Vasquez wants to be a starter at Milan and ‘among the best five goalkeepers in history’

By Oliver Fisher -

New signing Devis Vasquez has set himself the ambitious goal of earning the starting spot at AC Milan, and revealed he spoke with Paolo Maldini upon arriving.

Milan’s first signing of the January transfer window was announced earlier this week as they closed a deal for Vasquez, who arrives from Club Guarani in Paraguay. It would be fair to say that the name came from left field as he had not been linked in the weeks prior to the winter window.

Vasquez is a bit of an unknown quantity given that he has not yet been exposed to a top flight European league, but he did play in the Viareggio youth tournament in Italy which is where he probably caught the eye of Ricky Massara. We gave a run down on everything you need to know about the 24-year-old here.

Vasquez spoke to Caracol Radio in his native Colombia to react to the news that he has become a Milan player, and he has already set himself some big targets

“I want to be among the best five goalkeepers in history. I spoke to Paolo Maldini and I know that I have to win the starting position,” he said (via MilanNews).

“When I arrived in Italy everyone was surprised that I spoke Italian. I like playing with my feet a lot, both of them. I talk a lot with my teammates, it’s a very important thing for a goalkeeper. You have to help each other.”

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  1. What exactly has Tătărușanu done wrong?

    And what about Mirante – is he not capable of being a third choice keeper?

    And is there any hope for Jungdal? Apparently highly rated but is now
    5th (FIFTH!) choice.

    Wasn’t Plizzari supposed to be the same level as Donnarumma?

    What’s the point of all these players if we just keep signing new players in the exact same position every window before they’ve even had 2 seconds on the pitch?

    My worry with the Milan directors is that like all modern football directors they feel they need to justify their existence by signing endless players. Also there’s the general sense in modern football that transfers are part of the game rather than complementary to it.

    This is the main thing that is blocking youth players. Clubs just can’t sit still. They sign 3 or 4 players ahead of some youth starlet and new signings are given endless chances to “settle in” whilst of a youth team player makes one mistake in the 5 mins of game time they’re given they’re finished.

    Rant over. Welcome to the club. Hopefully you’re amazing and I’m wrong.

    1. Don’t you watch the games @Maldini’s Heir?

      Tatarusanu: no reliability, shaky and bad positioning (see Salernitana’s goal).

      Mirante: 41 end of contract.

      Jungdal: about to go on loan.

      Plizzari: typical hype. You ARE aware he is Serie C now right?

      Next year, management would be hoping for Mike/Sportiello/Devis.
      Jungdal and Nava on loan.

    2. Tatarusanu didn’t do wrong as a backup but Mirante almost 40 years old and he’s not better than Tatarusanu either.

      Jungdal needs more playing time and experiences as first GK but he couldn’t do it with Maignan as 1st choice. That’s why he will go on loan under Miroslav Klose team.

      Plizzari clearly wasn’t in the same level as Dollaruma.

      The management wants more better but younger backup for Maignan.

    3. Let’s answer that in order:

      – Tata is pure tata (trash). Positioning, weak, slow, non reactive, shaky, can’t distribute. Not reliable.

      – mirante is here as 3rd back-up while being able to fulfill squad registration requirements for home grown players (so two birds with one stone)

      – not sure there is hope.for jungdal, he’s gon a go out on loan. Apparently good but timid in personality. Not controlling enough

      – Plizzari had potential a few years ago but never broke through or made progress. That’s the nature of prospects. Some make progress, others dont. But he was never the level of gigio

      – good is what it is. I think management is just not happy with the backup choices for keepers at the moment so we’ll try until we get a good one. I wish they would do the same for the LB spot, CAM and RW

      This guy we got is very tall it seems..I hope it works out for him

    4. You seem to forget that Maignan will probably ask for a transfer if he plays a good second half of the season. He wants to go to England.

      1. “You seem to forget that Maignan will probably ask for a transfer if he plays a good second half of the season. He wants to go to England.”

