Watch: Leao posts cryptic video following Maldini and Massara departures

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan forward Rafael Leao has posted a video to his Instagram story following the unexpected departures of Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara from the club. 

The Portuguese forward has just signed a new contract with AC Milan but now the two men who brought him to the club have been let go.

He tweeted an emoji of a thinking/confused head when the news broke, and now he has filmed himself driving and suggesting that he should ‘say no more’, as the song suggests.

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  1. This isn’t cryptic from my point of view as it propably means all players has been forced a muzzle like dogs.
    Cardinale clearly has been caught by surprise by the anger from both players and fans alike and now all players has been told to keep their mouths shut in regard of his actions,

    1. cardinale is a clown, who might be thhinking that players will not be affected, fans would not be affected. he’s an idiot if he thinks that way. this club was always for the fans, this club is one of the finest pieces in football history, cardinale is idiot enough to just think milan is a franchise.. it isn’t, it’s one of the most celebrated clubs throughout the world. F you cardinale

  2. I wonder if Leao could take a case to court of being misled in renewal negotiations and get his renewal nullified…
    I think it is in bad faith if management were waiting for his renewal before firing M&M.

  3. There are contracts designed for a situation like this called “key man” contracts. Where if a company lets go of/loses a specific person, then the key man contract can be voided.

    It’s absurd and laughable to think a footballer would or should have one. He signed a contract for a football club. That is who he is contracted to play for. Both sides are aware of this fact prior to signing the contracts.

  4. Well well well. There is law regarding contracts in bad faith and this can fall under that category. I believe in Europe there’s a precedent from that. So for instance if Leao signed the contract with the intention that Maldini and Massara and the team remain in place but then that get upended then his contract regardless if signed can be terminated for breaching bad faith. Oh lol this might not go well🤦‍♂️
    Interesting to see how this plays out

    1. A bad faith claim arises when one party acts in an unethical or deceptive manner. Unlike a breach of contract claim, a bad faith claim is not a violation of any specific provision of a contract but rather of the spirit of the agreement itself.

      If Cardinale knew ahead of time Maldini’s time was up then Leao can argue that it was deceptive to get him to sign the contract and fire Maldini afterwards

    2. What footballer would be able to say “I didn’t think the management team might change” and be taken seriously?

      Not to mention, people in football don’t get sacked, they just have their contracts paid up in full.

      1. To my understanding if forr example a coach gets sacked he is paid the remaining contract untill he is hired hired in a new job,

      2. No, the bad faith is with Cardinale knowing the decision ahead of time and with knowing it can be tied to working with the people and team he is expecting. This includes M&M and Pioli. It can happen.

    3. Come on bro.
      What are we doing here?
      A player signs a contract with a club not with a director. Leao and the rest of the players are contractually tied to Milan not to Maldini. What bad faith? Milan probably in some kind of way even paid his debt to sporting.
      I know people are upset because Maldini got fired, but now some of you go into a territory where you wish the club to completely fail just because a director got fired.
      Cooler heads need to prevail.
      Maldini is gone. Like them or not the owners are not going anywhere anytime soon.
      Were you a fan because of Maldini or because you support Milan.
      Maldini is gone. Milan is still there

          1. Do you even read to understand?

            I mean @Z can be very dumb and wrong, but comon man, even a broken clock is right twice a day. This just happens to be one of those twice daily routine, so you gotta encourage him bro.

      1. I’m just offering a possible scenario. I didn’t say it will happen or is going to happen. Just that there is precedent if Leao actually wants to use it. That’s all.

      2. He signed a contract because he believe in a project. Maldini was the one who convinced him of the project, he was the guarantor. Now with Maldini gone, someone has to explain to the players what happen with the project. If the project got changed/abolished, Leao might feel betrayed/tricked.

      3. Not sure why the other comment didn’t go through but I’m saying that it’s a possibility not that it will happen. But it is possible based on contract law. That’s all.. The bad faith is with Cardinale waiting for Leao’s renewal and changing the expected environment and there’s precedent around that. I should have put the upper part in quotes as thats the regs part. I don’t know what’s going to happen nor am I expectant that anything will happen

  5. Maybe theo, leao, maignan, bennacer and tomori its time to consider they future now. Theo can take to madrid or bayern, leao to EPL clubs and Maignan to chelsea. What a chaos from milan. Limbo..

    1. That was only the curva and their nonsense during his retirement. The vast majority of fans didn’t agree with the ultras that day

  6. Let’s hope that the owner doesn’t just see the players as numbers and commodities, but also as human beings.

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