Video: Donnarumma laughs and smiles despite 3-0 loss as he catches up with Reina

By Isak Möller -

Milan dropped to fifth place in the league standings this evening as they suffered a humiliating 3-0 loss away at Lazio. For Gigio Donnarumma, it’s been seven consecutive games without a clean sheet. 

Despite this, the 22-year-old didn’t seem to bothered at full-time as he was seen laughing and smiling, catching up with former teammate and mentor Pepe Reina. Something that hasn’t gone down well with the fans.

Considering that he’s asking for a salary of €12m per year, yet to accept the €8m offer made by Milan, the fans are starting to doubt his commitment.

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  1. This Milan team was poor all through the game. They lost focus and concentration with the exception of Kessie, he was brilliant and covered many part of the pitch.

  2. Thats a bad business from Milan mgt..They are not been thoughtful and business wise…You allow such an important member of the squad enter their last year of contract b4 negotiating contract extension..The club will now definitely be at there mercy..this same issues happen the last time with donnaruma and they still allow it, if he decides to go elsewhere, he will for free, a keeper milan shouldnt collect atleast €50milion for will now go for free…thats bad thinking from d mgt..thats why he can always smile because je sees himself next season..

  3. Why would you get mad at Gio? The game is over a renia is a former teammate. The same fans who criticize Gio will be the same ones who cry’s when he leaves. Stupid. What is more stupid is management not getting Gio under contract and letting the best young goalkeeper in the world walk away for nothing. Shame on Management. Sign him to 10M a season THEN sell him in a season or two for big $$$ when things go back to normal. We are going to let him leave to Juve for an extra 3M a season (7M vs 10M)??? Yes it’s a lot BUT we have NO CHOICE but to pay. Nobody is complaining to give Ibra (age 40) 7M a season to play only 15 games – yet those same fans are complaining to pay Gio (21yrs old) 10M a season and he plays 40 plus games a year? My point is it’s BS we don’t have the $$ we do. We put ourselves in this mess not signing him last season so now we have to pay for it. Sign him then sell him if we have to but we CANNOT let him leave for nothing.

    1. Juro, your point is great, however IMHO it is invalid. Gigio is asking for 10-12M NETT, which means Milan has to fork out around 20M GROSS per year to pay him. So, it is not a simple “extra 3M difference”. Not to mention Raiola’s hefty commission rumoured in the region of 10-20M. Then he would ask for a short term signature and low (30M release clause fees). Therefore, it is seriously not as simple as “sign him for another year and sell him”. You’d think someone as crafty as Raiola doesn’t take all of these things into consideration? We would probably lose more if we sign him for just another year then selling him THAN to release him for free now.

      Beside, if we’re just going to play at Europa League or worse, it is better IMHO to let the man go, which IMHO is a better decision for all parties involved. We could allocate more money to other purposes, and Gigio’s own growth won’t be stunted. The only losers would be us, the fans.

      1. Bunga2 – I can understand where you are coming from but I humbly disagree. You are correct it is more than just 3M a year. Raiola commissions must be included as well. But unfortunately the point is we have no choice. We cannot let a 21 year old who is already arguably the best at his position leave for nothing. If he was a striker (like Halaand) instead of a goalie would you say the same? Just let him leave for nothing? We cannot. It’s business. We screwed up not signing him long term. We need to bit the bullet and pay him and Riaola and then sell him and recoup that money’s down the road. Letting him leave for nothing is foolish and horrible business and sets a poor message to other players thinking about coming here. If we won’t pay the best player in world at their position, why should other players come? We screwed up now we must pay IMHO.

        1. And I don’t get your comment “ We would probably lose more if we sign him for just another year then selling him THAN to release him for free now‘ – if we sign him he’s playing and helping us win games, which means we are getting value in return. The more we win the more our value increases and he’s increasing his value as well. You don’t think a team like Real or Man U won’t pay 100m for him in a few years when things get back to normal? He’s 21 not 31 – he has 15 years in him or more. To lose him for nothing is just poor business. Would you have let Kaka leave if we were under a similar situation? No. It’s because he’s a goalie we value them less. IMO we should pay him and that donkey Riaola because we have no choice – we screwed up should have never come to this. Pay him then see how it plays out in next few seasons.

  4. Please if donna want to leave for juv let him leave he’s given Milan so much headache he’s not bigger than Milan in our last 7matchs he has concieve more than 10 goal like I said earlier if he want to leave let him leave

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