure you don’t even know what the rules are, and especially the new ones that are coming in from this season. You just heard Milan can’t take risks, what does that mean exactly? Buying 20M injured players is not a risk? 😀 Risking CL qualification and losing over 100M€ in income is not a risk?

    2. The only thing they can’t do is spend 300M in one window and pray that everything will be fine. Keep the funds at around 0 or make a small profit, nothing else. If 70M came in for Tonali and they can agree fees with some installments you can spend as much as you want if it is done smartly.

    3. ofc they have forgoten about this..
      They want oil money and expensive transfers.. Who cares if you can play or cant play CL after those. As long as they get nice transfers..
      Zer0 hindsight as i always say.
      Also muricans bad, they are killing football

      1. Saudis are worse, only 10 year old twitter fans want a Saudi takeover just so they can brag about making 100m transfers to their pathetic followers.

  2. Wow Boulden and the winged turtle here that’s the all-star game of trolling!

    Nobody was asking to spend hundreds of millions. Ever. And many people already explained that Gulf owners found many ways to counter FFP. We have bankers at the helm, they did their job well with the settlement agreement, well done. But it’s sad that after two fruitful seasons (scudetto, UCL semis) in terms of revenue, we don’t have anything to spend. And even more concerning, the only people who knew football are gone and the bankers who trimmed the spendings are now dealing with football operations.

    1. Uh, we’ve only just turned a positive “operating income” of 10m Euro least season. First time we’ve made a “profit” since 2015. See source below and hover over the “3” in superscript next to “Operating Income” near the middle of the page. You will see “Operating Income” defined as “earnings before, interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, player trading and disposal of player registrations.” Also notice the five preceding years of negative values. Add that to the settlement agreement and it’s impossible to see how we have our hands tied behind our backs. Transfer funding has to come from player sales, and that’s just what they did with Tonali.

      Source: forbes.com/teams/ac-milan/?sh=2347108b3a03

      1. Correction: Add that to the settlement agreement and it’s impossible *not* to see how we have our hands tied behind our backs.

      2. Yeah I know, I already posted this link before. Again, nobody was asking for crazy spendings. Based on empiric studies of how investment funds operate, we’ll increase revenues while keeping the operating income at the same level so the club is largely profitable and has more appeal for a resale with maximum profits.

        1. I guess only time will tell on that. But in the end what increases income/value and thus profit in the event of a sale is success on the pitch and the development of a stadium. All things we want. They bought the club for 1.1bn, so if they intend to make a profit they need to increase this value by a bit, and treading water isn’t going to do it. Furthermore, the pool of buyers for a club worth more than that, say 1.5-2bn is not going to be larger. Good chance we end up in the hands of a sovereign wealth fund (this is what people want right?) anyway in due time. So in all scenarios the club will be going up. That is unless these guys plan to lose money for fun by making us a mid-table club, and according to the pessimists here losing money is not what they are about.

    2. lol i saw people saying Milan should buy Kane like its an after thought.. An thats just one of the names i saw..
      So yeah people most def are saying Milan should spend hundreds of millions.
      supposedly Milan had 35M to spend, and what they can make from sales. Is that nothing?

    3. Yeah your favourite Maldini then took 50m of this very precious budget last summer and other than the 5m on Thiaw literally went and flushed it down the toilet. Spent most of it on a CAM which we didnt even need over a DM, explain that?

      You think owners will be happy with that? After all the bragging he did during contract negotiations last summer about how well he can do with power?

      You only get one chance to impress, and so far even though you aren’t impressed the new leadership has shown a far greater sense of urgency and willingness to accept the current conditions rather than going on freaking CBS Sports and begging more than 50m investment that he wasted. This is why Milan still sold out season tickets because all Maldini did that day is rile up the twitter crowd, the MINORITY.

      1. 35m on Leao, 20m on tonali they are not hits in the first season.
        They took 2years and 1year consequently to get into the team.
        Even for Tonali he don’t have language problem or the atmosphere of Italian clubs.

