Vitiello: From a gamble to a bargain – Milan delighted with Pulisic signing

By Isak Möller -

Christian Pulisic arrived at AC Milan ahead of the season after a very disappointing year at Chelsea. It was always going to be a gamble for the Rossoneri, therefore, but it’s one that certainly has paid off so far. 

Pulisic has scored four goals for Milan this season and all four of them have been very important. Most recently, he scored the winner against Genoa in the 87th minute, sending the Rossoneri to the top of the league standings.

As highlighted by Anto Vitiello in his latest editorial for MilanNews, Giorgio Furlani and Geoffrey Moncada are focused on the upcoming transfer windows but they are also enjoying the signings made. Pulisic, in that sense, is perhaps the most successful one so far.

Milan paid just €20m plus bonuses for his services and right now, what was a gamble is looking more like a bargain, as Vitiello concludes. After Fikayo Tomori, it’s yet another successful signing from Chelsea, who have moved a lot of players in recent years.

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  1. Bargain? Lol oh just wait, season is still early. We’ll see at the end of it’s a bargain. Too early to call.
    Bargains are Thiaw and Kalulu. Puli is about correctly priced maybe slightly over given his injury record

    1. Paying 20 million for somebody who used to cost 64 if most definitely a bargain. This is not too early to call, this is three times cheaper.

      1. That makes no sense. He used to be worth 64mil when he was much younger. He never lived up to the expectations, thats why he is worth 20mil now. You dont say you got a bargain on an old car just becouse it was worth more 10 years ago. Also same as in Chelsea he compleatly disapiars in some games. He hasn’t been consistent. Anyway to get the best out of him he should play more central behind the striker, acording to me.

        1. Right.

          First of all, nobody lives up to expectations at Chelsea. He chose the wrong club to continue the career, however his ability never dissipated throughout his time there. The guy has quality written all over him.

          Then, his market value is not 20, but 25. As the club acquired him for a lower amount of the actual worth, that already makes this deal a bargain, no matter of your ability of understanding what sense is.

          For 20 million, Pulisic is not a bargain — it is a steal.

      2. Haha what silly logic. Usual nonsense. Bargains are when you buy for cheap or under their value and they turn out to play better than what was paid (hence Kalulu and Thiaw). His value now is not 64m, it’s in and around 15-20m which is about what we paid. That’s like us paying 80m for CR7 because Juve bought him for 100m and calling it a bargain. Lack of brain matter. 😂

        He has a few goals and assists so far and only 8 or so games in. Relax, maybe at the end of the season we can see if he really is a bargain,.just a out what we paid for or a flop. If he gets injury long term(hopefully he doesn’t) , how is that a bargain? 20 m for a few goals? Come one bro.

        1. Usual nonsense from the such as yourself.

          Player market value is 25 million, the deal was closed for 20.

          Time for you to head back to school to do the math.

          1. And in the same breath you wrote “Paying 20 million for somebody who used to cost 64 if most definitely a bargain. This is not too early to call, this is three times cheaper.”
            So what is it K? 64 or 25 ? 😂😂😂😂
            You said 64m in the beginning and now backtrack to 25 when Rossi proved you didn’t know what you were talking about. 64 to 25 ….That’s a drastic difference.

            You were wrong the first time and still trying to squeeze out your point the second time. Let your ego go my dude. It’s ok to be wrong..

            We paid 20m plus 2m in bonuses…so we saved ummm 3m ….and that’s a bargain somehow ??? It’s pretty much around market price we paid..not everything below price is a bargain. Go back to school and learn that definition. It means unusually cheap for the value of the product/item. 22vs 25 is not unusually cheap. 0.5m vs 30m (Kalulu) is a unusually cheap. Smh

      1. “Still early and yet he already have 4G, only 3 more to get past diaz our 3rd top scorer last season”

        Exactly! It seems the people who were complaining about the Pulisic-deal whole summer are reluctant to admit being wrong and are eagerly waiting for him to have a bad month or get injured just to say “I TOLD YOU SO!!!”. It doesn’t matter if he scored 10 and assisted 10 this season as these clowns will not admit being wrong.

