Watch: Milan directors booed by San Siro crowd before farewell ceremony

By Isak Möller -

Olivier Giroud, Simon Kjaer and Stefano Pioli were thanked by the fans during the farewell ceremony at San Siro last night. However, while this was beautiful, there was a hint of negativity just before it commenced. 

Indeed, as Geoffrey Moncada and Zlatan Ibrahimovic stepped onto the pitch, the fans began whistling and jeering (see videos below) to express their discontent. It was even worse for Giorgio Furlani, who was also booed when handing over the framed shirt to Kjaer.


The fans are far from happy with the outcome of the season, finishing second a whopping 18 points behind city rivals Inter. Paulo Fonseca is reportedly in pole position to replace Stefano Pioli and this is a decision that hasn’t gone done well with the fans, while a strong mercato is also needed.

In short, the upcoming summer will be very important and if the previous silent protest hadn’t made that clear, the whistles last night certainly did.

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  1. to be be fair i noticed that scaroni didnt clap when giroud was subbed off so he at the very minimum he deserves some jeers.

  2. Fired Maldini, Fired Pioli and replaced him with a weaker coach, no top coach no top players bought… Napoli got Conte, Inter already got players like Taremi and Zielinski, Juve got Motta, De Grigorio and soon Caliafori… how are Milan fans supposed to be happy with this? The club doesn’t have any ambitions, Furliani is a clown that have no idea how to manage a football club.

        1. They haven’t built anything yet and might never happen. If they build a stadium is only do they can sell the club for a bigger profit

          1. Yeah, and I won’t like it if inter ended up owning half of the new stadium. We must fully own the stadium, if inter want to use it, they must rent from us.

        2. It took you some time to understand Maldini’s words when he said he asked for performance and money to do that but the board were seeing him as a trouble maker just because they have other thing in mind with Milan,just to fill their pockets.Ibrahimovic was the one behind Paolo’s firing.He is that kind of snake and he wants this toy just for him.

      1. Yeah, they difference between Deadbird and Elliot. When Elliot got Milan they hired Gazidis and Leonardo, people with experience… Milan was down with a very weak team and needed a reconstruction, they built this team without spending houndreds of milions and then came Cardinale, took the team after winning the sccudeto, fired Maldini and hired Furliani and Moncada… none of them have any experience managing clubs. Next season we may not even get top 4

          1. @drift: don’t you understand sarcasm? I was criticizing the owner for only aiming for UCL qualification (top 5).

    1. But according to some fans, the management is making the right steps to bring the club back to elite status.

      1. Compared to the banter era, you seriously don’t see ANY improvement? Like, it needs to be spelled out to you?

    2. Are you one of the planks who was complaining last season, before management dropped €100 million? And not even 12 months later, you still haven’t learned to do something as basic as learning to wait.

        1. 1. Berlusconi would have kept that 100mil.
          2. They sold Tonali and threw in more funds. Can’t call them stingy.
          3. wait to see how this mercato plays out. Maybe…?

    3. just wait till Maignan will be sold to PSG , maybe even Theo to Bayern/PSG or Leao to Al Ahli

      One of them will go for sure, while the players that the board is interested in are medicore (they aren’t willing to go for a player that costs 30 mil or more)

  3. Very different atmosphere than last year when Maldini handed the jersey to Zlatan for his retirement. And very different atmosphere than Inter’s last home game this season.

  4. I noticed it too and was wondering if anyone caught that. As soon as Scaroni showed up on the screen they booed. Plus dude just so thirsty for the photo-op with the picture frame (probably was trying to hurry up to beat traffic 🤭). Geez just let the ppl who are being sent off do their thing. It’s their moment 🤦‍♂️
    Im so grateful in so many ways for yesterday. A beautiful sendoff in Milan family style and knowing most fans don’t like the actions of these director in contrast to the sentiment here.

    1. With Furlani short stature, I laughed when Kjaer’s framed jersey completely covered his face and he disappeared altogether LOL!!!

  5. Must be scary for Fonseca finding Milan fans posting on his social media accounts already criticizing his work when work haven’t even started yet! But I understand the fans way of doing things. Fonseca is not my first choice or even fifth but I’ll wait hoping it doesn’t go through, when he does go through, will give him a genuine chance. Even tho I don’t want Fonseca I’ll be disappointed with the management if they abandon another target solely because of fan protest.

    1. Exactly. The same fans initially didn’t want Pioli and he took the club back to the UCL and won a scudetto.

      1. How many games did we lose due to his lack of tactical solutions and weak substitutions.

        Plus we won the title only because Inter dropped points in the last game, and entered the CL last year only due to point deductions on Juve.

        We never played a good game, and when we win we rarely do it with conviction.

        Just wake up and call it for what it is, you are the ones that give management the feeling that not all Milan Fan agree that Pioli is not the right coach to take Milan to the highest level of football.

        1. Pioli was a known commodity – tactically limited.

          Pioli also delivered a Scudetto we had no business winning.

          “Plus we won the title only because Inter dropped points in the last game” – WE won because over a course of an ENTIRE season we did what we had to and Inter dropped short.

          “…you are the ones that give management the feeling that not all Milan Fan agree that Pioli is not the right coach to take Milan to the highest level of football.” – Pretty sure no one is arguing this.

    2. Many people here don’t judge based on merit. They judge on preconceived notions, and criticize and bash anything that is beyond their comprehension.

      Fear of the unknown.

  6. Redbird no budget they only want money from Milan and doesn’t have any ambitions, it slowly killing Milan.

  7. It’s shocking how many bad decisions these people make. I agree with getting rid of Pioli but only for De Zerbi or Conte. Maybe we only needed a defense expert to come in. Christ these people were almost beat by Salarnitana.

  8. There are so many Jerry’s fan boys over him.ImBoys,is he only paying your american trash a**es or does he even f**king you?

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