Vitiello: Milan need ‘three quality additions’ to challenge Inter for the Scudetto

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are three quality reinforcements away from challenging Inter for the Scudetto next season, while they must also make a change to the staff.

Milan made 10 signings during the last summer transfer window but they are planning further big investments in the mercato ahead of the 2024-25 season, according to reports from sources like La Gazzetta dello Sport who predict 3-4 signings and a spend of around €100m.

Speaking in his column for MilanNews, Antonio Vitiello talks about Milan’s need for ‘three quality additions’ specifying that they must be ‘players ready to raise the bar even further and challenge Inter next year in the league’.

A striker, a midfielder and a defender are the three positions that he names. While there is ‘immense’ respect for Olivier Giroud, his long-term heir simply must arrive before the start of next season.

Then, Vitiello adds that a ‘midfielder with different characteristics, more defensive’ is needed to complete that particular department, and a central defender to ‘make up for Kjaer’s departure’.

Despite all the focus on new players, Milan’s biggest addition ‘will have to be in the athletic preparation phase’ because if they can limit the amount of injuries they will ‘already be in a good place’ compared to this season.


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  1. Lol Ac Milan needed only a good RW when they had Tonali and Kessie in mid. From that we went to practically needing everything. Thats the job this clowns have done, and some people here think that this team is moving in the right direction XD. This team regressed, thats a fact.

    1. “This team regressed, thats a fact.”

      Saying something, does not make it a fact. Last year Milan averaged 1.84 points per game in Serie A. This season they are averaging 2.07 points per game. One can argue European performance, difficulty of schedule, etc. but the one thing someone should not say is that “This team regressed, thats a fact.” Since it is most certainly not a fact.

      1. We went from fighting for scudetto to fighting for 4th spot. That is a regress and it is a fact. Everything else is just excuses.

        1. The club finished 4th in the standings and 5th on merit last season. That is an improvement from last year and not a regression. You are choosing to start the comparison at the peak instead of taking a larger sample size which would be more representative of past performance. Your argument is flawed and unfortunately symptomatic of the majority of commenters who spew opinion ignoring any counterarguments and evidence.

          1. « Your argument is flawed and unfortunately symptomatic of the majority of commenters who spew opinion ignoring any counterarguments and evidence. »

            That applies to you as well I guess. Check the standings again, we were 4th last season. That is very bold of you to assert that Juventus was ahead based on « merit » after they allegedly cheated for years.

            Then you said it. We are out of UCL. Since December. Strength of schedule? Napoli, Lazio and Roma are struggling this season. We were losing or tying games with small clubs? Same this year. The first half of the season was catastrophic, because the midfield was a huge liability and Jovic was useless until December.

            So maybe you think we’re better now, but that’s not a fact, nor the « honest truth ».

          2. In other words you want to ignore what dosen’t suits you and just cherry pick. I specifically mentioned the time when we had Kessie and Tonali. But even with you ignoring that and going just with last season, we fought for 4th spot last year and it isn’t much different in this one. The only real difference is that other clubs like Napoli, Roma, Lazio, Atalanta have one of the worst season in recent times. And that has nothing to do with us. We neither play better, nor control the game more, nor show anything that can put us closer to Inter. Few years ago we were actually on par with Inter. So that is a regress. Remind me how we did in the CL as well ?

          3. It is absolutely a regression. You don’t go from the semi-finals of UCL to not even qualify for knock out stages next season and claim it was an “improvement”?? LOL

            Juve Juve Juve – Juve CHEATED. They should not have been able to purchase Valhovic nor Chiesa for that matter. Where do u think they would have finished in the table if they didn’t have those players the last 2 seasons?? Lol. So as @Barthemoleo pointed out below – what “merit” are you talking about exactly? Also Look at our record against top sides. Not good. We have regressed that is a fact and the signings we made haven’t exactly shined consistently.

      2. He said “Kessie and Tonali in mid”, means that 3 years ago, when we won the scudetto. You chose to ignored that and compared to today’s.

  2. I completely understood (and also supported) the issues related to DM and ST, but I don’t understand this fixation with a CB.
    Like let’s suppose we purchase a centerback. What are we supposed to do with Tomori, Gabbia, Thiaw, Kalulu, Simic, Kjaer ? Even if we switch to a 3 on the back, that’s gonna be a lot to handle.
    I’d say just just get a DM and a ST and maybe:
    A- a right wing like Berardi or Orsolini and make Pulisic play as an attacking midfielder.
    B- a true attacking midfielder.

