Watch: Chukwueze waves to reporters after touching down in Italy

By Oliver Fisher -

Samuel Chukwueze has arrived in Italy ahead of his move to AC Milan, having just touched down at Milan Linate airport.

Now, the winger will undergo his medical and fitness tests before heading to Casa Milan to sign his contract. The operation is worth a potential €28m with more details emerging on the deal, as the Rossoneri have landed seemingly their No.1 right wing target.

He gave a wave to the reporters who were stationed outside the airport waiting for his arrival.

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  1. Im so excited about this transfer and cant wait for the season to start. its gonna be scary being a defender meeting our team next season.

    1. Moussa diaby would have been a far better option, samuel chukweza lacks consistency and he is made of glass,though he is still a upgrade to messiah and sala but he is definitely not going to last more than 2 years before drop

      1. u can argue he isn’t perfectly consistent but he still got 24 goal contributions as well as one of the best dribbling records last season alongside Leão, Vini jr and rodrygo

          1. Fr, People like him need to stop hating on our NEW players, they need to realize that you can’t spend 50M on a single player when we have a limited budget to spend for 4 different positions. Saying he won’t last more than 2 years before even seeing him play is just foolish.

          1. Last time Chukwueze had an injury, according to transfermarket web, was in 2021 with a hamstring. He’s been fully fit since then and haven’t had a single injury since. He played 50 games last season.

      2. Now i can see that you are just so stupid being Milan fan.
        The fact that the club did not go for your own favorite player doesn’t mean milan did not get a good player. Chukz is by far better and skilled than that your so called diaby as far as am concern.
        You should appreciate the management for making this move and not come out here to spill rubbish from that your dirty mouth.

        100% Milan fans will acknowlegde and approved of this move with happiness.
        I guess you are just a by pass plastic fan.

        Always think before you speak your rubbish.


        1. even though i completely disagree with his comment i wouldnt question Elliotazzuri of being an ac milan fan as he has been a frequent commenter in milans forums for propably the last decade or something

    2. Remains to be seen if we can resolve our issues against teams defending deep. We have a lot of pace and dribble in open games, but if our opponent is parking the bus, I’m not sure what Pioli’s plan is.

  2. Moussa diaby would have been a far better option, samuel chukweza lacks consistency and he is made of glass,though he is still a upgrade to messiah and sala but he is definitely not going to last more than 2 years before drop.

    1. Wel I hope not. I agree with u to some extent I hope he doesn’t drop form. Better we can sell him before nose diving .

    2. You’re lying. Chukwueze hasn’t had a single injury in over two years. He played 50 games last season. Diaby is out more than him. Stop posting falsehoods. It isn’t funny anymore.

  3. Great news – if he’s anywhere near as dangerous as Leao is on the left, our attack is looking formidable.

    (Interestingly, he’s a very different build to Leao, about 6 inches shorter!)

  4. Moussa Diaby? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 He is 50 million € double price of chukwuaze lol but he is not 2 times better than Samuel that’s for sure.
    We need a RW who can hit double figures in G+A contributions. Somehow I doubt neither Diaby nor Samuel can do that but better than Messi and Salad maker ffs. The only concern I have for Samuel is his real age… We know Nigerians

  5. Milan fans hmmm. Always criticising and many a patiently waiting for the season to kick off to start criticising Leao and Tomori.

    Ungrateful fans.

  6. Bitter Milan fans always crying, this guy have not even played a match and comparison and hatred is flying, always nagative words but keep crying, Chukwueze will do better and improve more, like Leao, same with all we bought in this macato. Spending much don’t always guarantee success in football, PSG have not won the Champions league since the Arab billionaire took over.

  7. I never ever saw his comment before today and suddenly when the transfer almost done he come and making those comment. Lol

    Samuel come to us for 20m, can reach 28. Moussa Diaby come to mid table team in England for 50m. Try to be positive ffs. Smh

    1. I normally post in the rossoneri blog, but since sempremilan is where people mostly are now I will start posting here often

  8. Diaby had 2 years left on his contract while Chukwueze had one. That might explain the difference in price.

    On Chuks dropping off after 2 years, that’s a bit strange take… He has been getting better YoY since he joined Villarreal.

    On who is better, I for one don’t think Diaby is better. Faster, maybe, better, I’m not so sure. Other than Bayer and Dortmund, I don’t think Diaby has faced or had much success with the calibre of teams Chuks has faced.

    Finally, it wouldn’t kill us to support our players. rather than slate even before they kick the ball

    1. I made a reply further up that up that wasnt posted but pretty reminescent of yours so i agree here as he has actually improved in recent years and in regard of him being fragile as glass he hasnt been inured since the 20/21 season so i must also disagree with elliotazzuri here,

  9. To clarify some things, Moussa Diaby is not better than Chukwueze and some people here are smoking something serious if they think that.

    Chukwueze hasn’t had a single injury in just over 2 years either. Check transfermarketweb. He played 50 games last season. Fitness issues is no longer a concern for him.

  10. I believe i shouldn’t be insulted for saying my opinion from the fanbase (thank you bernard for being understanding), for voicing my opinion, because i didn’t abuse anyone for saying they love chukwueza, never said chukwueza is not good, Infact i said he is an upgrade to messiah and salemakers have seen his skill and know how hood he his, but what i do know from watching chukwueza is he lacks consistency, i apologize for my statements on him being injury prone but bookmark my word chukwueza will drop in his game in 2years

    1. No worries i know you care about the club and also felt there was no reason to offend you there on the grounds of what you said even though i disagreed with it.
      When that is said though i do believe that chukwueze is the most exciting player we have signed the entire summer and hopefully he will be a great success for the club but obviously there are no guarantees either but i see us becoming a nightmare for the other teams defenses with him and leao on the wings and hopefully pulisic as a cam,

      1. Yeah I hope he performs up to expectation alongside the other new arrivals for the sake of us going two better and finally ending our ucl drought, so Milan can be the face of Europe again

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