Vitiello: Milan offer always low as Kessie’s agent adopts questionable tactic – the latest

By Isak Möller -

Franck Kessie is yet to renew his contract with AC Milan and the fans are right to be a bit worried, especially with recent reports in mind. Indeed, the situation is complicated as the player’s agent is playing hardball. 

As confirmed by the reliable Antonio Vitiello this afternoon on his Youtube channel (translated by @FinallyMaeglas), Milan’s current offer is deemed too low. They have been working on the renewal for 6-7 months but one thing has made it difficult.

The feeling is that every time the Rossoneri meet the demands set, the agent ups the demand. For example, Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara were willing to pay the €3m initially requested but then the demand changed to €4.5m.

The demand also changed when Milan offered €5m plus bonuses, forcing them to up their offer to €6m. Currently, the agent is asking for €7m plus €1.5m in bonuses and commission. In other words, the agent has adopted a questionable tactic.

On the outside, it looks like Milan are always lower than the demand, but they have met the supposed demand several times. Either way, the situation isn’t closed and the Rossoneri are confident that they can reach an agreement.

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  1. Club needs to make an example and bench him until he signs a renewal or even one year so we can sell and make a profit… But he can’t leave for free and he doesn’t deserve more than 6.5mil

    1. The problem is, according to the article, Milan ready to give what he demanded, but the agent kept increasing the demand. There’s no way to reach agreement if the agent keep behaving that way.

  2. This never should have happened. An exploding final offer should have been made on 8/15ish. If Kessie declined, he should have been sold. Simple as that.

    Giving away 200M in value in anything other than a charitable donation would get pretty much every person in the world fired. Full stop.

    1. You are right…it’s hard to say because I grew up watching Maldini who was one of the all time best defenders, but I’ve never seen in my whole life any club giving away their best players for free…NEVER. It’s very easy to act like a gentleman when the money are not actually your money. The only thing I like about this club at the moment is the scouting, but soon we will lose even Moncada.

      1. Messi? Pirlo? Lewandowksi? Pogba? Sol Campbell? Cambiasso? Cafu? Goretzka? WTF are you talking about? We are in unchartered territory in football in this moment. Clubs have incredible debt and Covid is crimping income.

        1. All the players you mentioned have something in common…their value is not going to increase after the sale. That is OK, I know you wouldn’t understand that. Good luck boy 😉

          1. When Pogba free transferred from Utd to Juve his value didn’t increase? Lewandowski free from Dortmund to Bayern? Sol Campbell in his prime from Tottenham to Arsenal? Cambiasso at like 24 free from Madrid to Inter? Goretzka free from Shalke to Bayern? Not increased in value? For those clubs they left it was giving “their best player up for free”, except maybe Cambiasso who was surrounded by top players, and maaaybe Pogba given his age at the time, but the talent was obvious. By the way for players like Messi and Pirlo there is a massive value lost in not receiving a transfer fee. Messi is still worth like 100mm even if it’s not going “up”. The residual value manifests itself in sponsorships, the sale of merchandise, and winning games which leads to prize money. Kessie’s value is 50mm. At this point it will only increase if he’s playing in a better club because it raises his level. You think if he says at Milan for another three years that it will be 80mm? Sorry, he’s not one of the top 10 players in Europe. And watch who you call “boy” dumb ass.

        2. Well, you are right BOY. I didn’t pay attention to these transfers because I really don’t give a damn if some club gives a gift to Juve, Bayern, Inter or whatever you like most. I only care about Milan. We are not an outlet…There are people investing their money in this club.
          By the way there is no need to swear, ok boy? You are really intimidating

  3. I think krunic have settled in that position now,and Milan have move ahead on adli that’s y they sent him on loan back to France and see whtlat the outcome of kessie renewal will be ,and did Milan not accept Tottenham offer ,they gave us ndombele swap plus cash ,I did not no y they did not accept the offer

  4. They give him 6.5 m. What is wrong with this people. Put him on bench let him to suffer
    He forgat who made him big shot.
    Don’t forget low life that is Milan with big project
    Doramuna thought they can’t replace him fuck all. Put on bench mFucker

  5. They give him 6.5 m. What is wrong with this people. Put him on bench let him to suffer
    He forgat who made him big shot.
    Don’t forget low life that is Milan with big project
    Doramuna thought they can’t replace him fuck all.

  6. Its too bad. By January Kessie will be free to negotiate with clubs . We can agree pre-contract with any club that is desperate for him and sell him January. Rubbish

  7. Finally, Kessie gets carried away by just one good season out of three like Hakan after scoring 10/11 penalties out of 14 goals scored. He is such a huge disappointment! He is asking for exorbitant wage to spite the management. He wants to leave already! We should just sell him off in January

    1. Yes If Ibra had made his penalties we’d be past this.
      We should bench Kessie and see what transpires. Make him live with his public statements about his love for Milan.

  8. Pls can we just move on Milan. Enough of all these players ruling the club for us. What they don’t know is that Milan is a “BRAND”, pls just sell him and let’s move on. Milan is real and Milan is all.

  9. Kessie is just an average defensive medi fielder. Look back and see how slow he’s. Or see how man times had a deadly passes.. I believe Bakayoko is, way better than Kessie, just give him proper time to settle grow
    My main concern is Pioli. He’s can be oky on Serie, A level but in championship? No fukn way. To lose return leg 4 goals that tells alot about pioli tactics

  10. I’m becoming deeply disappointed by the way Maldini and Massara are handling contract of Milan players.
    They should extend Kessie’s contract at all cost and sell him immediately after the renewal. They’re also playing the same wrong game with Romagnoli’s renewal and he will likely leave for free.
    Only stupid Directors will allow players at calibre of Kessie, Donnaruma and Romag to leave as free agents, Milan could’ve made more than £100m from their sales, this is outrageous loss!

  11. There is still time to reach to an agreement which shouldn’t be more than what ACM offers atm; we are not anymore a top club able to offer high wages (sad reality) and frankly none player should receive such a big raise after just one successful season.
    Even Romagnoli demands a higher contract after having a mediocre season… utterly nonsense.
    Hopefully Maldini&Co will keep the negotiations alive and try to make Kessie change his mind.
    He is indeed a very important piece of the team and should be considered so only as long as he renews. If there is no agreement, we need to start be prepared for the next day. Our midfield line seems strong enough without him and even if not then it can only become better by not starting him.
    Bench it is and we wish him all the best.
    Btw we should follow Chelsea’s tactics with those 1-2year extensions solely triggered by the club…

    1. That’s really a good idea but I don’t think Milan are strong enough financially to flex like that. It mostly work on older player.

  12. I believe there is a cabal amongst the players not to sign new deal with Milan so as to leave for free, Milan should sell ASAP or put him on the bench, a sluggish player asking for more

  13. If Kessie wants to leave then leave in an elegant way. Give some money to the club that has raised him. It’s so selfish if he try to maximaze profit for himself only at the end of the contract. Bench him so it can be an example for the others. Pioli can do that to Hauge and Romagnoli

    1. Romagnoli wants to stay. He’s benched because he has been shaky. They all claim to want to stay until they hold the club hostage over contact.

  14. give him one or two years contract and as soon as possible sell him… Milan still have tonali, krunic, adli next season, and bakayoko

  15. Franck Kessie and his agent are playing a dirty game and it is unacceptable, Milan needs to finish the saga with Kesie to sell him to an English club. Most importantly, Kesie is not allowed to play any more matches in order for Milan to show the agent that he must not joke with a club that is one of the biggest in the world.

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