Watch: Maldini responds to questions from journalist regarding De Ketelaere

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan technical director Paolo Maldini has insisted that there is still faith that the club get the deal for Charles De Ketelaere over the line.

Maldini spoke to the microphones of MilanNews when leaving Linate airport, returning from the meeting in Belgium with the management of Club Brugge to negotiate the signing of De Ketelaere. The exchange went as follows:

Journalist: “How did it go?
Maldini: “Good.”
Journalist: “There is trust?”
Maldini: “Always.”
Journalist: “Are you going to close?”
Maldini: “We’ll try.”

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  1. Juve closed Bremer deal in less than 48 hours.

    Milan still optimistic about CDK… 48 days later, Sanches 7 months later, Ziyech 2 Mercatos later.

        1. Exactly my point. If we had just offloaded a player for 80m It would have definitely unlocked the CdK deal. We are in a different position from Juve.

          1. Exactly

            As i see it in regard of some fans then we are damned if we do and damned if we dont because fetching such anmount of cash would mean us selling either leao, theo tomorri or tonali to an epl team and then people would complain about that instead as well so the argumentation of juve moving fast in the market is pretty much a redundant argument tonbegin with 😀

            Ill give the pessimists or complainers one thing though and that is that it obvsiuosly would be a hugely disapointing mercato if the window were to close today but at least some of us are willing to see how it actually pans out when the window actually do close down before the final judgement.

      1. Dont forget they pay with installment for 5 years..
        If milan cash in leao like juve as de ligt, milan can close CdK for 24 hours.

    1. They got cash from bayern 70m euro + bonus 10m euro . We can close the deal CDK in 24 hours too if sell leao 70-80m euro,we can get lang too as leao replacement but fans in italy will be protested why we sell mvp last season

      1. No – Juve signed Vlahovic for 70M in January (2022) so the De Ligt money covers that for the 2022 season. Bremer’s deal had nothing to do with De Ligt sale from a financial point of view – only a sporting one. Juve make more revenue than we do mainly due to owning their own stadium and have an owb]near willing to spend to keep their team competitive. Apparently we do not

    2. 48 days? I think it is just less than 2 weeks since Milan sent the first offer. Still better than Man Utd – de Jong by far.

  2. Never in our history we did kind of transaction. Our directors are helpless. To brought one player take us longtime. While our opponent were purchasing good players.

  3. Never in our history we did kind of transaction. Our directors are helpless. To brought one player take us longtime. While our opponent were purchasing good players.

  4. Honestly, I feel sorry for Maldini, the man has an impossible mission! Step up the team for C.L. with no money. He really needs to be smart here.

  5. I think it will take time before we reach.
    the level of selling player for 70 to 80M…..All the bunch of average players we bought in the past fetched us nothing !.. Kessie and Donnaruma could have fetched us good morning but they all went away for free….I think that’s y M and M are so crazy about young prospect .

  6. How are juve’s books looking?… And who are the reigning champs…are y’all the same guys who complained in January that we didn’t sign any1 and that juve and inter made good signings and were gonna beat us to the title?

  7. No wiser than we were yesterday. Testing everyone’s patience, M/M. If this does not go through it has been a majestic waste of time and energy.

  8. Maldini is trying his level best but the funds are not there, we can get another average player for that position for a less cheaper price.. they must try sign another young player with potential

  9. Tôi thì thấy hơi buồn với cách tiếp cận mục tiêu số 1 của mùa giải. Cách làm đó không đúng với nhà vô địch.

  10. Kessie and Donnaruma can suck it. They never loved Milan in the first place. When you love a club, it shows in everything because you want the club to grow always. I don’t have any problem with them leaving for higher pay but atleast leave the club with some cash from your sale. That’s not too much to give a club that has given you the platform to reach out to the world at large. Red Bird also can suck it. Milan is a divine club and no matter the pressure, we will always rise. Forza Milan

  11. I bring him i football manager for 37 mil. And 5 mil. for 50 goals.
    Salary 4. 24 milion per year.
    My payroll budget is 113 milion per year

  12. Milan will buy average player who can competition with
    messias and saelmakers and Milan want finish in top 4

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