Vitiello: Saelemaekers feeling ‘very hurt’ by Bologna-Milan exclusion

By Oliver Fisher -

Alexis Saelemaekers has not taken kindly to the news that he has been left out of the squad entirely for the game against Bologna.

The additions of Luka Romero, Christian Pulisic and Samuel Chukwueze mean that Stefano Pioli now has an abundance of options for the right flank, something he has been after for a while.

The Belgian has played 140 matches across all competitions for Milan and he became an established starter in Pioli’s 4-2-3-1 thanks to his work rate and tactical adaptability, but during the summer his future has been cast into serious doubt.

According to what is being reported by Antonio Vitiello of MilanNews (via AC Milan France on Twitter), Saelemaekers is gutted to not be making the trip with his team-mates to Reggio-Emilia.

In fact, the journalist says that he is ‘very hurt’ by being excluded entirely. After three and a half years at the club, things could be heading for quite a sad parting.

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  1. Honestly, I’m hurt by this guy’s attitude. He had ability, but his attitude and performances have stunk the place up for 3 years. He only has himself to blame. You couldn’t even force Messias out of the starting lineup, bro…

    1. His attitude? You can’t be referring to Salad. He’s been a warrior and done almost everything asked of him. He may not be a prolific goal scorer but his movement and dribbling improved drastically last season.

      He’s hurt because Milan is supposed to be a family.

      1. Yet he was reportedly acting out during last spring when Messias was playing and he wasn’t. If those reports were true, I’m not surprised Pioli wants him out.

        1. To be fair he was in great form at that time, but Mr. Pioli still started Messias after him even though he was injured for a month that was kinda sus from Pioli I would be mad too.

        2. Its also previously been widely reported by team mates that he was one of the most well liked players so i seriously doubt he is a trouble maker.
          The fact that he has been omitted from the squad and that he propably will be sold soon is cause for being gutted as he propably would like a decent farewell with his team mates and fans,
          On the other hand i can see it from the ownerships perspective as well that they propably want to avoid any injuries that would put an end to such sale,
          Anyways saelemaekers has always given his all so even if it hasnt always been enough other players could learn from his tenacity and fighting spirit.

        1. bs he pretty much got benched after one of the best goals of the season when he scored against napoli in the 4-0 win in naples.
          His attitude has never stunk and if you seriously think that then you cant have watched many matches with milan since he arrived.

          1. “His attitude has never stunk”

            On the pitch. But are you 100% sure about behind the scenes? There were reports saying otherwise…

          2. and you are 100% sure about rumors ? there has been several articles over the years where his team mates has pinpointed him as one of the people contributing the most to the locker room,
            Obviosuly i can i can say if that is true but thats directly from the horses mouth,

          3. “and you are 100% sure about rumors ? ”

            Nope. But if you think about what kind of person Pioli is and what kind of relationship he has with his players, it’s hard to imagine he wants Saelemaekers out just for “being not good enough”. If that were the case shouldn’t he had frozen Adli out as well ages ago?

          4. What the hell does adli have to do with saelemaekers situation ? nothing ! why wouldnt your first conclusion instead be that we are more than stocked in the belgians position instead of putting forward speculations.
            As i said saelemaekers has always been praised by team mates for his contributions in the locker room so i simply doesnt buy the premise that he is a rotten apple as everything points in the complete opposite direction, There just simply isnt any room for him any longer in the squad.

    2. What your describing it is ability or perfection- not attitude. Performance is one thing – it was lacking as you said, but never heard he had an at problem and was a poor teammate. Don’t conflate the two, they are vastly different things buddy

  2. A true soldier, never complaining and always fighting with what he had. Respekt for that, unfortunately what he had was not enough.

    Beat of luck in the future

  3. He’s always had a great attitude and good skills too. Just needed to make the next step up in confidence like his compatriot CDK. Which never came.

  4. We’re still looking for a right back right? Makes sense to let him fight it out there, after all that’s what he arrived as and is able to support the wing if we fall short. Always been industrious and worked his socks off. Sanerossonero you’re a 🛎️

  5. Salatmaker, i think you are technically very gifter, you give it all on the pitch yiu just needed to capitalize more and would be a different oevel player. Take lessons learned from Milan and build on it, you will be a top player with few improvements.

    Not a good idea for hou to sray at this point bud

  6. Not the same Milan family that was there 2months ago. With Zlatan and Maldini, everything is gone.
    I highly doubt Rebic behaviour now.
    Atleast he could have been told to leave 2months ago. Unfortunately that’s football right now, cant blame players with this kind of management.

    You can do better with other managers like cdk,Pacqueta, Suso etc.,

    GOOD LUCK Saelemakers

    1. but it actually did towards the end of last season before he got benched but im not in disagreement though he has lost his spot here nevertheless due to aquisitions but he is actually the sort of player that pioli likes who can slot in in various positions.
      Either way he would propably have a hard time finding any time in this new milan unless he is fielded as a rb or lb or maybe even slot in in the centre. I dount that theres room for him bit also wish him all the best of luck if he moves on but he has never shown any signs of being a trouble maker nevertheless.

  7. Who knows which reports are true about his attitude — maybe it’s good and he’s well-liked; maybe he’s a crybaby. I don’t know. But what I do know is that he’s super inconsistent and always has been. He looks great one match and then terrible the next 3. Yes, he works hard; but sometimes he’s running around like a chicken without a head. And other than that Napoli goal, his finishing in the final third is AWFUL. He and Messias were BY FAR the worst and most dreadful part of our team in recent years and thank goodness we’ve finally upgraded in that position. what a joy to see Pulisic there and then Chukwueze come off the bench. It’s night and day in difference in quality.

    1. I’m not sure yet that Chuk will be daylight compared to saelemaekers. We know both can dribble. Still not sure if Chuk can pass or score for us. Pulisic has already showed what his quality are and I’m very well pleased about him.

      I think it was wrong to not let Sarle be on the bench at least. He has given all when he has played. Origi is understandable that he isn’t there. But Saele is a part of our recent successes and should be treated with at least some respect from Pioli.

  8. Chukwueze was second to only Vini Jr in all of La Liga last year in successful dribbles — he’s WORLDS better at dribbling and passing and scoring than Saelemakers. it’s not even close. I guess you didn’t watch his performances during their run to win the Europa League or the year after that when he helped them get to semifinals in Champions League (including him scoring the goal in 88th minute that eliminated Bayern Munich)? Or his match v Real Madrid when he had 2 goals and an assist in their 3-2 win?

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