Watch: Krunic shows off by beating Roma’s press twice with spin move

By Isak Möller -

Rade Krunic was one of the best players in AC Milan’s 2-1 win against Roma on Friday, especially in the defensive phase. The Bosnian was also very comfortable on the ball, as shown especially on one occasion. 

In the 79th minute, with Milan down to ten men and Roma looking for a way back into the game, Krunic manages to beat the Giallorrosi press not once but twice. And he did so using the same spin move.

It’s a shame that the final delivery ended up behind Davide Calabria, otherwise, the full-back and Samuel Chukwueze would have had a lot of space to work with.

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    1. Take this to the bank, he will never be the guy. Even a mediocre 10 years old will have a video moment to show by the time he is 15. Get real

          1. Yeah yeah we are delusional, Pioli too, journalist too, the scout from those teams that wanted him too, and those at Milan too. We are all delusional, you are the only one that is in right mind and can get reality. Congrats.

      1. Why dont you guys be objective for a sec, krunic did brilliant work in this match and deserve a praise. You’re a pathetic Milan fans, if You’re really a Milan fans

  1. For or against Krunic? Isn’t that debate over? The window is closed and he is the DM we have until Bennacer is back. Time to support the squad we have.

  2. It’s impressive how Krunic keeps getting better and better, was one of the best Milan players yesterday (which is a really HUGE consensus among all journalistic sources), was extremely instrumental in securing the win with solid defensive duties in a hostile environment and one man down, calm, with good vision, reassuring the whole defense with his presence, but his detractors continue to bash him.

    These people should switch to rooting for Juve or Inter. We real Milan fans are happy that Krunic has stayed.

    Krunic is not mediocre. He is not a hugely brilliant player and does have a ceiling but he is solid, flexible, hardworking, has a good attitude, and does well what Pioli asks of him. He is a VERY useful player and letting him go would have been utterly insane, especially with Bennacer still out.

    Instead of all the negativity, these false fans should be celebrating our great start of the season and the fact that Lord Krunic is providing solidity to the defense and the midfield, allowing R L-C and Reijnders to roam free.

    Forza Krunic! Forza Milan! Enough of this nonsense of bashing Krunic!

    1. For me the main reason is that people just cannot get enough of the transfer market and so are constantly looking for the next Milan player to sell so that some new shiny player can be signed.

      If Krunic had been sold they’d have moved onto someone else, probably Calabria or Tomori.

      Even the new signings are not off bounds. After a few months if some don’t perform they’ll be looking to sell them and bring in another player.

      Each new player who arrives will be greeted with great optimism with all negativity reserved for existing players.

      A lot of it is driven by the media who have a similar approach. The directors then pander to the media and the fans but are also driven by ego and short termism.

      The result is thousands of transfers each window across just 98 teams in the top 5 European leagues, many of whom will end in failure, and then the process is repeated.

      No other sport or business has this level of turnover.

    2. I think those people, even if they switch to Inter or Juve, they’d just bash players there.

      They blind, loud and full of selfloathing that comes out in hating on other people they see on tv

      Any calm person can see that krunić is an important cog in the ac milan machine atm.. Has been for a while and he does well

    3. Bro. U said it perfectly. I wonder why some of these so called fans just exist here. If u were such good pundits why Dn u go and manage a club. All the players of Milan deserve credit in the success. And if u people only look for win better look else where. Krunic is the player who does so much for that shirt he wears. He follows the instructions perfectly and he is solid. Happy that he stayed.

      Come on u fake fans, try to support the club rather than criticise.

  3. Krunic is the transition piece in this revamped midfield. I’m sure he will move next summers apparently he is wanting to. Don’t see Milan renewing him and doubling his wages. Also Musah by then improves and plays the position better.

    1. FYI. Krunic still have contract until June 2025. So i doubt he’ll move next summer especially when he still an important player for Pioli.

    2. But happens if he just stays and keeps performing like this?

      It might be nice to have a player stay at the club for more than 5 years?

    1. It’s wild, he’s so mediocre and all these dudes are going nuts because he passes backwards every single time. It’s clear he’s the weakest one on the team and everyone else’s play covers for him. I can’t wait until Bennacer comes back and benches him (Pioli might cry because he’s in love). With that being said, forza Milan, we are nasty and when Bennacer replaces this bum we’re dominating the competition.

      1. No he isn’t mediocre
        No he does not pass backwards EVERY time
        No he’s not the weakest link
        No, no one covers for him. Matter of fact he covers for others
        Highly likely Bennacer wouldn’t replace him if he continues this form.
        Yes, he is the most tactically intelligent for the role
        Yes we need a proper DM
        Yes, you suck and are biased every time you write about him even if he does well.
        Yes he had the most progressive yardage for any midfielder or attacker vs Roma but you’re too blind in your hate to even accept that fact and which disproves your pass backwards theory
        No you can’t call a spade a spade
        Yes, you still suck

    2. Man you mean Krunic is underrated.
      I don’t think anyone has ever overrated him here rather they comment is Krunic is not a bad team player or can u state a match Krunic has flopped as a CDM or DM?
      The answer is no, you can’t name one but if you still have one match you think he has flopped as a DM name it.

      It’s just that the hate 70% of commenters here have for him is because he gets match time from Pioli which isn’t bad aside from that Krunic has don nothing wrong to deserve all this hate.

  4. He apologized to Pioli after doing this.
    And this should make people understand what Pioli asks for a player in that position and why last season Krunic was a starter also when Benaccer was available. As n6 you should not keep the ball but moving the ball, on top of being excellent defensively. And Krunic did it very well last year and in the first 4 matches this season.

    1. Truth be told, this actually wasn’t his best highlight. It’s too risky for the role he’s playing. If it did t come off the whole defence is in trouble. People do t get that he isnt meant to be flashy. The less flashy and stable the better. It’s why Pioli likes him there. You have to have good concentration and calmness on the ball. But people lovetricks and flicks 🤷‍♂️ they equate that to skill

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