Watch: Adli’s assist for Leao compared to Rui Costa’s for Shevchenko

By Oliver Fisher -

Yacine Adli’s assist for Rafael Leao’s goal against Lecce on Saturday afternoon has drawn comparisons with a famous pass from Rui Costa to Andriy Shevchenko.

Milan’s third of the afternoon was the result of a great counter attack. Lecce entered the box through Almqvist, who was brought down. However, the referee continued the game, and the visitors were caught asleep.

Adli found Leao storming into the Lecce half, and after no challenge from the defender, the 24-year-old slotted the ball past Falcone. It was a perfectly weighted pass from the Franco-Algerian, and it has drawn comparisons with Rui Costa’s pass for Shevchenko.


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    1. It’s not. Players nowadays aim between legs because of the position of the goalkeeper when he is too close.
      He score at least 5 goals like that.

    2. Luck had nothing to do with it. Every striker knows between the legs is THE easiest way to score when gk is running towards you.

      1. Nothing wrong. Just comparing. The best comparison is perhaps Tonalis pass below.

        I have been a defender of Adli since the very beginning…

  1. Ok this is getting ridiculous.

    Rui Costa’s pass was against Real Madrid in the Champions League, it went from centre left of the Milan side between the LCB and LB of the Real side, and Real hadn’t basically stopped playing.

    Adli’s pass was a good pass but it was against Lecce, it was a classic inside the full back pass down the same side of the pitch, and Lecce were distracted by the penalty call.

    I don’t want to sound harsh, and I criticise others when they criticise our players, but Adli is the one player who drives me absolutely mad.

    He offers nothing defensively, he gives the ball away regularly in our third, he is the slowest decision maker I have ever seen, he hits too many Hollywood passes, and he just isn’t very good.

    And I was fairly excited when he signed……

    1. Your judgement my friend is a bit harsh because we all know that Adli is not built for the position he occupies in the team and he had to reinvent himself,so it would be fair if you will consider this moment as a learning period for him and you will agree that he had come a long way.
      It is not as if he always deliberately loose the ball so that the opposition would hurt AC Milan but there’s something Mr. Pioli saw in him to reinvent him in that delicate position and I believe with dedication from Adli and ease from the club and with a purchase of more solid defensive midfielder the pressure on him and Mr. Pioli will lessened and I want to believe that before the of next season Adli would have mastered the role better probably not perfected but with time and his skill set, perfection will be within reach for him.

      1. It’s not the position he’s in. In fact for the position he’s in his decision making should be quicker because he’s deeper and can see more the pitch and he can play backwards to safety.

        He takes forever to make decisions. He always has to have a touch even when he can just hit a first time lay off. He often looks at a player who is free and then turns and passes to someone who is in a tight corner.

        I can’t fathom it.

        It’s like some guys I play with in the park who have never played 11 a side and want to hold onto the ball for as long as possible because it’s their moment.

        Football is simple. Hit the first pass you see.

    2. Yes it is he slowly decision but it is his style. Slowly but more precision. Remember redondo or totti?? They play slowly on the pitch but decisive. No more milan midfielder like this.

      1. He’s not precise!

        And being slow means players can’t time their runs or are marked.

        All of our midfielders hold onto the ball too long. Adli’s the worst but they all have this tendency which significantly slows our attacks and sometimes sees them caught in possession or putting themselves or team mates under unnecessary pressure.

    3. Hi Bro,
      Do you see Pirlo do the defensive job regularly? He was the DMC at that time in Milan’s Ancelloti.

      He was an AMC in Brescia and Inter.

      I am not comparing that they are on par, Pirlo has completed his playing journey and Adli just started.

      Don’t forget that Pirlo had Gatusso, Seedorf, Kaka, Rui Costa and Shevchenko in the team.

    4. You do the same thing you accuse others of.
      Being harsh on the player, whether Rui’s pass on Madrid was faster, or better or play had not stopped, does not take away that Adli’s pass was good.

      But you already do not rate him and would have him sold if possible. Also for his defensive attributes he is not an original defense oriented player and has just started his journey. You might look at your beloved Pioli on that issue.

      So why not live up to YOUR OWN WORDS and support Adli a young and very promising playmaker, and MILAN PLAYER.
      Rather than look down on him and underrate his talent. Glass house and all that as they say…..

      I forgot your passive aggressive praise on him. Putting him down while using the excuse of all fairness to him.

    5. If anyone will find something to b*tch about regarding Adli, it’s this guy. If that pass was from Krunic’s feet he’d praise the h*** out of it. The only thing ridiculous here is your hate for the transfer market and Adli.

    6. You judgement is irrelevant.. Adli is just a other youthful Pirlo… they dont have that defensive in them but they play in that position given something different to the team. And mind you no one knows bettet that the coach

      1. Agree. That is bitter sweet rewatching a package like that.
        Fingers crossed we can reloan him from Newcastle when his gambling ban expires.

    1. Agree that is a better comparison. In terms on the the pass and run all staying on the left side of the field.

  2. Adli is rare typical midfielder. Hes play and pass the ball similar between pirlo and zidane. Milan should keep this one

  3. Nothing wrong. Just comparing. The best comparison is perhaps Tonalis pass below.

    I have been a defender of Adli since the very beginning…

  4. The Adli pass is way better than Rui Costa’s one because Adli had to give the exact speed to that pass so neither the defender or the keeper can get the ball. Rui’s pass was closer to the midfield line and easier to place. Honestly, that was a HOF kind of pass that only Adli invented. Well done!

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