        People like you have spoken to sell Leao 2years ago and today he is one of the best in the world.
        Pacqueta is best player in the other clubs, we are unable to make him settle in our system.

        Not everyone is able to play better in every system, sometimes it’s the club manager who has to make sure.

        Rather than saying the delay that club made to renew the Maldini last year and at the end they left less time to spend money.

        Spending 35m on Europe’s best player who is having champions league experience is not a bad idea.

        Now we sell the only best midfielder in the team and recruit 3 or 4players from new teams, how can you justify we will win something this year?
        What are the stats of Pulisic last season?

        How can you justify?

    4. Gulf billionaire are smart too ,example PIF , they choose newcastle 500m euro with more income than IM cost 1bn euro +++ ( Zhang asking price) but lower income compared to NU . After see your many comments in this site , i understand your dream that ACM owned by gulf billionaire but dream are just dream ,it is time to wake up and realize that serie A club can only atract american or chinese owner. Yes charismatic director are needed but not maldini anymore because the ship have sailed, probably ibra or other legend like kaka/seedorf/pippo.

  3. To achieve this at the same time as restoring the club’s on pitch reputation is a huge credit to the management involved, both currently and the previous ones including Mr Gazidis

  4. “The only people who knew football are gone”.

    Nope. The most important person, who is behind the signing of most of the players that our fans want to brag about, Moncada is still there and has even more power now.

    “the bankers who trimmed the spendings are now dealing with football operations.”

    Really? Milan have spent so far 40 mil and are looking to buy at least 4 new players. How is that trimming the spending?

    1. I love Moncada as a scout but I’m not sure that giving him more power will be fruitful. I think we’ll see the same pattern of important free agents going elsewhere like Ndcka, Thuram, Tielemans, because we can’t offer much and we have no charismatic figure to seduce players. You probably disagree, that’s just my opinion.

      About the spendings, I should have added “besides the revenues from selling our best players”. So far we are spending the money from Tonali’s sale and we are only buying 20M players.

      1. “About the spendings, I should have added “besides the revenues from selling our best players”. So far we are spending the money from Tonali’s sale and we are only buying 20M players.”

        Not sure what your point is here. We need 4-5 players. If we spend all of the Tonali money on one player we’ll still need 3-4 players and have no money for them.

      2. Milan lost nd!cka and Thuram in January. Why did the previous management didn’t secure those 2 players? The current management was trying to hijack those deals, they didn’t lose them, they were trying to steal them. Tielemans got salary in epl that he doesn’t deserve in serie A.
        Which Italian club has spent anywhere near what Milan has spent so far?
        So now the issue is that the players we are trying to sign don’t cost enough? Are they good players or not is the only thing that matter

        1. You don’t have balls to write the your name atleast.
          Mike, Theo, Leao, kalulu, tomori, tonali,giroud, Bennacer, thiaw, Kjaer, Saelemakers, adli, Zlatan.
          How many do you need?
          Everything in the span of 3years

          1. Now which of those names you mentioned are considered a well known stars before they come to Milan?

            Mike : up and coming GK from new France underdog champions
            Theo, Tomori : young player from big club that need playing time. Still considered very raw at the time of come.
            Leao, Thiaw, Tonali, Benna : potential player from smaller club that not really attract many interest
            Kalulu : unknown players that come for absolutely nothing
            Giroud, Kjaer : old player that need team to reignite their career in their twilight
            Ibra : the only superstar among the list, but really old and already have special bond with Milan.

            There’s not really a big signing among them. I understand its because Maldini worked with small fund but it still prove the point, that Maldini, however great he was, can’t attract the really big names on the market.

      3. The Saudi’s have charismatic directors? They offer coffee, dates and millions of riyals. All players know the current project is based on young players and a new stadium. A charismatic director isn’t needed when the targets aren’t from elite clubs.

      4. You would’ve b*tched and moaned if Milan gave Thuram 6.5m/yr, essentially same as Leao

        dont even try to pretend otherwise

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