Watch: Calhanoglu refuses to shake hands with Theo Hernandez before Milan-Inter

By Oliver Fisher -

Hakan Calhanoglu refused to shake the hand of Theo Hernandez before tonight’s Derby della Madonnina at San Siro, a video has shown.

There is no love lost between the pair given the chant that Theo started in the Scudetto celebrations, and a video has revealed that before the game at San Siro tonight when the teams lined up for their handshake, Calhanoglu made it obvious that he was not going to shake the hand of his former team-mates.

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  1. Calha can go f*ck himself. Was so frustrating at Milan and even though we got no transfer fee when he left am pleased he’s at Inter weakening their starting XI. If I was Inzaghi I’d start Mkhtariyan or Barella as their attacking midfielder, every single time. He’s not a bad set piece taker and has a decent shot but in general play he’s mostly ineffective.

    Gone and good riddance.

  2. the guy is rude he forgot he grew at milan man he can f off so ungrateful guy has some big a$$ ego bro look at him he looks like an ignorant piece of shi we criticize dona and kessie atleast they respected the club still when they left

  3. Chanaloglu, hmph; how dare you 😀😀😀

    No food to eat, no problem o; my Milan wins!
    Milan Forever!


  4. @Rosso, Kessie should never be mentioned alongside Donna and Calha. He is far better than them, he played with his whole heart for milan.

  5. Well I do not know if this is true but if Theo started a chant like that against a former teammate and friend the he needs to apologize and really deserve that.

    Hakan played gave his all for us especially when we were not doing well as a team, I know he went to the direct rival but they offered him more money.

    He is 27 then and he needed that extra 1m because that’s exactly the highest amount he can get, his next salary will not be more than 3.5m since he will be like 31 or 32 years then, unless he leaves inter before the expiration of his contract.

    We All should be grown, dude did the best for his family, I respect, I really don’t like he went to inter but it is what it is and if Theo actually started such chant against him the he needs to apologize and deserved that, beyound football, we are all human

    1. Nahh. Fuvk that!
      That guy dissed his ex teammates after he went to the rival club, mind you the teammates who revive his carreer.
      This clown deserves every bit of shithousery from theo and us, we hate chalha with passion.
      Look at kessie no one is talking bad about him even though he lied about extending, its a matter of respect and class, chalha got none of em.

    2. No, Theo doesnt need to apologize, Milan players shouldnt shake hands with that snake in the first place.

      Extra one Million?

      Milan offered 4.5m, the exact same as Inter. Except, inter offered 4.5 mil Salary while Milan offered 4 mil salary and rest was in bonuses.

      That snake, went to inter HQ directly after landing in Milan from Euro. Yes we are all human who need to have respect for the club you play for. And SNAKES need to be treated as Snakes.

      Let that Fvcker ruin inter’s games now instead of ours.

    3. It’s nice to see your unbiased perspective! @kossy Maybe some of us milan fans forgot that hakan was our top scorer for some time. He played well here. So, disputing him as a player doesn’t make you a great Milan fan. But i didn’t like the fact that he went straight to our rival, and also he celebrated against his former club a little too much. But the man also didn’t deserve the chant theo started. I don’t have to like him to see the wrong here.

        1. Dude, i know kossy here, because i often came here to read the comments, so no, we’re not the same guy. But i think the guy made some sense, also i stated the fact that you mentioned about the penalty celebration. With him going to the rivals some sort of bitching was bound to happen. I only told that with hakan’s stat with us, it’s hard to dispute him as a bad player. A lot of us here keep fixating on how much of a bad player he is. But as far as badmouthing goes, he deserves the chant, i get that now. As he started all this.

          1. Are you kidding me? He IS a bad player.

            His 1st and 2nd season played like a headless chicken and gave bad performance after bad performance.

            In the 3rd season he played well AFTER Pioli & Ibra came and boosted the whole squad.

            And in his final season 20/21, he plays like crap and very inconsistent which is the reason Pioli plays Diaz plays more than him.

            He cost €24 million and in four years with Milan he only played one good season. And when he left, Milan got a scudetto.

            So there’s nothing makes sense what kossy said. Hakan is a joke and no Milan fans should defend his actions.

