Watch: De Ketelaere scores less than 40 minutes into his Atalanta debut

By Oliver Fisher -

After going a full season at AC Milan without a goal, Charles De Ketelaere didn’t take long to open his account with Atalanta.

De Ketelaere came off the bench in the second half of Atalanta’s season opener against Sassuolo and after hitting the crossbar, he scored with a header to get his first goal for La Dea.

As a reminder, Atalanta will pay around €3m for the loan deal to Milan and the option to buy is set at €22m plus €4m in bonuses. Furthermore, the Rossoneri will receive a percentage of the amount from any future resale, set at around 10%.

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    1. Same here, he played without a preseason preparation, never left home until last year, we were coming off a title winning season and expected a kid to perform out of nowhere. Oddly enough, no preseason preparation for them and he scored. Selling him was a disaster written on the wall. Our coach preferred to play Giroud on one leg than give him a chance as a striker.

      All he needed was time and the confidence fr9m his coach.

      1. Ha ha 😂.
        This @Malda character doesn’t have his own opinions or thoughts. He just comes here to respond under other people comments.
        Also, you didn’t even get my comment but you only respond from ignorance because I have been critical of the object of your fanboyism Leao.

  1. I cannot understand why we did not keep him
    We all knew he had great potential but somehow seemed to lack confidence last season ..We should have giving him a chance..
    This season I think he will be a huge success for Atalanta ..

  2. This guy is a clown. He got enough chances during his spell. He missed open net and other sitters. He is good for average clubs with all due respect to Atalanta, where he fill his a* safe

    1. Don’t say that man pioli played one way style of football and that is not for pure attackers..milan manager will notice that half season

      1. uh huh, you supporting Paldini because his name is Paldini is not the same thing

        if you defend how bad last summer was compared to this, you are insane, its not even comparable how much faster we got our business done

        1. Bro calling our GOAT player with those 10 Y/O twitter insults. Bruhh get over that June 2023 joke, and you do realize the club sale took place last season too? And Pioli didn’t even use any of the new signings apart from Thiaw.

          1. Never forget how dumb most of you were in June 2023, saying Milan would be finished, get relegated, blah blah blah because Paldini is the only reason Milan exists.

            you think you can say anything here and then later ask people to move on because you don’t like getting called out on your bullsh*t? LOL

          2. @Giancarlo Imagine being called an idiot by Mr. Toxicity himself. Why are you always salty all the times? I didn’t even say anything wrong

  3. CDK – Scores off bench in his debut game LOLOLOLOLOLO.

    Have a feeling all the Maldini haters who blamed this transfer solely on him (as if Moncada had nothing to do with it) and who said CDK is trash – and even Pioli himself – are going to have serious EGG on their faces after this season. One game yes but Gasparini is the right coach to bring out the best in talented players.

    Lots of little boys on this chat who fail to realize young players – much like all young people themselves – need time to develop – and are not all finished products right out of the gate at 19-24 yrs of age…

    Can’t wait to see how this plays out and man if he scores against us – YIKES – LOL

    1. The most frustrating thing was putting it all in one person as I’ve said all along when clearly one could never comprehend that Maldini would have scouted CDK all by himself and went out of his way to buy him…all on his own. That to me does not make sense. I dont like the fact that the others didn’t have the balls to man up and leave seeing as it was their decisions on the signings too

      1. Exactly. All the bad signings were Maldini of course, and all the good ones had to be only Moncada LOL 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡. But that is what we are dealing with on this chat. Often it’s Limited narrow minded thinking and selectively cherry picking facts to support their argument while ignoring others. That is frustrating indeed. It’s fine to disagree over this signing or that – that’s fun – as we are all amateurs at the end of the day. But to intentionally put blame on one person for last season whilst intentionally ignoring the past 5 seasons of success and where we came from is sad and comical at the same time.

        1. Maldini only signed young players if recommended by Moncada. Oh, I forget that the list also include Hauge, Adli, CdK, etc. 🙃

  4. Dont blame him blame your idiot coach… Giansperini has only trained this guy in over just a week but this our chicken head coach has a whole year yet couldnt see anything hopeful in the guy….what a waste of a coach

    1. No one should blame M&M or the new management. Everything is on Pioli for this one. Can’t wait for December 10. Would be interesting if he scores against us, haha.

      1. It’s a shared decision, so yes it’s not fair just to blame certain parties. Moreover, looking at the closeness of the trio (M&M and Pioli), I still think that they should share the same responsibility. If they succeed, they do it as unit. If they fail, they fail together. Still can’t fully understand the decision to sack M&M but not Pioli. Making it more and more clear the decision was not made based on technical, even strategical, pov.