    1. It’s not about the number of center backs you have but how many of them are actually good.
      Outside of Tomori Milan doesn’t really have anyone providing much of a certainty in the back.
      Thiaw has been hot and cold.
      Kalulu had only 3 good months of being a good CB which happened during the scudetto season. Since then he has been in steep decline.
      Kjaer is old.
      Even with all the injuries Simic was barely used and he is still too young.
      Gabbia has been great since he came back but he should be a 3rd or 4th choice CB if you want to compete in UCL. Since he came back, Milan hasn’t really played any top teams, so we need to stop acting like he is the 2nd coming of Nesta.
      Milan absolutely needs another CB, preferably left-footed.
      Boungiorno should be signed in the summer.

      1. Gabbia 3rd or 4th behind who? Thiaw and Kalulu?

        Thiaw and Kalulu are reckless and Tomori was working double covering their flaws. Gabbia immediately stepped in and high scoring week in week out are proof of his good performance. He’s a commanding defender same as Kjaer, who’s unfortunately past his best.

        1. 3rd or 4th behind Tomori and Boungiorno.
          Read the article, read the comment before replying.
          We are talking about next season, not this season.

        2. Again, the article is about in what position Milan needs to invest this summer to be more competitive with inter.
          One of the needs is a CB.
          I gave an example of a CB who Milan should sign IMO.
          Do you think that Milan should go into next season with Gabbia as the starter?
          And yes, if you buy Boungiorno for 30-40 mil , damn right he is deemed as a starter, especially compared to Gabbia. Boungiorno is Italy NT player, while Gabbia up until 2 months ago wasn’t even good enough according to Pioli to be 3 or 4th CB on the team.
          2 months of good performance vs the bottom of the table teams of serie A isn’t good enough to have Gabbia starting next season. The only good teams Milan played during that stretch Napoli, Lazio and Atalanta didn’t have Osimhen, Immobile playing in the games. And Milan still gave up a lot of goals.
          I said Gabbia should be 3rd or 4th choice CB, but you act like I said prime Maldini or Nesta should be 3rd or 4th choices.

          1. Yes. Yes I think Milan should definitely go into new season with Gabbia as a starter. Why not? Does his stats say otherwise? Doesn’t matter who they play, it’s not like he had howlers like Thiaw against bottom half club Monza. And speaking about Italy NT players, I wonder how you rate Acerbi, who’s NT starter🤔

          2. You are a prisoner of the moment.
            After the scudetto season, when Kalulu played good as a CB for 3 months, people also said we should go into the next season with Kalulu as a starter.
            Last year after couple good months people said that we are good as CB with Thiaw as a starter.
            How is that working out so far?
            Now, after 2 good months and not having howlers vs the bottom of the barrel teams of serie A, Gabbia is deemed as a starter into next season.
            So not having howlers like Thiaw is the only requirement for a CB to be a starter at Milan?
            Acerbi being a starter for Italy NT means that he has something in common with Boungiorno, unlike Gabbia.

          3. “So not having howlers like Thiaw is the only requirement for a CB to be a starter at Milan?”

            Hey, you said Gabbia was only good against bottom half clubs. Well at least he didn’t have rookie howlers against the likes of Monza. He didn’t have howlers at all.

            “Now, after 2 good months and not having howlers vs the bottom of the barrel teams of serie A, Gabbia is deemed as a starter into next season.”

            Yes, considering his stats, he is. He’s our most consistent CB. Gabbia was always good, talented player, his story is same as Simić now. Too packed backline for a Primavera talent to find his spotlight and so he will be searching it elsewhere or rot on bench.

            “Acerbi being a starter for Italy NT means that he has something in common with Boungiorno, unlike Gabbia.”

            Surely you cannot rate Acerbi higher than Gabbia. And don’t know if you recall but Acerbi was once also a player of Milan. Wonder what you thought if him back then.

          4. 🤣🤣🤣
            I cannot rate Acerbi higher than Gabbia!?
            Acerbi is a starter for the best defense in Europe and the Italy NT.
            Gabbia was a 5th choice CB at Milan during the summer which led to him being loaned out to a team that is in the bottom half of the Spanish league. The only reason why he is back and playing at Milan is because Milan had all time record injuries where all 4 CBs were out.
            So you are right I surely cannot rate Acerbi higher than Gabbia. 🤣🤣🤣
            Saying Gabbia is Milan most consistent CB when the 3 of the 6 CB were out injured is just like saying he is the tallest midget. His competition was old Kjaer, young Simic and Theo who is a left back.
            So based on those circumstances, you think that he should be a starter next season?
            The standards of this fan base are in the gutter.