          2. @ForzaMilan now you’re acting just plain baised and blind dude. How is 32 goals and 49 assist bad too you? Are you that blind dude? Fans like you are toxic as shit, and Don’t know shit about players. I’m agreeing with you on all points about him being chanted by us. But a straight up bad player? He’s not the best in the world but he’s good at least with these stats in 4 season. Please check your facts accordingly i beg.

      1. Kessie still give his all in his last games with Milan to win Scudetto and his talk up Milan to Dest.

        $umma was forced to move (Maldini signed Maignan before any deal with P$G) as he is too money hungry, but at least he still support Milan.

        Hakan? He betray the club by joining inter and then badmouthed Milan, he got the karma he deserve. Well, at least he gave a key pass to Tonali for the first Leao goal.

        1. Romagnoli was win-win solution for each party. He signed to his boyhood club which playing style suit him more and Milan can then sign younger defender who suit Milan style more.

    4. Hakan got what he was asking for. He is the one that started bad mouthing his former Milan teammates in the media, and then he provoked the fans after he scored a penalty.
      Most Milan fans go hard at Giggio for leaving, but that kid hasn’t said 1 bad word about anyone from Milan, matter fact he always speaks highly of Milan and says that he is and always will be a Milan fan. The same goes for Kessie and Romagnoli.
      Hakan on the other hand thought he upgraded by moving to Inter and he started looking down on Milan. But i guess he was very wrong.

      1. @Poli, dude i see your point and almost totally agree with you. I said that i didn’t like the fact that he went to our rivals and he celebrated a way too much against us. But i get that he started all this, so he should also bear the consequences.

        1. It doesn’t even matter that he went to our biggest rival. His actions and words after he left is the reason for everything that followed from the fans , zlatan and Theo. He was the instigator, unprovoked.
          You can always find a way to handle a difficult situation with class. He chose another way. So now he is dealing with the fallout

    5. Lol he doesn’t act like his Milan teammates are friends.

      1. Did you forgot what Hakan said in the interview right after he joined Inter?

      “Moving to Inter was easy and it’s easier to play with better teammates”

      He just straight disrespecting Milan and his former teammates on day 1 he joined Inter lmao. What a fkin snake.

      2. Did you also forgot what he did at last year derby after he took and score the pinalty and after Inter won coppa Italia match? His mocking gesture at Curva Sud and Milan players and he posted at his account?

      Sure he can go to Inter or wherever for extra money. But he disrespecting his former club, teammates, and fans so he deserves all those nasty chant for him. Period.

      Also, he doesn’t even respect his current coach lol. I find it weird you defends this guy. But as i expect from an Inter troll 🤮

      1. Did you also read some interview, he also said that Simone Inzaghi was one to blame because he took him off and Inter lost the derby last season. Man, he even disrespect his own coach.

    6. Mate are you fvcking Turkish or something so you’re just protecting him? Let’s start with all the bad things cala did before the chants. A. Leave on a free to rivals, B. Disrespected Milan with his comments. Of fvking course the Milan players aren’t happy and the fact that you even so little defended cala’s back In this situation is absurd, Kossy just stop commenting because 90% of the comments you post are full of sh1t

    7. Well said man. I am an Inter supporter and I couldn’t agree more. Football is great and beautiful but I’m very worried and concerned for not only players but fans mental health. I’m in my 30’s and grew up to see practically Milan dominate the derby’s with Inter with occasional wins here and there for Inter but nevertheless both had far stronger and better teams than now. The respect the players had on both sides for each other was immense. This bs I see now with Theo and Denzel 9
      Minutes in or that bs I saw back in April when Inter beat Juventus in Turin is more of a soap opera than it is soccer and it kills the game. We want to watch soccer not unprofessional lame fighting between opposition. Although he is a great player and I did cherish his time with us more than a decade ago , bullies like Ibra gotta go. I’m sorry he plays for Milan and it isn’t indicative of the entire team or what it stands for but off the field and on the field damage these players do to rile us fans up is wrong. When you lose you lose that’s it. Now we got internet and everyone first thing is to start bashing the other and bs Milano is red and black or Milan is black and blue is straight annoying. Milano is Milano man and that’s that. Anyways exciting game , good words to who I’m replying to, you are sharp and smart and all the best to everyone.