        1. You are right. But one thing to note about is if Pioli share opinion for the signings he wants. Look at CDK, Vrancx, Thaiw (for the first 3–4 months), Adli, it didn’t look like these were the signings he asked for. M&M we’re probably sacked coz they oppose us selling key players to fund for cheaper alternative.

          1. “M&M we’re probably sacked coz they oppose us selling key players to fund for cheaper alternative.”

            Nah bruh. They were fired because they were losing key players for free without replacing those key players.
            That’s why Milan has to sign 10 players this summer.
            People still don’t get that this new management is trying to repair the damage done over the last 2 years by “M&M”

          2. Bruh, maldini came in and Donnarumma where already on the way out, he had 1 year left on his contract. He managed to convince him to stay for another year in the hope that we would be able to convince him to stay longer.

            Kessie and Hakan both left because the club wasn’t willing to pay their wage demand. Maldini had nothing to do with it and offered them as much as the club/owners where willing to give. If Maldini had the choice to satisfy them he would.
            This blame on maldini is absolutely retarded

        2. There’s no point of focusing on any individuals – players, managers, directors – when the entire system is a mess.

          Juve haven’t taken the bait this summer and are probably stronger for it.

          But the majority of clubs this summer have engaged in levels of player turnover that would only be seen in business during a recession.

          It’s a farce. No organisation randomly changes 50% of its workforce every 12 months. And that’s not just this summer, Maldini was as guilty of it as anyone.

          What I cannot fathom is how Maldini couldn’t remember what Braida used to do at Milan. During Maldini’s playing days the one thing that stood out most for Milan was the longevity of players. The club was like a family – literally in the sense of the Maldini’s,

          We probably should’ve signed CDK last season or any of the other 7-8 players. We should’ve spent whatever budget we had on 1-2 proven stars. All we had to do was improve a title winning side.

          And this summer all we had to do was consolidate the squad.

          But the modern transfer market has become a farce with endless fiddling and flipping. The only people who benefit are agents and the players’ bank accounts. Football is the main loser with a huge amount of talent written off.

          1. Talking to these ppl goes like this..

            Me: Man the sky looks grey. I wonder if it’s going to rain

            You know who you are: What a dumb person! It obvious the moon shines at night. The sky is clearly green now. What an idiot. You’re just a hater because we have all these umbrellas now

            Me: wtf are you talking about

            You know who you are: yea you want to get rained on. What kind of fan are you?

            Me: ??????

            Rinse and repeat

    2. You mean the guy who guided us to the scudetto? Pioli gave this kid plenty of chances – he’s not going to stick him up front over Giroud when he’s playing like a rabbit in headlights is he?

  5. Pretty embarassing that Atalanta have more strikers than we do: Scamacca, Lookman, Zapata, Muriel and CDK

    While we have: Giroud and Columbo?? Origi out of the team lol.


    Get on this Georgio – time is running out. Spent all our $$ on mids and we still don’t have a registra and a striker??? Crazy

    At least grab Zapata while we have the chance – not sure what we are waiting for.

    1. Okafor was supposed to be our striker as well. Or at least, a versatile player that can be used as a striker. And also Atalanta uses 2 center forwards, so it’s logical they have more strikers.

      From the first news Atalanta was interested with CdK, I’ve said that it’s a good opportunity for him. As the system is more suited for him, and there’s less pressure for him as well.

    2. Don’t forget they dropped over $20m on Toure who is injured right now haha meanwhile we’re looking at two Chelsea guys….again…

    3. You do realise we do not play with same formation .they play with 2 strikers, we play with 1 , so they need more strikers than we do .

    4. Imagine thinking CDK is a striker. Zapata had two goals last season. Wow big 🤡 🤡 🤡 this Juro is. Also Muriel lmaoooo another wash up. Go be an Atalanta fan then 🤡

      Pretty embarrassing you even post on here calling for a broken player like Zapata to join us.

  6. CDK scored a goal. Wowwwwww – one goal on the first game of the season justifies him being absolute horsesh*t all season. Pioli out out out out out.

      1. LOLOLOLO can’t wait for Milan to fail – probably rubbing his thighs as he types this garbage. Imagine if we draw or lose against Bologna – the hysteria will reach never seen before proportions.

        1. and if its a win, or like a high scoring win you’ll see them disappear

          strange, must have a lot of internet issues when Milan win

    1. Not a fan of CdK myself, but looking at him at his 1st match for Atalanta, we should objectively say that he’s more comfortable (be it the system, formation, environment, etc) there than he’s ever was in Milan, all season long.

  7. CdK was MOM four times in CL the season before he came to Milan. For me it has been obvious all along that he will start to bloom also in Italy.

