CM: UEFA squad list regulations could push Milan towards Berardi pursuit

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are building their squad for the future and are already thinking about the composition of their UEFA squad list, which requires certain parameters to be met. reports how a team can only name a 24-man squad list if they have four players that came through their academy (were in the youth sector for at least 3 years between 15 and 21 years of age) and four players raised who came through Italian academies (same age rules).

Milan have Davide Calabria, Daniel Maldini and Matteo Gabbia in the squad but both of the latter two could be sent out on loan in the summer to develop. If they leave, then Alessandro Plizzari could come back in a role of second or third-choice goalkeeper, and Tommaso Pobega will come back from his loan.

Lorenzo Colombo is currently at SPAL and could complete the attacking department, or another Primavera player may be included in the squad as has happened in the past to flesh out the numbers.

However, as things stand the club will lose both Alessio Romagnoli and Franck Kessie at the end of the season which means only Sandro Tonali, Alessandro Florenzi and Antonio Mirante in the current squad satisfy the Italian homegrown rule.

The first is the only certainty, because Florenzi must be bought permanently from Roma while Mirante’s stay at Milan seems unlikely too. The report adds that signing Domenico Berardi as a winger could help serve a dual purpose.

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  1. Lol so sad we’re in this predicament… Milan has become a shadow if it’s roots. Kind of sad. Here’s to hoping we get Belotti and one of Scamacca or Berardi!

    1. You don’t seem to understand the rule, why do you think the Azzuri won the Euro’s, because their players don’t sit on the bench like in England. Berardi would be an excellent addition to the side regardless. We do need Italians in the team, not just for Milan but for the Azzuri too. And who knows, Jorginho looks like he will be leaving Chelsea too, and an Italy return would be good as we might be able to snap him up.

    2. Milan born from two Englishmen, Herbert Kilpin and Alfred Edwards, not from Italian. So FOH here with this “shadow of it roots” talk.

      Also, Milan have enough Italian in the squad. Calabria, Tonali, Gabbia, Romagnoli, Plizzari, Mirante. Next season Colombo & Pobega comeback from loan.

      1. Lol great fact… everyone knows this. Also the first several milan teams (coached by kilpin) had half or more players italian and always have until very modern times… it was always a mix of nationalities and that’s awesome but there was always many many Italian starters. Now we have what… 2 starting italians and a few backups?? Yeah, I stand by my last post, we’re not staying true to our history. (Also inter and milan split because of their stance on Italian and foreign players… guess what side we were on genius).

        1. You are absolutely correct. The Milan core has ALWAYS been Italian world-class players. Until recent years. The number of Italians in the starting 11 has been dropping the last 10 years and now it’s sad & pathetic that there’s only two Italians in the line-up some days (Calabria/Florenzi & Tonali). How far we have come from the glory days…

        2. No. Everyone know this fact except you kid.

          Half if not most of Milan best strikers are not even Italian. From Gunnar Nordahl, Van Basten, Sheva, Kaka, Ibra, and now Giroud & Leao. Tell me, after Inzaghi, when was the last time Milan have a deadly Italian striker as starter that brings scudetto & champions league? Yes none.

          In the dark age, did we won plenty of Scudetto and Champions League with Abbiati, Aquilani, Nocerino, Saponara, Montolivo, Abate, Poli, Desciglio, Sharawy, and Balotelli as starter? Lol definitely not even once.

          Look at Dollaruma at PSG, he plays like garbage despite he just won Euro. Now everyone knows he was overhyped and overrated. Meanwhile Mike plays superbly despite he only won Ligue 1 and UEFA Nation League.

          Look at Juventus. How many Italian in their lineup from Buffon, Chielini, Bonucci, Desciglio, Locatelli, Pellegrini, etc etc but they NEVER won a single Champions League trophy since 1993.

          There’s a big reason why these days Milan focus more on non-Italian players because plenty of Italian players are MEDIOCRE for the last 4-5 years. Yet Italian clubs put a hefty price tag as if the players won 100 trophies a year 🤦‍♂️

          If you want more Italian then go watch Juventus or any mid table serie a club. But you’re clearly not a Milan fans. Fvck outta here kid 👎 (there i spell FOH for you 👎).

      2. Also you don’t say FOH followed by here… the h covers the here. If you’re going to use lame childish meme speak at least do it right.

    3. Can’t blame Milan management. Most Italian players are garbage these days.

      These are mediocre Italian players who wears Milan shirt for the last 5 years:

      – Romagnoli
      Milan current captain but he plays like a 70 years old man, very slow and made plenty of blunders that cost 3 points. He shows why Maldini wants Botman and stick with Tomori, Kalulu, and Kjaer.

      – Bonucci
      Biggest ripoff from Juventus. Blunder after blunder after blunder and left Milan with a middle finger lol.

      – Gabbia
      A younger Romagnoli. Not even worthy as a backup 😂

      – Daniel Maldini
      He have Maldini name but not worthy to wear Milan shirt.

      – Luca Antonelli
      Mediocre player.

      – Andrea Conti
      Biggest ripoff from Atalanta. Mediocre player.

      – Mathias Caldara
      Another ripoff from Juventus. Mediocre player.

      – Pellegri
      Played only 15 minutes and got long injured. Not worthy to wear Milan shirt.

      – Andrea Bertolacci
      Just garbage. Milan spent 20 million euros for this garbage player 🤦‍♂️

      – Ricardo Montolivo
      Mediocre at best. Can’t believe he was Milan captain.

      – Fabio Borini
      He should be working as a comedian 😂

      – Pattrick Cutrone
      He got potential but turns out he just another mediocre player.

      – Antonio Donarumma
      Lmao serie C players quality.

      The only good Italian players for Milan in the past 5 years are Donarumma, Calabria, Tonali, Florenzi, and Bonaventura.

      Maldini must be thinking “Why spend a lot of money for Italian players when Milan can spend less for non-Italian and have better results?” 🤷‍♂️

      Good job Maldini 👍

  2. 4 from AC Milan Primavera : plizarri,Calabria,pobega,Daniel Maldini. We can loan gabbia,nasti,Colombo for more playing time and increase their price. 4 from other Italian club Primavera are tonali,belotti/berrardi/scamacca,Romagnoli/viti, and Florenzi ( still not yet decided to buy or not). I think we are ready for next season

  3. Sell Castillejo.
    Send Baka back.
    Romagnoli goes.
    Kessie goes.
    Sell Toure

    Buy Frattesi.
    Buy Tommaso Berti
    Recall Tommaso Pobega.
    Sign Belloti.
    Buy Lucca.
    Buy Cambiaso.
    Sign Florenzi.
    Buy Noa Lang.
    Buy Botman.
    Buy Bremer.

    See I fixed it for you.

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