UEFA president warns Milan and Juve over ESL: “They don’t play in Champions League”

By Isak Möller -

The European Super League was a huge fiasco for the clubs involved, dissolved just 48 hours after it was announced due to immense pressure from the fans. Yet, Milan are one of the teams that haven’t fully backed out. 

The situation is the same for Juventus and the situation is certainly frustrating for the fans, as many of the other clubs dropped out and apologised. You can read more about the strange situation in one of our latest features here.

Having said that, the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid are also still in the competition, although that doesn’t make it any better. UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin, speaking to Associated Press, made his stance clear on the matter.

“It’s crystal clear that the clubs will have to decide if they are Super League or they are a European club. If they say we are a Super League, then they don’t play in Champions League, of course … and if they are ready to do that, they can play in their own competition,” he stated.

Although the current Champions League model might not be ideal, or the one planned, it’s clear that the right way to go isn’t to start a new league. Competition is everything in this sport, and the clubs must not forget that.

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  1. I wonder how some fans are against a tournament that could bring extra/excess money to their clubs,this would’ve been an extramendous games to watch.

    1. It’s because you don’t look to the long term. Let’s say super league went on. The first year, Milan would have gotten 350 millions. All good right? But at the same time they are kicked from serie A and players are banned from euro, world cup and every other competition under fifa (copa america etc.) So in the end, all these teams will only play super league that season and nothing else. Now, people still saying but they make money, they will be happy. and my question is, how long do you think the players will stay in those teams? Do you think players will be happy with just the money, play only the super league and watch serie A, la liga etc on TV? And above all watch the world cup from afar knowing he could have played??? There’s no way any top player will accept that, they will just go elsewhere because they dreamt of the world cup their whole life. What will happen then? All top players will leave these teams and whoever gave them money in the first time will bail out because in the end it will be tiring to watch milan vs juve or madrid vs barca every other month and they won’t even have top players anymore. It will end up being the same as watching “crotone vs eibar” or however Perez described it.

      On the surface it was almost a good idea, but look at how all the players were against it knowing that they would be punished for it. People seem to think that big money will keep the players in those teams, but that’s not true. Players didn’t even want to go PSG if they were not in the CL despite the large sums they could get out of it.

      1. You totally misunderstood the concept of the ESL..
        As Perez clearly stated, It is not possible for Teams who would have participated in the defunct ESL not to play ( in their respective leagues, Other European competitions and World Cup for its first players. ( Though the ideal of a New Competition is right and good, the approach to achieve this was managed badly by all parties involved especially Uefa)
        Mind you!! We now have Super Clubs and Smaller clubs, if the super clubs cease to invest their money in the talents of the smaller clubs, the smaller clubs would go broke and bankrupt.. ( Uefa is not ready to give any smaller clubs funds, moreso for the past 3 – 4 decades the Super Clubs have been the one winning the European competition trophies back to back to back to infinity. ( when was the last time eibar, or Leeds or Everton or Metz or crotone or even PSG played in the champions league final? Not to talk winning the trophy?)

        1. No i totally understood that! But whatever Perez says to convince people is only in his head. See how Serie A teams are all against it. If UEFA decides to ban those teams, you better believe they will not play in their local league. That’s the reason even in their own statement the italian teams said “we still want to play in serie A”
          And i understand how the money works but there are other ways to go at it. And yes the small teams didn’t play the CL forever, but at least they try. With the ESL it’s more like, we have a glorious past so we are better than you and you can’t come to our table. All these teams were all small teams in the beginning. Luckier than others to have had the success they had but does that mean small teams are bound to be small forever?

  2. UEFA on its own as a body is money oriented..Uefa is just lamenting for its own sake neither do they have the sympathy of smaller clubs or the fans..The ESL should have went on..Uefa has not no right to say certain players participating in ESL wont play World Cup or European Cup..its just a plank to scare players and put pressure on club directors..D new champions league format is almost similiar to the ESL. The smaller teams are just crying because they know it will widen the gap btw he big teams and the small teams..Where is Uefa not coming out to say the ESL can operate and teams involve wont play champions league, after scaring the coward teams and players away, uefa now comes out to say the only four remaining teams cant play in champions league if they continue..Uefa makes so much money on the champions and europa league but the clubs who pays the players and coaches get little out the money and that makes most teams runs in debt..Uefa is just fighting for its course and cash they will lose if those teams formed the ESL.

    1. I guess we’ll see. But seing how even in Milan Only gazidis and the owners are for it, and Maldini and the rest are against, ESL is dead in the water. Everyone is money oriented, they were all part of the same system, teams who wanted to be in the ESL just ran out of money and now want more

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