Watch: Leao attends Milan Fashion Week alongside Kanye West

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan winger Rafael Leao has been snapped alongside Renzo Rosso and Rafael Leao at Milan Fashion Week 2024 for the Marni show.

Kanye West showed up at San Siro for the game between Inter and Atletico Madrid with his face covered by a balaclava, and Milan decided to poke fun at his appearance on their TikTok account.

However, Kanye also attended a Milan game earlier in the season, namely the 1-0 win over Genoa. Leao was spotted alongside the American and Renzo Rosso at Milan Fashion Week this evening.


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  1. Wonder if we’ll ever get an article with title
    Watch: Leao stays late or comes in early to work on his finishing , shooting or any other of the many holes he has in his game besides his ability to run fast.

  2. Yeah, he’s leaving next year for sure. He’s just living & partying it up now.

    Thanks Moneyball Moncada! He signed such garbage players, most of our top guys want to leave.

    Maignan? Multiple teams are willing to pay him 8m, Milan can’t afford that. He’s likely gone this year or next.

    Leao – Gone this year. With Maldini gone and Milan doing poorly, time to move on.

    Theo – His best bro (Leao) is leaving. His favorite player Maldini, was booted. Both Leao and Theo were very upset. Milan is trying to get him to extend his contract and he’s delaying. I would too.

    Maldini got us back into the CL – and in just 1 season, all our best guys want to leave.


    1. You must have forgotten that during Maldini’s time our top players wanted to leave as well because he was signing garbage players.
      Have you forgotten the names like Donnarumma, Kessie, Hakan. They left for free. If, and that’s a big IF, Theo, Maignan or Leao leave, at least they will leave for a lot of money which will allow Milan to properly replace them , unlike Maldini, who let them leave for nothing and Milan couldn’t replace them without the money he lost.
      Also, Leao was living and partying up during Maldini’s time. Nothing new here. Maybe you should check Maldini’s interview where he is telling a story that Leao came to him during the season to ask him if he can release his rap album. That’s where Leao’s priorities has always been, rapping, modeling, writing books, partying, over ⚽️.

      1. during Maldini no big players come because he need to use his own money to buy big players,
        he need to use his own money to pay our own top players rise salary & top players gone free because of “smart owner price tag” of expiring contract players

    2. Neither Maignan nor Leao are Milan’s “top guys” anymore.
      Seriously, you people need to check up on the fbref stats:

      Maignan’s Save % of 74.7% puts him at 8th out of 22 Serie A goalkeepers
      In Advanced Stats, when you look at PSxG-GA and PSxG-GA/90 min,
      Mike’s PSxG-GA of -4.6 puts him at #35 out of 39 goalkeepers.
      His PSxG-GA/90 min of -0.21 outs him at #17 out of 22.

      So, considering that the goalkeeper’s MAIN JOB to stop the other team’ shots from going in, Mike Maignan is doing a TERRIBLE JOB of it this season, and is no where near being one of the top goalkeepers in Serie A.

      As for Leao, do I need to point out that Leao’s G+A of 3+7 in Serie A is BELOW Pulisic’s 6+7?
      So Leao has already been surpassed this season in terms of all goals contributed by Pulisic.

      I am 100% sure that this is the reason that Leao simply WILL NOT PASS to Pulisic whenever he is wide open for a simple tap in on goal, and all Leao has to do is a simple square pass. This has happened more than once this season.
      The guy is an egotistical, self-centered, and selfish not-team player

    3. Maldini was a DJ, enjoyed his nightlife and even married a velina. If you actually hear what Maldini has to say about Leao, he has nothing against his lifestyle – so unsure why Maldini is brought as the example here.

  3. Are you daft man?! Maldini COULDN’T sign quality because of his transfer budget and got strung along with how much he could resign players for.

    He worked wonders with the restrictions placed on him.

    Instead, we now have a core group of players that won us a title that could be gone in the next 2 years.

    The dismantling continues with no thought about rising to the top of Seria A again or competing in Europe.

    At minimum Maldini at least wanted us to be champions or both.

  4. I’m not saying that a footballer shouldn’t have a life outside the pitch, but I’m a tad disappointed that Leao has generated more news for his lifestyle instead of his good performance lately..

    I’m pretty sure he would be gone next season if PSG comes knocking. From one fashion city to another, now with added weight of a massive transfer fee, what could go wrong..

    I hope I’ll be mistaken.

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