Watch: Milan on wrong end of two controversial decisions in Atalanta loss

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s Coppa Italia exit at the hands of Atalanta was not without controversy as the away side enjoyed the rub of the green on two controversial calls.

Firstly there was the penalty that gave Atalanta the lead. Miranchuk made a run to the byline and went down under a challenge from Jimenez, with the referee Di Bello pointing to the spot instantly.

The Spaniard was adamant he got a touch on the ball – and replays show that he definitely did – but after a VAR review the spot kick stood and Koopmeiners scored.

Right at the death when Milan were pushing for an equaliser, a corner was headed onto the arm of Holm who certainly had it in an unnatural position to begin with but was in the process of tucking it in.

Nevertheless, the Rossoneri players were adamant the ball still struck his arm while it was outstretched and the replays show they might well have had a case.


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  1. I can not understand how they don’t even have the referee take a look on the monitor?? It clearly hit his elbow and his arm was away from his body. That’s not even worth a look? Someone please explain.

    1. It’s the jurisdiction of the VAR referees. The decision whether it’s needed to call on-field referee to review the case is also up to them.

      At the very least, it should be a 2nd corner for us, lol.

  2. I don’t know about the handball but that was never a penalty the Jimenez one. The boy got the ball. VAR failure will destroy the boy’s confidence.

    1. )the music is the same.we get thrown out by incompetent refs every time .is getting sick. Give a penalty that wasn’t hit the ball first and don’t give Milan one tha was 100% is the var not see this. Somebody explain this to me ?

  3. This was horrific from the VAR officials. Thr first one I said it was a penalty and just like the article after seeing the replay I was dumbstruck h they’re still calling it a foul.

    The handball, at least give the ref the opportunity to review it!

  4. Neither are penalties – clearly contact on the ball by jimenez, but I’m not surprised it’s given in Italy. The handball takes a deflection just before it hits his hand, which is in a natural position anyway.

    1. I don’t think deflections count much when the ball is heading towards goal and that ball was heading towards the Atalanta goal. Secondly tightness of the deflection is considered and in this case there was a good gap between the touches. Pen for me

    2. No. The deflection was off of his elbow. Which was away from his body, and that is a penalty. At the very least it is worth having the ref look at it on the monitor.

  5. Yesterday from empoli yunus maleh little touch from his hand, that was penalty for milan. In this Holm case, milan should get penalty. I dont understand from italian standard. Rebirth and redeath from Theo at CB,milan should get another proper CB.

  6. I saw that tackle from Jimenez and smiled…. I like him alot. He’s so full of confidence. That PK was a lesson for him….An experience player wouldn’t mark like that except Theo and Adli…Their sense of marking is poor, but Theo is improving though😂 I would never have subbed off Jimenez has that might’ve damaged his confidence more than the penalty conceded.
    I’ll accept the defeat. Let’s move on❤️🖤

  7. The case of Holm was clearly a penalty. He did not need to open his arm to that degree while jumping, and that blocked the ball from going to its target. The case of Jimenez is more difficult to judge. It is unclear whether he touched the opponent’s foot or not.

    1. Jimenez did touch the opponent but the ball first. Argument is the impact of the touch of the ball ,like how much direction changes or additional speed the tacklers touch had on the ball.

  8. Clear handball. The Jiminez could go either way. I think he did get some of the ball but he also got a lot of the players leg. Either way it was a bad challenge.

  9. If we didn’t want the handball on Calabria called when CR7 sent the ball to his hand while Calabria’s back was turned a few years back, we certainly cant ask the same of this situation here. Dude had his back turned, arms down. There’s no pen here. Move along

  10. Jimenez did not touch the ball first, it was Miranchuk. That was unfortunately a clear penalty. The hand if Holm however was a penalty, beacuse it was opened and not body locked and it changed the course of the ball in the penalty area.

    1. A bit of misunderstanding I think. Of course Miranchuk dribbled the ball past Jimenez so therefore had multiple touches before him. Touching the ball first here meaning the tackler touching the ball first before touching the man.

  11. Penalty or not. We should score goals to a point that even if the ref wants to scandalous towards he does not get a chance.

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