  8. Really happy for him. He will regain his confidence. Hope he becomes a starter there and score lots and lots of goals. Win win for all parties.

  9. We’re gonna end up in the Serie D because we let CDK go according to some logic on here. What foolishness. CDK was never cut out for this team, though I wish him the best.

    wonderful logic from the lack of logic on here.

    1. Where do you get the “wonderful” idea that some people here claim Milan will end up in Serie D? I don’t see anyone claiming that.

      1. Aw look the moron is hack replying to me. You can go be an atalanta fan and cheer them on when they make the conference league lmaoooo moron.

        1. Lol, look at the hateful clown 🤡 (giancarlo the great loser 👎). Always putting words in the mouth of other person. I NEVER said I support CDK/atalanta and I WON’T support them. Go support inter you fake Milan fans whose only purpose is wreaking havoc in Milan fans community.

  10. Good for you , Charlie. Hope you kill it at Atalanta and get sold for a ridiculous fee! Atalanta knows what its doing.

    Was never gonna happen at Milan with our system.

  11. PLENTY of young players have succeeded at Milan. For example Theo. If CDK Didn’t have the mentality to work in Milan, what’s the issue here?

  12. Too many people here spend too much time looking over their shoulders…….
    We have moved on CDK, Maldini and others are a non issue for us…..

    You guys need to do yourselves a favour and look at what’s in front of U!

    I personally just want 3 points tomorrow.

  13. His header was not that convincing though…. don’t jump on any conclusion after just a game, all the best to all parties(Milan, Atlanta and De ketelaere) for future

  14. So once again..this board failed
    Not only we lost Tonali, now probably even CdK with that stupid option to buy :))

    Next Paqueta incomming

    1. Lol Paqueta still isn’t that good, he isn’t even West Ham’s best midfielder. Just because a club throws money at a player doesn’t automatically mean he’s a nailed on star, look at Jovic when he went to Madrid and look now

    2. Lmaooooo Paqueta showed half of a good season for Milan. CDK had one assist all season and was never good. Imagine being this daft.

  15. I usually don’t write comments, but in this case you people act that the falt for CDK leaving lies solely on the management, not the “fans”. Fans who every transfer window cry and moan for NEW signings over giving our present talent a chance. And by the way, now you act like CDK was bought by Atalanta. He is on LOAN and is still our player. The “parent club” by UEFA regulations can ALWAYS call back their player and terminate the loan. The option to buy is that a option, it’s not a obligation neither to Atalanta, not for AC Milan!

  16. 1st of all I would like to apologise to CDK. I doubted him a lot.
    But with that being said, that’s what I meant when I said before that CDK seems uninterested whenever he was on the pitch for Milan. Today he was a player with confidence and willingness.
    Now it goes back to what I commented on the other article. If the coach say a player is not ready or not at 100%. What exactly does he mean. Because if the tables where turn and CDK come to milan from atalanta not playing much, not even pre season with them. he does what he is paid to do instantly. So are we or I am justified to criticise Pioli for using him wrong or I’m not allowed because according to some Pioli is a demi god because he won a scudetto for us and shouldn’t be criticise.

  17. Dude played with more confidence for 60 minutes than he did all season for us. He battled, ran. Believed.

    I’m beginning to think that we do have a problem with young players that we need to address. It’s not normal we lose so many talents that shine elsewhere

  18. Who are these ppl that said we are going down to Serie B, C, D, E, F, G??? . We had a prediction blog and did not see anyone saying we’ll get relegated. Neither did I see anyone of you here who r talking about other ppl saying relegation in that prediction blog either. You guys are So quick to put words into ppls mouth about where we’re going to end up this season but when given the chance to say where YOU think we’ll end up, can’t see them for miles. True cowardice

    It’s highly frustrating when discussing or having meaningful discussion when this is your crutch. Its lilemyou don’t have a meaningful educated response so you choose to resort to completely fiction. There’s no way I could believe ppl here who blog regularly actually think we’ll get relegated so why even say this

    1. That kid takes everything to extremes. Very disturbing. Serie D??? Who said that? Nobody. Yikes I feel bad for some of these kids on this chat. Wonder how they will succeed in the world honestly. Very strange mindset and can’t effectively communicate with people. They only read or listen to what they want to support their point and ignore all else. Sad

        1. When Milan win tmrw he will disappear? Why?? Bro what the actual f**k??? This is exactly what I’m talking about. Why wouldn’t you want the team to win. Not because ppl make a prediction post as to the outcome of a game doesn’t mean they want the team to lose. It just means that they’ve logically put together information that leads to that outcome eg. New mids, new formation and a bunch of others.
          Even Oli here predicting a draw, he gonna disappear too? Lol 😆

  19. He is too weak to play in the air and score, he showed nothing…he is too timid to be a factor in Italy….lmaaao told you guys that selling him would be the worst decision this management made.

