Watch: Colombo gets off the mark for Monza with impressive winner

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan loanee Lorenzo Colombo got himself off the mark for Monza this evening as they registered another win, this time on the road against Sassuolo.

The striker began by winning an aerial duel impressively and then dribbling into the box from a wide area, getting past his man with a drop of the shoulder inside and finishing past the goalkeeper with all the composure of a veteran.

It is his first Serie A goal of the season and he would go on to have a second disallowed due to a tight offside call.

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  1. Had 2-3 good chances of scoring that he missed. Good on him for not letting go and trying again, though arguably this was the hardest of all his chances.

    He needs to get better at checking the offside, had a really good 1-on-1 in the first half where he was offside and Consigli parried it, in addition to the offside goal in the last 10 minutes

    1. Inzaghi spent most of his career offside!

      Can we please not set completely different standards for players our youth players v some fancy new signing?

      If anything we should have lower expectations for youth players because they’re free and our own, and should be demanding more from new signings who need to be genuine world beaters to justify the money we spend on them and the fact that they’re denying our youth players chances.

      1. There is one huge difference between the time when Inzaghi played and today’s football. It’s called VAR. Big number of Inzaghi goals would have been taken away because of offside if there was VAR back in his time

        1. Some of the offside calls against Inzaghi were also incorrect, VAR would gave him chance to score on those occasions. Furthermore, offside rule during Inzaghi era was tighter.

          1. Did you actually say that the offside rule was tighter during the Inzaghi era?
            We live in an era where goals were literally nullified because a player nose hair was offside, but somehow Inzaghi’s era offside rule was tighter.
            Offside rules in the Inzaghi era were as loose as ever. It all depended on the linesman mood, what team he was a fan of, or whoever paid him off

        2. Red and black dot, It’s very obvious offside rule is looser now simply due to the interference with play rule. Back then you can be offside without even being near the play and get called for it.. nowadays you get a pass for that. The onside/offside ones are probably a wash for me

  2. I’ve been dreaming of vlahovic coming to Milan but to be fair if I saw him score this goal I’d be raving about him. I hope this year he works on being more clinical but come next season he needs to come back. I still want a heavy investment up front but he looks capable of offering something up top we don’t have in physicality. We need options up top like when we had van basten, massaro, Papin, Simone

  3. Having him gaining experience and minutes this season could be crucial for next year. If we get Johnatan David and have him as rotation for smaller clubs in serie a and then having David for derbies and CL could be really good(if our main players dont leave next season)

  4. I dont think he have chance next season with ACM, management want heavy investment on CF. His fate will be same like cutrone, ACM sell cutrone for capital gain to wolves. Colombo can get playtime only if giroud retire at the end of season

    1. Tbh Cutrone was never felt like anything special, except for his grit and heart – he is mediocre in technical aspect, not that fast or strong, and never really look like a Milan quality.

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