Vitiello: ‘Three quality players’ – Zlatan and Moncada’s plan to complete Milan’s squad

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are not planning a radical overhaul this summer when it comes to transfers, a journalist has claimed, but rather a few precise and quality additions.

Milan made the decision to sell Sandro Tonali to Newcastle United for a club-record fee last summer and following that 10 new additions arrived, from Tijjani Reijnders and Christian Pulisic to Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Samuel Chukwueze.

The result is that the core has been solidified, but there are still some obvious areas that need to be addressed. Olivier Giroud is expected to depart when his deal expires, which means a striker is a necessity.

Then there is the midfield department which is lacking a profile with more defensive tendencies, leaving the team exposed in transition, as well as doubts about the centre-back and full-back roles.

Journalist Antonio Vitiello has given an update on the planning that is taking place in view of the summer in his latest column for MilanNews.

“We reiterate our position: the Milan squad is very competitive but needs to be improved in some departments, and we are assured that Moncada and Ibrahimovic are already working, together with Furlani and sporting director D’Ottavio, to identify three quality players,” he said.

“By the way: the rumours about Comolli were more of a January-February idea, but it never took shape because a director like him would not have been able to work with the current management.

“A striker is definitely needed to take Giroud’s place, plus a midfielder and a defender. Often the focus is on the striker but in the Milan of the future there will also have to be a midfielder with more defensive characteristics to give greater balance to the team. It’s very important.

“On the other hand, the strategy is clear, there will be no revolutions in the summer but precise adjustments of a certain caliber.”

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      1. Yes DM, CF and then I’d go for an AM.

        We don’t need a FB.

        Give Terraciano some games. We must have signed him for a reason.

      1. Adli’s not good enough – both technically and mentally after his awful attempt to win the ball against Sassuolo.

        I’d prefer to stick with RLC or bring back CDK or D Maldini.

        1. But thats the thing bro, Adli is not good at winning balls back and in defense in general, his quality is in attack. That’s why his better suited for AM.

        2. Adli was MOTM against Roma when he came on the field in place of sloppy Bennacer. Adli has a lot of potential in the DM position. He moves the ball quickly and has vision like few

        3. If shift to 4-3-3, it’s a moot point. If we stick with the 4-2-3-1 and bring in a DM, Reijnders could easily be pushed up to AM to rotatate with RLC. Then, there is Zeroli….

      2. Pioli wants Adli’s vision to shine as a deep lying playmaker.
        The personnel make up of the current midfield players does not allow Adli to play higher up. A strong ball winner is needed.

    1. That’s the problem, they are CM, as in box to box, more designed for a 4-3-3. See, Bennacer isnt a DM, nor ir RLC, Reijnders, Adli or Pobega when he was around. They “can” defend but also “can” push forward. None are DMs, and none are AM; in the natural sense. Musah is a bit more defensive than say Reijnders but he isnt a DM. Pioli started the year with a 4-3-3 in mind, we recruited for it and when things got hard he went back to our true and tested 4-2-3-1 and now we find ourselved with a bunch of CMs and no DM or AM (which are needed for Pioli’s system).

      1. Yes indeed.
        Most important consideration in any transfer window is understanding what system will be used and recruiting accordingly (I guess like every business)

      1. I think this as well. We need to stop casting players off after a single season. Particularly when they’re 20. It’s too early to judge Chuk and Musah. Next season will tell.

    2. Just a marketing shot, to increase the Ac Milan popularity in north America, Musah as the other Reindjers & RLC, is neither a true OM or DM, carrying forward the ball like a bull his only skill

      ……. & stamina

  1. It’s good to hear. Thats what we need, quality not quantity in the right areas.

    This is Moncada’s year to prove himself after some ups and downs.
    He has more control than before, a better budget and less positions to fill.

    I’m expecting a little sense and practicality along with some inspiration

    We also have a fantastic Primavera team to pick from

    1. prove himself? nah. Someone once mentioned getting 3 quality players some time ago – a step in quality he said. He was fired. they brought in 10 players none of whom is being played in their natural position, thats shows how moncada and co are thinking. Now we hear they want 3 players in targeted positions! oh, really. they are slow!

    1. I hope Kalulu comes back fitter and stronger.
      Not that long ago he was Thuram 2.0
      He’s a hugely gifted footballer.
      Playing on the right side would mean we can morph into a back 3 when Theo is off up the pitch.

      Last year I was at San Siro when he sent over the most gorgeous cross for Leao to tap home.
      He’s just had a shocking year with injury, but he was very healthy in the past.

