Watch: ‘Happy’ Maldini announces Milan renewal from his car and makes mercato promise

By Isak Möller -

Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara have renewed their respective AC Milan contracts. An announcement will soon be released by the club but in the meantime, Maldini himself has confirmed the matter. 

Speaking from his car while exiting Casa Milan, Maldini confirmed that he and Massara have renewed with the club. He also made it clear that they will make up for the time lost on the mercato front.

“We have renewed at the last minute. We are happy to be here. We are happy to always plan for a winning future. Mercato? We started a bit late but we will make up for the lost time. I’m very happy,” he stated.

Tomorrow, the official announcement should be published by the site but at least now the fans can sleep calmly.

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    1. Cesare Maldini > Paolo Maldini > Daniel Maldini
      Different generations, Grand father to Grand son

  1. Finally. Excellent news – should not have dragged out this long but it is what it is. Now let’s hope Redbird support M&M with the $$ they need to continue to build on a roster that can sustain winning and take that next leap in quality to compete in CL

  2. Give him CEO rule like beppe marotta in inter merda. Many good transfer blocked by elliot using gazidiz hand as CEO just to save few million euro . I hope this red bird can get rid elliot once and for all

  3. Yes! I’m so relieved. Paolo is quickly turning into just as much a legend as director as he was as a player, and we fucking *need* him.

    Forza Milan Sempre!

  4. Happy now, you ‘doom & gloom’ anxious manic psycho f*u*c*k*i*n freaks???

    But anyway,… fantastic news, of course.

  5. Where’s those toxic doom & gloom army?

    Good news but this is expected. RedBird are not dumb enough not to renew Maldini & Masara who did an amazing job putting back Milan at the top of serie-a again.

    1. Of course. The renewal of Maldini and Massara’s contract was merely a matter of time, of greater agreement in terms of contractual clauses between the parties. But anyway, practically a protocol, bureaucratic problem, so to speak.

  6. Cardinale leave milan now , get out , don’t waste our milan , all player transfer sign is failed , why
    do you buy the club but not Paying for any investment, all the players who want to buy can’t buy it, a person who is not willing to spend money to invest, as a fan of a big club, it is really insulting, and people buy it Newcastle How much you pay, Yijia doesn’t want you to pay as if he has a lot of land, but at least you can afford to buy one or two more powerful players. I’m really disappointed now.

  7. Yeah. Really good news. You bet with Inter who will get other 20 trophies first, you have to stay here, Mr. Legend. Make those happen for our first with your guidance.

  8. Good news.
    Those who didn’t read this part where he responded “Mercato? We started a bit late but…”, always supporting mediocrity.

    I ask you, can you be more Catholic than the Pope? Fuck off, cut me some slack, will ya.

    Maldini who is directly involved in the mercato is saying we started a bit late, and some dumb skulls are here bringing up arguments just to flamboyantly display their absurdity.

    You are not fans, you’re just stupid.

      1. It’s ok, I will pass.
        Thank you so much, the pleasure is mine.
        As always, Milan till the fucking casket!

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