      1. It’s cause Dumfries is a clown, no offense but Theo never usually gets in fights but it’s always with Dumfries I don’t see that as a coincidence

    8. Agreed. This is especially true considering Theo was at Atletico Madrid before Joining Real Madrid, their direct rivals. Plus such curses are considered highly unforgivable for Muslims since they mostly focus on getting married before conceiving children.

    9. I agree.. even after what he did during the derby, saying such thing to a former teammate is unacceptable. To be fair Hakan did not complain nor say bad things about his Milan teammates. He provoked the Curva Sud, who did not appreciate him well during his time in Milan. I disliked what he did at the derby, but I feel ashamed how some of our players used words like that to him.

      1. I don’t feel ashamed, he betrayed them all to go to the rivals and then started talking about how inter is better LOL, and you expect our players to be quiet after?

    10. No he started it first degraded his former teammate saying now is plays with quality players come one , that’s an insult to the entire team

      1. @coreleone that’s what came to my mind when I read @kossy or whatever’s comment , cashanoglu comment about was unacceptable (now am at more balanced team it’s easy to play with inter now) of course very easy when he pass to tonali lol

  6. Maybe you two merdaloglu d sucker need to knows that he’s not respect us as it should be, the dude saying that he play better at merda with a more quality players so he deserves that chant from Theo for disrespecting his former teammates, so get your fact straight before commenting like an idiot.

  7. Maybe you two merdaloglu d sucker need to knows that he’s not respect us as it should be, the dude saying that he play better at merda with a more quality players so he deserves that chant from Theo for disrespecting his former teammates, so get your fact straight before commenting like a moron.

  8. Inzaghi and Calagnoglu have single handedly taken Conte’s hard work and Scudetto winning team and made them super shite. Calagnoglu’s assist for Leao’s goal was the best pass he ever played for us. Just shameful it took him to sign for Inter before he played his best football for us. Thanks Judas’.

  9. Even before this match he is the only inter player that said they are on fire, that the present of lukaku has boost there moral.just because they defeat cremones.who is lukaku when we are talking about football players to rely on.lukaku was a rejected garbage from Chelsea and a flop.since I realized he is relying on lukaku I knew his career is over .yet we beat the living shit out of inter again

    1. That didn’t really look like he started a chat, it looked more provocative from cala after Theo didn’t give a reaction to cala not shaking his hand, maybe I’m biased at this point so I’m interpreting it wrong though

    2. Dude, he didn`t come back to chat. If YOU watch the video closely you will see Theo realized he didn`t want to shake hands and The slapped him on the back. That is why he came back for a “little chat”

  10. Theo said no lie.Litlle man with big ears forgot what ACM did for him when his pregnant wife cheated on him,and when he was down on form for more then a year.To leave nr.10 at ACM…for what?For 20 at Inter,still with 10 on tatoo?and 500.000 a year more?zero charakter,and no yalue at all!If I was there I would sing it with Theo,together as one!

  11. Hakan is a disrespecting fool. He disrespected everyone and every thing since he moved to the other side. Even the fans after scoring a penalty in derby.

    He thought he’s going to win the Scudetto with Inter lol dude doesn’t know his own limits, thinking he’s better than what he is. I bet he can’t sleep at nights and he deserves everything he’s getting.

    Nice slap to the back of the head by Theo btw 😂

  12. Calhanoglu was committed to stay at ACM & everybody believe in him. Then in last minutes, he go to Inter Milan without warning and leave ACM hurted because no First-Team AMC and ACM receive nothing from his transfer. Calhanoglu try to win Scudetto with Inter with that deep scar in beginning of Champaign.

    So Theo just express it, why Calhanoglu take it so personally ? Calhanoglu want that. You take that risk and you receive it. If Calhanoglu stay at ACM, Calhanoglu will be considered as one of the best AMC in the world right now like Theo. Poor you.

    And at least Theo did it elegantly (When winning), he didn’t do racism, and violate nothing.

  13. Calhanoglu is an extremely average footballer.He went to Inter in hopes of winning and for more money. Yes, their roster is deeper.The part he forgot was that AC MILAN is made up by true COMPETITORS and LEADERS like Maignan,Tomori,Theo,Tonali,Ibra and Giroud and that cannot be overlooked. At the end of the day,that is what wins titles. F@&% him.

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