Vitiello: Morata to Milan ‘just a matter of time’ as everything is in place

By Isak Möller -

Alvaro Morata’s move to AC Milan is just a matter of time, according to a report, as the parties have reached an agreement and just need to take care of the formalities. The striker could sign as early as next week, even. 

The No.9 position has been a hot topic this week as Milan quickly shifted focus from Joshua Zirkzee, who initially was the primary target, to Atletico Madrid’s Alvaro Morata. The latter has a €13m release clause and a willingness to leave Spain, which helped accelerate the negotiations.

According to Antonio Vitiello of MilanNews, after reaching an agreement over a three-year contract worth €5m per year, the transfer is now just ‘a matter of time’. The final details of the contract will be sorted after the Euro 2024 final on Sunday.

Both Milan and Morata’s entourage are optimistic that they will reach a positive conclusion. We just have to wait a few more days for the answer, with the striker fully focused on the Euros for now, but he already gave his go-ahead in the talks with Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Indeed, as the report states, the Swede was important in the negotiations as he personally called Morata and convinced him to leave Spain for Milano.

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    1. Sorry did we have a +30 goals forward in the last 4/5 years? Morata scored +20 last year in the most defence oriented club of La Liga, 5 of them on the CL… I’m not saying he’s top class but saying banter era is an overstatement

          1. If you are only looking at goals then I think you really don’t know much about football…

            Zirkzee is more like false 9, that’s where the Ronaldinho comparison (strictly from play-style not talent obviously)… With his dribbling he creates chaos in there centre-defense that’s why even Orsolini had 10+ goals just from half a season. He creates chances for other and for LEAO, it would have been partnership made in heaven but he wanted money… J.David I think is now guaranteed to come, since there couldn’t even been any talks since Canada is in semi-finals and he’s playing every game there (tbh it’s just a Canadian national team but still…) He knows Fonseca from Lille obviously and is quite similar to Zirkzee since he has been playing as N10 in Copa America. Bringing Morata to cover his dry spells until he develops also makes sense then and since the prior has 1 year left their package deal will cost us less than Zirkzee!

          2. There are really crazy fans 😀😀 yes Morata is not really likeable player but still he is great striker for great money with great numbers and experience… still only 31 years…But yeaaa we go to banter era 🤣🤣🤣 what you think? We need great striker , should buy Halland for 90m € and pay him 15m€/year … And yea great defender, like Saliba for another 60m will be great. His wages 10m€/year.. and what next?? Camavinga? Yes we need great midfielder for another 90m € (another 10m€/year) … I think there are so many blind fans… thankfully you are not a managers . Yes Milan make a profit , but around 10m € and they want to strange team for around 70/80m and you want a super massive players. But like every year, every fans talk shit about players what we buy and then they are silent when those players play good game like Pulisic and RLC ( yea has many injures, not good deal) , Jovic ( to much lazy and bad striker), Rainders ( not good for seria A)…Same with Giroud ( too old for main striker) and Kjaer( not enough good defender)… give you a brake and wait for the first match .. or go to support Inter or Juve

          3. Again I didn’t say the opposite and totally agree with you, I saw the guy saying banter era as if we replacing R9 from last year, with all due respect to Ground but we really suffered these two last years and Morata can help , that’s all what I meant

    2. Very funny dude , just because ACM want to buy player that you dont like and you comment banter era incoming. Do you even watch ACM. In 2012 -2017 ? You must be new fan. Sure ACM must sign haaland or mbappe to satisfy you

  1. Smart money signing, good production, experience. Bridging the gap till the wonder kid is ready. Wouldn’t mind seeing Okafor as deputy. Spend on a couple DMs, and one or two more holes, then pay mike and Theo. Let’s Go!!!!

  2. Well, I’m done with this site, honestly. The last straw for me was an unbelievably comment today calling Milan a ‘sh*t club’. Does this crappy site not have moderation? How do they allow such nonsense, which should be deleted as soon as possible? Anyway, I’m sick and tired of all this stupid doom & gloom attitude, GOODBYE.

    1. I don’t think there’s any moderation.

      But what you can do easily is just stop looking at the comment section of articles that mentioned any slightly negative things about Milan. That help a lot tbh.

    2. I did see it Gre-No-Li but it was Boulden who probably is the most obnoxious commenter on SempreMilan so dont take it as the general consensus and reconsider your decision but i agree people shouldn’t be allowed to do such sort of trolling in my book either and if it was up to me and probably the majority of people around here he would have been canned already last year.

    3. I think you’re refering to boulden’s comment. That poster seems to get a free pass to insult/disrespect or say whatever he wants, I guess you can say whatever you want behind a screen and a nickname, while some of us sometimes don’t see their comments being posted. Why does that happen I have no clue.

    4. They feed off of the rift amongst us. Generates reactions, comments and clicks. And in turn money to keep the site running. Also Giancarlo and a couple others were just as bad as well during last summer. Maybe Boulden is a plant designed to trigger ppl 🤷‍♂️

      1. To be fair to Boulden (can’t believe I’m doing this), I believe he was saying that (Milan a sh!t club) sarcastically so there’s that too. People also don’t read properly in these parts

        1. I did, but I was refering to the general moderation’s tolerance to Boulden’s comments. The truth is he has 0 added value and only comments to insult.

      1. Free speech is not the question here as people can say whatever they want off the web to but its a question about group/web site rules, trolling etc. you don’t allow spam posts, racismn etc either and im sure you believe in some limitations there right ?

  3. Good transfer IF it happens.

    We’ve seen that already with Zirkzee, “agreement is close”, “deal almost done”, “player wants to go to Milan” just to end up with empty hands. Roma is supposedly also looking at Morata.

  4. Only reason we are getting morata is bcz he will cost 13 mil.. Gery is what we have to get rid of.. He is a cancer and will slowly rot everything in Milan..

    1. Seriously, which other option do you suggest? Overpaying 60mil for average Zirkzee? Giving ridiculous salary to Lukaku? Or begging Haaland to join and hoping he would lost his mind and agree?

  5. From Higuain to Origi, 5mio salary for 10 goals this season, the year after 5mio for bench keeper. Hopfully we giv him a 4years contract. No clue how you can come form zirkzee (pressing) to morata. How many examples like Hojberg we know now?

  6. Morata is a banter era signing? Jfc… I can’t with people on here… he’s hitting his prime domestically now. 21 goals last season.

    For the price he can’t be beat.

    Then we can focus on a DM and CB, as well as maybe a RB to boot.

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