        1. 😂 sorry for those who complained those ppl suck or maybe you bunched the ones who were concerned about his injury record into the complainers lol 😂. I guess you like to cover your own base by bringing up the “I told you so” now so then you preempt yourself from criticism in the event an injury does come up. Lol I know that trick.
          True fans aren’t waiting for their players to get injured, those people need help. BUT, you can be a fan and be concerned logically about injury records of players we purchased. RLC got injured….I didn’t see any “I told you so” crew that you mentioned show up to comment and he got the same set of concerns as Puli during the transfer market. We knew these things are a possibility with these two players so while they may be doing well now there just that feeling of holding breath because we don’t know what could happen given their history. But let’s hope for the best.

      2. He could have 10 goals and still be early. Early means it’s still early in the season 🤦‍♂️. We paid 22m for Puli so we paid for a certain level of quality and therefore expect a certain amount of contribution which he is giving us exactly what we paid for…isn’t that how these things work? If he continues at his rate I think he’d be a fantastic purchase. But season is long that’s what I’m saying and he does carry risk, doesn’t he?

        Btw, different position and I don’t know what Brahim has to do with this but we paid a 3m loan fee for Diaz lol..yea we dont want to do the price to goal ratio for that one lol 🤣 🤣🤣

  2. Definitely not a gamble. Pulisic’s qualities were well known beforehand & he was purchased as a guaranteed starter.

    A “gamble” can be used for somebody like Jovic.

  3. Chelsea usually have good players. Problem is to know which are irrefutable players. In Chelsea, still they dont know which players are for first team.

    Pulisic gives time to Chukuweze to get know Serie a and this team. But also rotation to Pioli.

  4. Not sure why you Guys bicker amongst yourselves. The more he scores, we all win. We paid for goalscoring. So far that’s what we’re getting. From an alternative to Chuk no less 🙂

  5. His stats are great under any metric. And his goals have come at big moments under pressure. Nothing would make those of you who are biased against him happy. Just admit you are biased against him.

  6. Certain “fans” here are never happy and like to complain. Puli is quality. He added good corner kicks that we hadn’t had for a while. He can cross and assist. He has good vision and he positions himself well (that’s a skill he has that is much better than Chuk’s). He scores goals. He tracks back and helps the defense when needed. He works hard and is very happy at Milan, turning into a true rossonero. His only downside is being injure-prone. So far so good; he’s been healthy. If he continues to be healthy, we’ll get lots of mileage out of him.

    A player who has been doing so well, earning Man of the Match in half of our games, and fans here still complain. Great. Are these people real Milan fans?

    Some people thought he was hired just because he is American and our owner is American. They said the same thing of Musah. Well, both have been pretty useful. But people won’t easily abandon their prejudices. They have labeled him useless because he is American, and they will keep labeling him as such even if he scores 25 goals and produces 25 assists.

    1. Some fans are just hating the owner, management and players. Some clowns above said is still early season, and yet he already scored 4 (only 3 away to get past diaz and messias our 3rd and 4th top scorer last season) and yet they still complaining

    2. No one’s doubting his abilities. But to say he was a gamble is correct given his injuries. That’s not hating that just pure common sense. Saying you piad $3 less for a $25 bag isnt a bargain. It’s cheaper but not a bargain..that’s not hating . It’s basically disputing the characterization by the author or what’s truly taking place. Kalulu is a bargain, we bought him for 0.5m. That’s like getting the $25 bag for $1.
      With Puli we’re literally getting what we’ve paid for, no more, no less. 22m should give us some output like what’s he’s doing

      1. Is paying $13 for a $25 bag a bargain? Because if 50% off is a bargain (which in my world would be considered a bargain), then Pulisic is a bargain. Say what you will about the 64m Chelsea paid for him in 2019, Pulisic is currently playing like at least a 40M player. Thus, if we paid 20m, we got him for half price. I call that a bargain.

        1. Bro…we paid 22m.for a 25m player. That 64m is a long long time ago. We should be getting the returns he’s currently producing.. he’s probably doing a bit better than what he should be doing I’ll admit but we paid in and around his valuation at the time and getting what we’ve paid for. You cant judge it by how his value MIGHT be now. And no he’s not yet 40m as the season hasn’t finished. It’s a long time before he gets to there and IF he continues his form. With the same logic we’ve overpaid big time for Chuku and Okafor because they’re nowhere near their valuations and their values must have gone down.

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