Watch: Adli’s passionate reaction under the Curva after Pulisic’s goal

By Oliver Fisher -

Yacine Adli couldn’t hide his passion after AC Milan finally broke the deadlock against Lazio at San Siro this evening thanks to Christian Pulisic’s goal.

Pulisic was on the end of Leao’s cut-back following his dart to the byline and his first-time effort finally got through to give Milan the lead. As the players celebrated under the Curva, Adli came to the forefront and made it obvious just how much the goal meant to him.

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  1. He’s our best regista. I remember one person in particular attacked me when I said Adli needs to play there. He said “who cares, we have Krunic.” What a loser! Ride the pine scrub.

    1. Krunic is a slow player and can’t move with the ball.. always passing back.. lack of confident no good pass.. I enjoy Milan play right now without him.. Lord Jesus.. I want him out of the season with serious injury.. do it and take all the glory in Jesus name ..Amen 50 billion time

    1. Pioli subbed him off too soon and it kinda disrupted the flow of the team. Pobega doesn’t look too good coming in for some games now he always doesn’t settle into the game and always looks like a walking yellow card, it worries me.

      1. It’s part of strategy to lure Lazio when they need equalizer, it work as we extend our lead through counter-attack.

    2. Maybe save his energy for dortmund, big maybe. I hope he adli keeps it up, kind of solidifys that regista role.

  2. Adli is without experience that’s why Pioli can’t risk a lot of him.

    Last year we paid huge price for mistakes. We can’t afford a lot of mistakes, neither from our best players or youngsters.
    But Adli still needs more time. If he manage to reach 1000 minutes this year that’s huge development for his career.

    It is not same thing playing for Ac Milan or Atalanta 😉

  3. Without wanting to sound mean, but what on gods good green earth was everyone watching today. Adli was committing fouls all throughout his performance today. He was lucky to get through this game without a red card, and I am being nice with that comment.

    He did a lot better when Musha came on. I think they both were playing the no. 6 role. But overall a decent performance. I say this with love, but Krunic is still better, as he is more reliable.

    1. The ref wasn’t calling borderline fouls. He played fine. It is better to concede fouls than goals. Called calculated risks and situational awareness. It isn’t reliable to be less daring and give other teans space to kill us 5 1 and watch them fly by us not to concede a foul.

      1. Yeah, all his fouls were within the game. A red card is a bit dramatic haha he wasn’t even at risk for a yellow. It’s nice having a regista who can actually pass forward.

        1. Yes.. I like good football.. Milan have a better field right now.. Milan next 2 match.. you are going to see good pass and 1 assist from Adli..

      2. Nah bro, the ref is forget he has yellow card in his pocket, Lazio left side butchering Pulisic and no cards too for them, so does Adli before Musah subs in, dunno if you watching the same streaming with me but the English one even talked about the refree doesnt give yellow to anyone in the early game

    2. You are loser.. Krunic play 1830 football.. See I enjoy seeing good pass rather than giving the keeper.. With krunic on the field,Milan play very local football.. I enjoy watching Milan now

  4. PIOLI needs to be careful of muscle injuries he needs to rotate them much more 3 matches every three days no joke

    Midfield part needs to have more rotation

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