Watch: Camarda’s parents in tears as he becomes a record-breaker

By Oliver Fisher -

Francesco Camarda’s parents could not hide their emotions as their son made his AC Milan debut during last night’s win against Fiorentina.

Despite having a narrow 1-0 lead and with Fiorentina pushing heavily for an equaliser, Pioli decided to send Camarda on in the 84th minute. At the age of 15 years and 260 days, the striker became the youngest Serie A debutant in Serie A history.

As his name was being read out by the announcer and cheered, the camera panned to Camarda’s parents and his mother in particular who burst into tears.

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  1. I will cried as well if i was in their situation, hope this boy found his success and not suffer the same fate like Mastour,Krkic etc.

    1. I get your sentiment but bojan at least played 163 matches for barcelonas first team and scored 41 goals which isnt to be frowned upon but mastour on the other hand is nowadays playing in morroco and cant even become a star there, a mountain of difference as mastours biggest accomplishment is to get his debut for the morrocan international team or if im gonna be a bit nasty him out-juggling neymar when he was a kid.

      1. Hope Camarda will have a bright future with us.
        In your opinion, is these youth products’ failure with the senior team (and that includes Bojan IMO) is due to them being overhyped ? A talent that doesn’t carry itself at older age ? Being mismanaged or is it a case by case ?

        1. Well as I see it its deffently case by case but overhype can be part of it and maybe a weak psyche + bad work ethics is part of the equation as well.
          Considering the career mastour has had and who pretty much has been a absolute failure everywhere he went I would say that he isnt a football player but a circus artist that is great at juggling but with a lack of understanding of the game or simply has the worst work ethics because technically he has great talent.
          Bojan was touted as the next big thing like messi so the expectations was extreme but he actually did quite impressively with barcelona based on the matches he played and the stats he got there, most players would be more than happy to have an equal career there as he achieved. After his barcelona days his career is more questionable though but maybe also in his case the familarity of the barcalona enviroment also played a great part of his success there.

          1. IMO, in the case of Bojan, what helped him a lot is the fact that he is Catalan and a youth product, and Barcelona’s strategy at the time was built around La Masia. I think all the players and even the coach (who was himself from La Masia) did try to help him a lot, and yes, sometimes at the expense of other players who could have done the job better.
            He did have a decent career at Barcelona overall in part because of that. But when he had to leave, that friendly environment simply wasn’t there for him anymore, and he was a bit exposed.

          2. sure and im not completely disagreeing here but to my knowledge bojan is the most scoring la masia player to ever come through their youth teams so why wouldnt they give him some chances, its basically the same with camarda. The difference there is that he is of a bigger frame and propably is a bit more sturdy in his character or at least i hope that is the case.

          3. I used to tell the kids I used to train that juggling is not the same as football. There’s were kids in the team that hardly juggle the ball well but in-game were vastly better players than ball jugglers. Juggling is good for ball control in a controlled environment…that’s about it. Theres a kid that couldn’t juggle but can bring down/control a ball in game situations like a pro, doesn’t matter how the ball fell for him, he’d control it. Ask him to do that during keepy up and he’s like Fifa bronze player lol 😂

            Btw the problem with Bojan was that there was only room for Messi. If wasn’t for Messi he’d be that guy for Barca (not as good as Messi but he was also perfect for their style and system

  2. Certainly a very proud moment. I really do hope he does well for Milan and Italy, too.🤞As a parent, I fully get the excitement and emotion.
    Forza Milan, Forza Italia.

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