Vitiello: Milan will decide new manager in next 48-72 hours – secret name possible

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan are expected to decide their new manager in the coming days, per a report, and will thus part ways with Stefano Pioli at the end of the season. The profile they are after is clear, but some names are yet to be revealed. 

Following the Europa League due to a very poor performance, Milan understood that Pioli has to leave the club in the summer. Therefore, work is now underway to find the right replacements and several names have been linked with the club.

According to Antonio Vitiello on his YouTube channel, the next 48-72 hours will be decisive as Milan should choose their new manager in that timeframe. Gerry Cardinale arrived in Milano today and will meet the management both today and tomorrow.

Julen Lopetegui is one of the candidates but as stated by the journalist, the feeling is that he won’t be the chosen one in the end. There are also some names that Milan are considering that haven’t been revealed in the media yet.

One thing is clear: it will not be an Antonio Conte-style manager, one that wants to decide almost everything. Instead, Milan want a manager who fits the philosophy of the club and can understand the greater picture.

The decision will also be made collegially, as all of the directors – Furlani, Moncada, D’Ottavio, Ibrahimovic – will have to agree on the choice along with Cardinale.

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  1. Nice👍

    Don’t be surprised if the team fail to maintain their 2nd place due to these imbec!les taking such decision and not bother to be leaked in press before the season ends. Seems like they don’t care much about strong finish mentality of the lads. They’re just merchandise, an exhibits to sell right?

    1. If we don’t keep second it will be because of Pioli not because of this. Its no secret Pioli is done, all that could have saved him was winning the EL and that is now done. There is no point pretending they are not looking for the next manager and better do it now than before other teams start looking.

    2. 😅
      Strong mental finish mentality by the lads!
      Bayern director literally announced himself that are very close to picking their new coach and they are in the UCL semi-final.
      Liverpool is publicly searching for a coach, and until a few days ago they were fighting for 2 trophies, and are still fighting for the title in the EPL.
      But Milan, who has nothing to play for, has to wait until the end to Pick a coach. That’s how you lose Motta, by waiting till the end.
      What does the search for new coach has to do with Strong finish mentality. Players should have a strong mentality throughout the season, not now when it’s all lost.

      1. And how is it working out for Liverpool? They were strong contenders both for PL and EL titles. And they crumbled. I said it many times before this lot is mentally weak and every little miss puts them in more misery. When they’re on the rise they fly, when they miss they crumble for next few fixes. And this certainly doesn’t help.

        1. Crumbled?
          They are 1st in the EPL.
          They tool Atalanta too lightly and paid for it, but that’s because their current coach went with mostly subs.
          If there Milan players that are mentally weak then they should be sold not to tip toe around their feelings.
          Why would Milan searching for new coach affect them negatively? Matter fact they should elevate their game in the next few weeks because that new coach is watching them. All of them have to prove themselves all over again. Those that had guaranteed spots under Pioli no matter how bad they played week in week out better shape up or get shipped out.

          1. They are second while City still have a game in pocket. And for this Milan team and their mentality and showing in last couple of matches means we would need to (again) overhaul it because every single one of them apart from Gabbia, showed how fragile and weak they are when things don’t go as planned. This is one weak a$$ team and they need proper a$$ whooping with new coach to man them up.

        2. Bro, you said they were contenders for the EPL and EL title.
          In the EL they got caught sleeping by Atalanta.
          In the EPL they are still contenders. Even if Man City wins their game in hand, they are still contenders, 2 points from the lead.
          Crumbling is what is happening at Juventus. I think they have won only 2 games out of their last 11. The chances that Milan will lose the 2nd spot are very slim.
          So, like i said, the team has nothing to fight for, that’s why it doesn’t matter that there is a search for a new coach.
          Milan has to know who their coach will be before the season ends, not in june.
          You gotta plan transfer strategy and pre season schedule.
          If Pioli loses to inter, he should be fired Monday and let Bonera coach the rest of the season

    3. I just can’t believe that we’ve decided to sack the manager because we went out of the Europa League…

      That’s apparently what done it for Pioli.

      We were 2nd in the league, with more points than our Scudetto winning season, and we go out of a knock out tournament to an in form Roma side, and the club management basically lost their minds.

      Does that point to a calm, strategic, long term focused approach to decision making?

      Sure we might have parted ways at the end of the season, but it would have been done in a calm, respectful manner.

      Highly paid directors are behaving like some commentators down here.

      It’s absolutely bizarre. No business is run like this.

