Watch: Hernandez and Leao combine to score Milan’s third

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan went into the break against Torino with a 3-1 lead thanks to a wonderful goal from Theo Hernandez that came from a Rafael Leao assist. 

As always, the Frenchman was getting forward at will and he made a run that was spotted by Leao. The ball through was perfect and then Hernandez produced a wonderfully deft finish over the goalkeeper.

Milan may have been fortunate with the penalty but the other two goals were superbly created.

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  1. This inverted wing back looking good. Milan is flying so far I’m loving what I see in attack. Reijnders is unbelievable, loftus solid. Pulisic is such a breathe of fresh air, Ive said for years that right side needs improvement and boy did we get it! Defence is still shaky and lacks concentration. All in all I’m loving it so far

    1. Pioli has a selection headache with two potential starting RWs… but I’d love to see Chukwueze play too a bit more. But Pulisic in this kind of form wow…

      1. Wondering if he would get a run in though with Pulisic and Chuks . Might end up following the same path as the likes of Lazetic. Hopefully he gets it better though

  2. Reijnders, RLC, Giroud, Theo and Leao are manhandling Torino??? Bruhh 3-1 in half-time against Torino with Savic???? I am now regretting everything I said about Pioli.

    1. Let’s not exagerate. We got two penalties, something that wont happen very often. Other than that, the wings and the full backs look good. The mid still needs a lot of work, they have a lot of misplaced passes.

  3. Wondering if he would get a run in though with Pulisic and Chuks . Might end up following the same path as the likes of Lazetic. Hopefully he gets it better though

  4. Where are substitutions??? How he is going to integrate Musah and Samuel? Last season also Pioli played the same XI till Christmas and then players went to WC and after that, bench players were out of shape when they were needed most

        1. oh yeah i see i kinda messed it up 😀 well of course he can but without jumping into your feud theres also a point to be taken there as he has played a lot as a left wing and second striker from what im aware of.

          1. “That idiot kid” yet Juro can’t even spell and doesn’t even know what the difference is between “you’re” and “your”. Yet I’m the idiot…


          2. come on both of you regardless of previous spats with me or between you two i wish you both the best, move on from that and stop harassing eachother.
            Either way good win today, rejoice 🙂

    1. It’s 4-1, can we see Adli as regista please? Pioli refuses to take out his lover because he knows anyone else in that role will do better

    1. Watching the game you idiot donkey. And again I didn’t say he could NEVER play as a #9 – he just ain’t a natural #9. Everyone knows that. Commentators even said that. Management believes that lol. And ya right now he HAS to pay there as we have NOBODY else you dimwit. Origi is banned and Colombo will be loaned out. So there is nobody left. How stupid are u kid??? Very simple. Yet again because you cannot counter my argument with reason you make up words and things that nobody said. Your just a complete idiot kid – wow.

      1. And here we go. This douche has shown his face again even after being proven verifiably wrong. Now, run away as you always do. You can’t be happy right now with Milan winning. You’re a moron. Also “your just a complete idiot kid” – at least I can spell.

      2. Dude you’re calling other people idiots and you can’t even spell. You can’t even write a coherent sentence. I know you’re not happy right now with Milan winning. Now just admit you’re wrong. It isn’t hard.

        1. ” Now just admit you’re wrong.”

          Never going to happen. All he does is call people donkeys – and abuse the words “you’re” and “your”. Just ignore him/her.

  5. It’s clear chukwueze isn’t ready to start. Maybe that’s because he wasn’t there for preseason but he looks rusty. Pulisic on the other hand, absolute class.

  6. The injury prone players are doing it big tonight, a reminder to those that hate our macato, paulisic and RLC still standing strong. Forza Milan.

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