        LOL! 😀 Has he texted you this information or what? 😀

        1. @bb if you follow the Milan news you would know he has already said that last summer that he wants to play in the Premier League before he’s 30. Man Utd, Newcastle and Tottenham are potential clubs at the moment.

    5. “What exactly has Tătărușanu done wrong?

      And what about Mirante – is he not capable of being a third choice keeper?”

      These two questions just prove you don’t understand what a good GK means. Neither of them are not good enougg for a team competing for the scudetto. There’s no denying that – unless you’re delusional.

    6. Welcome to Sempremilan my friend. It’s impossible to post on Football-Italia for some reason. Gre-No-Li is around here somewhere too.

      In response to your point: Mirante and Tatarusanu are both questionable and out of contract this summer. So in 6 months our GK corps will be Mike, Sportiello, and Devis. If Jungdal begins to show star quality I’m sure he will find time and one of the other will be sold.

  2. This guy speaks too much IMHO.
    However I could watch him play a couple of games in Paraguay and he draw my attention he is certainly very reactive. However technically he needs to improove a lot.

    1. No he didn’t speaks too much. All of this was from the interview and it’s normal if he sounds excited since he will play for a big club like Milan.

  3. I think the most important point that he mentioned here was that he was comfortable using his feet, which hopefully translates to a better distribution compared to Tata.

    While we miss Maignan’s reflexes and shot stopping ability, it is his distribution that was world apart from Tata. And this current Milan tactic relied heavily upon those.

  4. @ Kam Tătărușanu has something that only one other GK on the planet has – game time alongside these defenders. Top football comes down to split secs and familiarity is more important than ability particularly in defence. That’s been the secret to most successful sides over the years: longevity.

    As to the others: Mirante’s third choice so his age (and the fact that’s he’s trained with the defenders) makes him perfect for that role.

    Jungdal, like Plizzari and 99% of players who go on loan, will now be sent on endless loans which will disrupt his career. The only youth player who has broken through is Calabria who never went on loan!

    Football is not hard but modern football is made endlessly complicated by the endless transfers.

    1. No offense but if you believe its better for a 20 year old player to sit and rot on the bench compared to getting loaned out to various teams then you lost the plot as staying as a third choice keeper will only ruin his development.

      1. The loan system in Italy is garbage, the young players aren’t under enough pressure. It works in England because when EPL teams send players to the championship, they’re playing physically demanding football in front of big crowds. Juve’s idea to make a B team play in the lower leagues is the way forward. These boys need to play against men and get used to the physicality and pressure.

        1. Im fully with you in regard of juves u23 team and when that was allowed in italy i was actually pretty outspoken in regard of us following that approach but unfortunately we wasn’t planing ahead very well at that point of time. It has become even more important now as there was made some changes in how clubs are allowed to loan out players. This year we are only able to loan out 8 players, the next 7 and the following 6. Besides of the before mentioned there are also some limitations in how many players we are allowed to loan out or for that matter loan from 1 club at the same time. Furthermore there was made a ban on loaning players for two years with buyout clause implenented.
          All these things adds to the importance of us having an u23 team competing with the adults in the lower ranks.
          When that is said i stand by what i said, its better for players getting loaned out compared to rotting on the bench and even more so for a young goal keeper becauause its more difficult to find space in the squad and gk’s are specifiically dependant on their confidence which will come with minutes played.

          1. I have a feeling that if more U-23 teams pop up Serie B and C clubs will start making noise about how the big Serie A clubs are going to put them out of business because they can field more talent and thus will push these first team Serie B and C clubs down the ladder. It would be a very Italian sort of complaint.

        2. Apparently they’re under too much pressure. I was reading that in Italy youth teams are scrutinized much more than they are in other countries. Mistakes are punished by benching. Kids are afraid to make mistakes and learn. Youth need patience and experience. Look at how much Tonali improved between season 1 and 2 for Milan. In that instance the club really believed in him and this gave him the time, but it’s a luxury that is not usually extended to most.

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