      1. You can’t be serious. Pioli should have been out after last season. The joke is he is still in charge. This team has stagnated for 2 years straight, no improvement, no change in system, nothing. Every time we play a team that can defend we struggle to create anything or score. Everything is passing sideways and crossing.

        1. a) I actually wanted Pioli to be replaced last summer but when he wasn’t I, as a fan, supported him rather than calling for him to be sacked all season.

          b) We have more points than the Scudetto winning season so we have by definition improved…..

          I have seen some really quite remarkable logic flying around about this basic fact.

          Apparently us having more points than when we won the Scudetto is irrelevant because Napoli are having a bad season….


          But like I said, I don’t expect calm, rationale, strategic thinking from people down here.

          I expect it from the highly paid directors who are supposedly running our club (rather than having it run for them by the media).

          1. Where not the one that said supporting a team should. Not be calm. Or logical or practical, bcos that’s what entails been a fan means.

            But now you want calm, rationale, strategic thinking.

            Hypocrisy, shifting the goal post and not knowing where to stand again.

            P. S higher point do not matter if you win nothing. It’s actually much more terrible you have better points than your post successful season and yet no trophy.

            One trophy in 5 years at the helm. But according to Maldinis heir we should continue forever bcos he has the highest win ratio in Milan history with more games mind you. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.

            He complains as much as anyone here, but he is blind to it. Dude go support Como. You wont find any disgruntled fans there.

          2. ” I actually wanted Pioli to be replaced last summer but when he wasn’t I, as a fan, supported him rather than calling for him to be sacked all season.”

            Surprise, surprise, MH takes out the “I’m the only real fan here”-card again. 😀 😀 😀

            Yeah, we get… You don’t understand why Pioli should get fired. That’s fine. No one expects you to understand it. We just want to stop with the “I’m the only proper fan ever”-superiority BS. You and your God-complex…

          3. @ Briareos

            That passion and irrationality is supposed to be targeted at supporting the team not undermining it….

            I’ve seen more passion at morgue than around here.

          4. “I’ve seen more passion at morgue than around here.”

            LOL. Once again you are basically saying no one else cares about the team.

            Passion is wanting our team to succeed. Not b*tch and complain about how “wrong” the transfer market is. We complain because we care. We complain because we don’t settle for mediocrity. Lack of passion is settling for mediocre. You CLEARLY have no idea what passion means. Just because you lack that and every don’t agree with your BS doesn’t mean that people here aren’t passionate.

            Here’s some passion for you, ***hole: FU. Sick and tired of your superior god act. Apart from the Inter-fan here on this site, pretty much everyone is passionate about Milan – why else would there be heated discussion every day?? You seem to be passionate about Krunic, criticizing the transfermarket and certainly not about Milan. You just want to live in the past.

          5. @Maldini’s Heir You are confusing passion with people not agreeing with you
            For instance, I don’t believe the next coach will have a better time with this team ( unless his name is Guardiola ) than Pioli. It doesn’t mean that I’m opposed to change or that Pioli suck or doesn’t suck. Neither does it mean that if anyone makes arguments to any of the above that somehow they’re less of a Milan fan. It’s just two different perspectives really, legit in their own right because no one knows the future.

            I’ve been around football long enough to know that very tough results can happen so I am more patient than most here when it comes to things like tough losses and coaching changes because I’ve seen how it can impact the team. It’s how you deal with them that counts (thinking back to 05). But that’s just me. Other people have different perspectives

          6. You speak BS, even if we win the rest 5 games we will reach 84 points, in the championship season we had 86 points, and we all know we wont win everything. And even that winning season wasnt that great, we won cuz the rest were shit. Pioli is a mediocre coach and should be replaced by a top coach, if not someone at Conte, Klopp or Zidane calibre then its pointless to replace Pioli though.

      2. IMO the main reasons forPioli’s impending firing:
        – no silverware. Yeah, you can’t expect that, but other clubs win stuff too. Mostly it’s Pioli’s annual bungling of the coppa that robs Milan of easy chances to win silverware.
        – the annual injury crisis. Afaik no other club comes even close to what Milan has to go through every single season. No wonder the higher ups start to ask the coaching staff some tough questions.
        – getting totally owned by Inter. The last how many games the team got totally owned by Inter and Pioli looked like he has no idea how to beat them.