    Well done Chuck

    Eat your words.

    We are looking to spend 30 on a striker to shore up some goals, we already had one…

    1. CDK showed absolutely nothing for us. And he’s not even a striker. Imagine wanting CDK to play as a striker lmao. Meanwhile thinking a Conference League team like Atalanta is anything to write home about. You’re so brain dead.

  20. Of course he scored!

    It’ll be interesting to see what kind of season he has and whether Atalanta finish above us in the table….

    It’s not about one player but an entire system that treats elite athletes like casual seasonal workers. With that level of turnover there are bound to be random successes and failures but it’s almost impossible to judge players’ abilities so it’s all a bit pointless.

  21. This is good start for him. If he can score 10-15 goal for atalanta in all competition , he will get salary rise to 3m euro nett ( if atalanta activate buy option )all parties will be happy : cdk pay rise from 2,2m euro nett to 3m euro nett, atalanta got false nine / SS for selling in future, AC Milan got money 26m euro including bonus + 10% resale value

      1. I’ve been saying this for years but some on here still don’t get what Pioli is. But I feel he will get fired this year.

  22. CDK didn’t shine here because of the 4-2-3-1 formation. He is best at CF or ST but had to find playing time as a CDM or CAM where he was less effective than other players. CDK has quality and should do well in Atalanta. There he will get minutes in a formation that will give him better opportunities with a two striker formation. Good luck to him … except agai st us.

  23. I agree that Atalanta coach, is much much better to develop young and unknown player into a good player.

    Gosens, Koopmeiner, Zapata, and any other players. And now seems like CDK who will develop again under Atalanta coach.

    That is what Pioli don’t have. But we’ll see from the first match against Bologna. Pioli must show, that he is a perfect coach for Milan or not.

    If Milan draw or lose against Bologna, I think management must find new coach.

    1. It has NOTHING to do with the coach. It’s about the expectations of the team. Atalanta are able to experiment and lose games if needed. It’s expected. Milan doesn’t have that luxury. Every game is an expected win or else everyone freaks out. A club with the history Milan has can’t put players on the field just to see what happens.

      Milan is aiming to win the CL this year. Atalanta will be happy to make the Europa league. It’s a completely different environment.

      1. Erm Pioli rotated 8 first team players in Serie A games last season,…..

        (Admittedly he made the call between the Champions League and the league, and he managed to get us to the semi-finals and qualified again for the Champions League so mission accomplished)

  24. CDK himself said this is the right opportunity at the right time. That reinforces the fact that Maldini made a poor business decision bringing him to Milan as that was not a good opportunity.

    Piolo isn’t a magician. He can’t change the entire team to make CDK shine. Atalanta’s lower expectations work better for CDK.

  25. Why all people here fight each other for CDK and Atalanta..?? He’s not our players now… So, why we argue for something that useless for us..?? Wether CDK is success or not there, its nothing to do with us. If we are the same page here as a Milan fans, lets support them. Whatever the situation. Dont blame each others, when something bad happen. Dont be overhype too, when something good happen. Lets stick together as Milan fans.

  26. You look at what’s happening at Chelsea, first it was mass exodus of management and then again, the whole house pull down by squad sales and what is the evidence? West Ham United taken them to the cleans. Milan is walking the same footsteps even worse by buying US mediocre players. Soon our good players will all leave either on poor results or on lack of team spirit. Typical example Tonali sale , why does it start with him? Boyhood fan who plays with blood in his eyes became disoriented. This US crowns know nothing about football . Oh, Milan, Milan, The biggest M that motivated Milan from ashes to mountain top is gone. We are in for disaster

      1. Did you watch the game? Tonali doesn’t play a defensive mid in that team but vs city you’re obviously going to defend..the goal wasn’t his fault. More Joelinton.
        Everyone gets bodied by City. It’s literally the best team in the whole of Europe and they only won 1-0. Newcastle did well and could have bagged an equalizer if they kept their composure

    1. Lmao Tonali made the decision himself to leave. It had nothing to do with being disoriented. He’s not a kid. He’s an adult.

      Mediocre US players? Oh really? Then who do we buy? Players representing a national team that has failed to qualify for the world cup twice in a row?

      1. Tonali was forced out by the new management. He was a Milan fan.
        Instead of sh*tting on him you should thank him for his sacrifice and that he went without raising a fuss. Without his sale we couldn’t have financed half of these signigns.

  27. We always wasting AMC potential. After Paqueta, now CDK.

    First season always hard, this is 2nd season for CDK and he can perform so much better.

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