Watch: Giroud left stunned and speechless by Theo Hernandez’s new hair

By Oliver Fisher -

Olivier Giroud seemed to be in utter disbelief after seeing that Theo Hernandez has dyed his hair bright pink, with his reaction caught on camera.

Theo sported pink hair in the game against Napoli earlier in the week but it was more of a faded colour, but the French full-back decided to dial it up a few notches and went almost fluorescent, much to the surprise of his team-mates and compatriot Giroud who seemed almost embarrassed.


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  1. Love Theo, but if he only spends as much time working on his right foot as he spends in a beauty salon on his hair, he’d be even a better player.
    Never understood how can you play and practice football every day for 20 years and you still can’t use your weak foot at all. If the man is asked to stand only on his right foot, he’ll probably tip over.

    1. Apart from Maldini tell me which other player dat have played dat wing better than Theo Hernandez in d history of Milan?
      I’m very sure u are not a Milan fan.
      Let me tell you something, we d Milan fans don’t even want Theo to be good on his right foot, as long as he keeps delivering on his left foot for us.

      1. As per usual emotional response by emotional people.
        Read again what is written before you come in here trying to prove how big of a Milan fan you are, like there is a reward for it.

    2. That a smart coachjob to develop players. Pioli after zillion years found out Leao is tall enough to be good header. lol

      1. Problem is that he isn’t good at heading. He almost never wins aerial duels in midfield. That’s one of the readons he us useless in the middle of the field in a position like Girouds.

  2. Uh, last time I remember, the great Maradona also only used his left foot. The same with Beckham where he only used his left as pivot his great freekicks. So, there’s nothing with only able to use one foot in football.

    1. Very few players can use both feet equally well. Most players have a preferred foot and a weaker foot, but they can still use their weak foot to control the ball, pass and shoot when the situation is asking for it because you don’t have enough time to set up to your favorite foot. By then the chance is gone.
      Theo doesn’t use his right foot at all. There was a chance in the 2nd half, which was offside, but instead of shooting with his right foot based on the angle, Theo used his left and looked so awkward and unnatural that he could have broken his back.
      Messi is the best player ever and he is dominant on his left but he still can use his right as well.
      Again big difference between not being as good with your weak foot and not being able to use it at all.
      That’s a weakness and he needs to work to fix his weaknesses to become even a better player because this way he is very predictable which leads to a lot of turnovers.

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