  2. People aren’t ready for Lopetegui ball, saw how Real played under him and it wasn’t pretty. I take it back guys, #Pioliin

    1. But did you see all his other seasons tho? It’s easy to judge someone only by their flops.
      Like i don’t want him, but I didn’t want pioli either and we got some good seasons out of him..

    2. I checked his record in Real and it dosen’t look preaty. Then again neither do the records on most of the other managers that they are considering. Seems like they are going for average managers only. At least go for some new talented ones like Motta, Xavi, De Zerbi. At least they might turn out great in the end.

  3. Who TF is asking them to make a hasty decision within 72 hours? Is there some sort of deadline? Nothing. The manager is the most important piece of a squad, and we have 20-30 days at least to find a good manager. Yet these fools are making a hasty decision for no reason, and will probably end up getting a mid manager, who may not even be an upgrade to Pioli. We should consider Conte, he can instill a winning mentality in our players, which will be retained even once he leaves, or we can try to hijack Juve’s attempts to sign Motta, who is a very exciting manager. Or we can try to hijack Liverpool’s attempts to get Ruben Amorim, a top quality young coach with a clear tactical system. And yet the management imposes some non-existent deadlines and ends up getting an average manager?! I hope this article is false, and was written just for clicks, because if it is not, I foresee a difficult season ahead

    1. Nah, they gotta decide fast so they can start planing, with the new manager, the mercato. We need to grabs our targets fast this summer because of the euro.

      And next season it’s gonna be difficult either way for us.

      1. It’s like running a race without not knowing if we running, in the right direction. We don’t need to make a managerial change just for the sake of it. And if our mercato is delayed, due to the delayed arrival of our new manager, we would still be fine as I don’t think the Euro 2024 situation is as bad as you think. Moreover, the most important thing is getting a good new manager, who can lead this team to new heights (finnaly challenge for the scudetto and the UCL), and not getting any manager just for sake of it. So if getttig a new manager takes time, so be it

        1. Iron maiden says be quick or be dead..

          Besides how do you know they’re rushing it? Could be they scouted all potential mangers already and were just waiting to announce the decision. I think it was pretty obvious they are gonna sack pioli this year, only question was will he manage to close the season or will he get the boot before that. So in my mind they were definitely discussing other managers for months now.

          By the time euro starts, ideally, milan will have signed 2/3 of their targets.

          And we’re nowhere near to challenge for the scudeto and even less for the CL. Even Pep wouldn’t get us something next year

      2. Oh not the mercato….

        Will someone please think of the mercato.

        These directors (of which there seems to be an excessive number) have two jobs:

        a) decide on a manager – Pioli or a replacement; and
        b) sign players.

        They have over 2 months to do those two jobs.

        We’re in April. The season has not ended.

        You might be freaking out but you’re just randomer. You’re not paid millions of Euros to make calm, strategic decisions.

        1. Bla bla bla. The season was over in December.
          Stay asleep next time, as usual everything you write is a pile of 💩

    2. Exactly. There is no need to rush. Its not like we need a new coach right now. If they want to fire Pioli than just put Abate or Bonera in charge in the mean time. You make some good suggestion for coaches too. However this team dosen’t have a scouting team it seems so they can’t even look at proper coaches. From what i can see they are only looking in the French league as usual.

      1. I have an idea to give Abate a chance to manage the senior squad: We are firmly in second place, and barring an unprecedented collapse, we will finish second. We are out of all the cup competitions, and basically we have nothing to play for. So, why don’t we sack Pioli right now, and appoint Abate? That way, Abate gets to manage a few games, and we can see if he can handle the pressure/if he is good enough to manage Milan. If he performs well, we can continue with him next season, but if he fails, we aren’t losing much as we can replace him in the summer, without jeopardizing an entire season. What do you think?

        1. What pressure there isn’t really much to play for other than finishing second. Starting the new season will be a much greater pressure. Abate is still 37 can be a good option for the future. I wouldnt put him as a manager now it would only jeopardize his managing career.

    3. Anto mostly accurate news. Management dont want coach like conte that want to decide transfer market himself but leaving in short term 1-2 years, imagine you contract his asking player 4-5 years but he leave in 2 years, then coming new coach using 433 or 4231 and your CB cannot play back four, revolution squad again ? No club are serious want to hire conte , it is just some crap media like gazzetta,tutto,republica,coriere linked him with serie A club . Only juve in serie A can hire him due to financial

  4. We need a coach who is capable of building a strong integration of youth team players into XI. You can’t convince me that there is a youngster more talented than Calabria, Kjaer?.

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