      Then there is Terraciano and Jimenez if that fails

      1. Kalulu shaking off injuries is a big IF.

        Terraciano can’t get close enough to the field under Pioli. They signed him for versatility but Calabria and Florenzi keep starting ahead of him and neither is stellar…

        Jimenez will play U23 before he plays at the senior team. Same with Simic. Sad but true.

      2. I’ve always said Kalulu should be played as an RB. And yes, we have Terraciano and Jimenez. If by 2025 none of these guys are showing much, we can make a move for Kayode. Mind you 2025 is also the year Calabria comes off contract. Either way, RB is a low priority this year. We already have budgeting issues as is without selling. So let’s sort out what we NEED to sort out, i.e. striker, DM, and CB, and we can worry about RB in 2025.

        1. Honestly I think Kalulu’s best role would be on the right side of a back 3 and play like Bastoni, able to get forward and attack. Given Theo’s role and skillset, it seems a very good tactical solution to have him as a RB in a back 4. Mostly being diciplined and covering right side of defense (or a back 3) when Theo is upfield. Also able to get forward st the right time.

          As you say, its a problem for another day. Focus our resources on the roles we literally have nobody for like striker and DM.

          I can understand some people want a CB, it wouldn’t be my priority. Bottom line is we have center backs we don’t have any DM or striker.

          Priorities must prevail!

  2. I’d like to see this team in 343 where midfield is more dense. A left footed CB like Buongiorno or Calafiori would be 👌

    Tomori Gabbia CB
    Calabria Reijnders DM Theo
    Puli ST Leao

    Shifted Reijnder and DM position because Calabria tends to drift inside the center while Reijnders likes to carry it forward. Same goes for Theo, so a proper DM would cover for him there.

      1. I don’t hate him, he’s a great lad and a milanista by heart. But he’s no DM or Regista unfortunately. Maybe in 433 with a Gattuso type of player next to him.

  3. One CB ,DMF,CF .3 player starter quality and ACM are good to go next season . For theo vice just use bertesaghi or use ballo toure again.

  4. If we’re buying a CB and a DM, who’s leaving?
    We already have 4 CB-s Tomori, Thiaw, Gabbia, Kalulu for two spots

    We also have Reijnders, Adli, Pobega, Musah and Bennacer for two spots in midfield.

    1. ACM always have 5 CB for 2 spot starter. Kalulu or thiaw probably become fifth choice CB , depend on injury record. This season ACM have 5CB tomori ,thiaw,kalulu,kjaer,pelegrino ( later in winter gabbia come back replace pelegrino ). For double pivot one from adili,bennacer,pobega will be out to give slot for DMF , yunus & tiji probably stay

  5. If we aren’t getting a RB now, I would agree we field Kalulu there next season as I strongly feel he has more to offer than Calabria and Florenzi.

    I still remember when we were recruiting in the transfer window, I was sounding like a broken record that all the midfielders were box to box and how badly we needed a “destroyer” and so many came for my jugular in here, people who have no certification whatsoever in football telling me we don’t need one, today it is as clear as daylight that we need one. I mean, no Kessie, no Tonali replacement, that’s crap.

    Right now, we need a higher quality RB, but if you guys can’t see it, I’m patient enough till you realize it.

  6. Milanu fali jedan MOZAK kao recimo Pirlo ili Modrić koji imaju loptu sa očima !! Čudi me da Ibra i Moncada sa upravom to ne vide kao prioritet ! Varan i Zirgze bi onda bili prava nadogradnje ako odu Kjer i Žiru

  7. I can see us ending up with:

    Amrabat as the defensive midfielder for like 17-18 million (his value has decreased at United from Violas 21.4 asking price).’

    Varane for free as a compliment to Tomori/Thiaw. Hes better at Kjaer at basically everything and still just 30 years old (feels like hes 35 since hes been around in the top for so long).

    Zirkzee in the attack for like 50-60 million. This will be the big expensive signing. Gyökeres would be perfect but is to expensive. Sesko a more likely backup option to Zirkzee.

    I would also like to see a good left back behind Theo and let Calabria/Kalulu battle for the right back position. Kalulu is kinda perfect there for when Milan push Theo forward and turn to a three man backline as he got CB qualities.

  8. Bro, dont get your hope up. our guys love fishing off the coast of france and manhattan. it will be quite some time before you see those players in our jerseys.
    Amrabat: “man u reject”
    Varane: “oh, he’s too old, slow”
    Zirkzee: ” we have only 20m”
    Kalulu may be sold for capital gains, since he was bought for 500k, terraciano – loaned out etc. the list goes on.
    Another year zero.

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