          5. Our defense was in shambles before all the injuries in backline with one of all time worst statistics in club’s history. And for the gazillionth time, statistics on Gabbia are more than enough showing he’s currently our most consistent defender. Weekly ratings show he’s one of our most reliable defenders. This are facts. So yes, Milan should go into new season with Gabbia as a starter.

          6. Oh no not the statistics!
            Gabbia has been a Milan player this season for only 2 months. During those 2 months the 3 CBs that are higher on the pecking order than him were all out injured.
            His competition for the MOST CONSISTENT Milan CB, were 36 years old Kjaer, 18 years old Simic who has played like 18 minutes all season long and Theo who is a LB but played as a CB.
            So based on that small sample, during those circumstances, you want to award Gabbia Milan startling position next season and you expect Milan to compete for titles?
            Good luck 👍

      2. Many of the issues you adressed could be easily adressed with a new coach and a defensive midfielder than can help cover up the defense.
        Yes our defenders are not individually top notch, but we also play with a very high line and force our players into 1vs1 which is not good even with quality defenders.
        Defense is more about chemistry and system rather than having big names, look at inter for reference.
        IMO Gabbia needs to be trusted and given more time, same with Simic.
        Also if we gonna criticize some of our players for dips in forms and declines, then we should remember how was Tomori during last season and how he seemigly improved during the current one.
        IMO defense should not be prioritazed over midfield and striking positions.

        1. You can say that Tomori had dips and decline in form last season before he RETURNED to playing at high level again this season, because he had a large body of work where he performed on high level consistently for year and a half before the dip of form.
          Thiaw, Kalulu, Gabbia don’t have that. They were never consistently performing on a high level for extended periods of time. A couple of months here wnd there doesn’t provide certainty.
          Starting CB to play next to Tomori is a MUST this summer.
          Kjaer should leave and Simic should be sent on loan.
          Tomori, new CB, Thiaw, Gabbia and Kalulu as a RB/ emergency CB should be Milan CB crew for next season.

          1. Gabbia has been performing well since he returned with no inconsistencies, granted it’s not a long period of time and it was mostly against sitting ducks but it’s nontheless good.
            I feel like what you say about a new CB can be postponed to the summer. Shall Gabbia continue his good performance till the end of the season I see no reasons to bench him. Otherwise or shall any other player dip in form then purchasing Buongiorno should be considered.
            But again I still think 80% of our defensive problems could be improved with a defensive midfielder and better coaching.

  3. Yeaaaa..resigning giroud(count as new player), kalulu fit again(new player), then buy a new midfield, maybe free agent..done all department new player😑😑..

  4. Nobody is talking about a backup for Theo, yes Florenzi has done a decent job when he needed to replace him but next year Florenzi will be one year older and he’s prone to injuries.
    Also the new striker needs to do better than Giroud this year to be considered an upgrade, which is not a given… e.g. do we know if Zirkzee would be able to contribute more goals and assists than Giroud has up to this point?

  5. Yep new CB for kjaer replacement ( his contract expire at the end of season ) . DMF starter to cover midfield and Striker that have better quality than Jovic . Other pos just find loan or free transfer or academy player like theo back up , or other depth . Inter back up / depth most of them are free transfer

  6. This talk of regressions seems to be emotional based on Tonali being sold. Last year ACM finished in 5th place. They are currently behind Juve by 1 pt for second. Inter is having a record year, but admittedly are a very strong team and ACM will need to make some improvements to catch them. A new CM, an attacking RWB, and a forward to replace Giroud or compliment him if he doesn’t leave. Questions to evaluate are: does Bennacer return to his previous level of play? I am not a fan of Aldi when teams press which better teams often do. What is Musah’s level- right now he is too direct and needs to improve his reading of the game and passing. He certainly is ACM most athletic midfielder so they have to figure out what, if anything he can contribute to a team wanting to contend.

  7. why do we need a CB unless we’re going 3 man backline. Gabbia has been amazing, and Tomori should start next to him. That leaves Thiaw, Kalulu, Kjaer and Simic as backups.. so why do we need a CB?

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