Watch: Milan’s use of inverted full-backs on display against Bologna

By Oliver Fisher -

During AC Milan’s Serie A opener against Bologna there were a lot of tactical indications on display, but the use of inverted full-backs was certainly among the strongest.

Recently we have seen some changes in how Milan head coach Stefano Pioli uses his full-backs as they come inside when Milan have the ball. This is what is called as an ‘inverted full-back’, which can be explained through observations of certain principles.

We wrote an analysis on the concept just nine days ago expecting to see it in action right from the first game, and we were not disappointed.

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    1. a lot of hate for the poor Krunic. Yes, he’s our weakest link and yes he should be upgraded. He’s not starting 11 material but he’s a good squad player. Good enough to do the job against teams like…. Bologna 🙂

    2. @dragon fire Hahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂 🤣😂😂 I can only assume you’re being sarcastic here. Otherwise if you’re actually serious you REALLY don’t know how to play football.

      1. ofcourseee im joking. internet is for trolls, like me. this rotation of krunic is not new, we used to do it during kessie times. thats why theo is able to dribble in the middle.

        1. What’s interesting is that there were two times when Thiaw could have passed to Krunic. One when he was further up but the field was stuffy and the second when Krunic pulled the his man marker in to create the space for Theo. The overload was already on the right, it seems Thiaw waited for a designed play knowing the left had space. Quite interesting to watch

  1. Theo did a bit of this last year, using Leao being wide to push through the space in the middle instead of overlapping. But that seemed to be an agreement between the two of them, not the main tactic.

    Theo has gotten some criticism in pre season and to me he looked a bit confused and cramped in the middle against Bologna. So it’ll take some getting used to; I just hope he can do and that it works out because there’s a risk of losing the attacking threat on our left and isolating Leap if it doesn’t. Definitely makes sense on the other side and it was obvious Reijnders and RLC had licence to push up into attack.

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