Valeri chosen to referee Juventus vs. Milan – the precedents are worrying for the Rossoneri

By Oliver Fisher -

Paolo Valeri has been picked to referee Juventus-Milan, something which is described by MilanNews as a ‘very questionable designation’.

The memories that Milan have of Valeri are not good, and there are two precedents from this season which do not bode well, both in the Coppa Italia. In the first case he decided to give Gigio Donnarumma a straight red for a protest from the bench, denying him the possibility of playing the derby of the next round.

In the next round against Inter, the verbal duel of Ibrahimovic and Lukaku ended when Valeri sent the Swede off for a foul in midfield by showing him a second yellow, which turned the match around.

There is even a precedent against Juventus, as back on 18 February 2020 in the first leg of the Coppa Italia semi-final – with the Rossoneri deservedly leading 1-0 thanks to Rebic’s goal – Valeri warned some Milan players including Ibrahimovic and sent Theo Hernandez off for a second yellow, omitting similar measures towards Juventus players.

Valeri has given out 13 red cards to Milan in the 33 games he has taken charge of. “Certainly the choice could fall on someone else,” writes the report.

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  1. carra says:

    Oh my God…

    Not Valeri again this is a six points game….

    Let as pray…..

  2. Kilroy says:

    Valeri for Juve: 34 games, 1 red card (!), 10 penalties awarded.
    Valeri for Milan: 33 games, 13 red cards (!), 5 penalties awarded.

    In his career…
    – For no other team has he givem more PK than for Juve.
    – Against no other team has he shown more red cards than against Milan (not even f**** close – second is Sassuolo with 6 red cards)

    FIGC doeas it again…

  3. Milan141 says:

    Can this be appealed?


    This is ñot fair to choose Valarie who do not like AC MILAN at all

  5. Milan Fan says:

    Juve, the Italian league and FIGC are very corrupt.

  6. Aminu Ahmad Hassan says:

    They choose him because of controversy if milan lose than milan fans they starting insult juve for currupt but juventus will win this game no matter who is the referee

  7. Abdurrazak Shuaibu says:

    That’s Italian football for you. They continue to favour Juv over Milan yet when they qualify for champions league they can win it. Valeri’s statistics against Milan should have discouraged them from picking for this kind of an important game. May God save Milan from this man’s atrocities.

  8. Milan Fan says:

    Juve can only win, because they will have that all important 12th man, the ref.

  9. Steve Bachrach says:

    If you folks are worried about the refereeing choice, then you have insufficient confidence in your squad. I’m a Juventus tifoso and am looking forward to a spirited contest with so much at stake. Fortunately for the Bianconeri, Michael Oliver is not a Serie A referee. When the match is concluded my hope is that none of us will be online discussing the officiating, just the various aspects of a hard-fought match.

    1. carra says:

      What a conclusion” insufficient confidence”. Ha ha ha

      We believe in our team but not in the referee

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