Watch: Musah arrives in Italy ahead of Milan move – medical tomorrow

By Isak Möller -

Yunus Musah has landed in Milano and will complete his move to AC Milan tomorrow, ready to sign a five-year contract with the club. 

The midfielder has had an agreement with the Rossoneri for quite some time but the negotiations between the clubs weren’t quick. Eventually, Valencia accepted the offer of around €20m including bonuses.

Just a few minutes ago, Musah landed in Milan (see video below) and he will undergo the medical tests tomorrow morning. Once that is done, he will sign a contract worth around €2m per year at Casa Milan.

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      1. Lol why you guys hating on him. Let him have his opinion just like he doesn’t mention anything about yours..

          1. Well the only ball playing mid we have signed is Reijnders
            RLC and Musah appear to me to be headless chickens like Muntari so they’re very unappealing signings
            Pulisic is not that exciting, Chuk is a huge question mark, Romero looks like another Diaz and we’re still sticking with Giroud as striker it seems since knowing Pioli I doubt Okafor(who is another question mark) is going to get much playtime. He was probably bought as a backup winger than a striker.

            We’re left without a DM(Redondo or Hjulmand would be nice), without an RB(Pioli blocked the signing of Singo to protect his precious fodder Calabria) and the striker issue is still not solved.

            Pioli will still play Krunic in midfield.
            He should have been sacked after losing to Spezia.
            Really he’s not fit for Milan, he should go coach Fiorentina or some other smaller team.

          2. Sacking Pioli would be a disaster, you don‘t kick a coach with his track record for no reason.

            Giroud would be the ideal striker for the current state of football if he had pace, Giroud with pace would also cost 100m+

            I don‘t see us having the budget to improve on Giroud this window, under 40-50m you don‘t even need to ask for a proven profile.

        1. Because the guy, has never written a positive comment.. He keeps saying, same thing! Not only that, he has attacked verbally some of us just because we have different opinion!

      1. We bought Okafor for 14m
        This management doesn’t know what it’s doing
        I read that RLC is very injury-prone yet we bought him

        1. Get outta here troll (no one’s talking about RLC). Okafor is a a promising young forward who’s played well in the CL. Veliz has started 22 games in the Argentine league. Both are no sure thing but how can you say which is better.

          1. they are a very different type of player. i like okafor but he’s not a killer, he’s more like a second striker, and despite his height, he is fast but he’s not adept with hold up plays and headed goals. we need a real striker, to replace our aging oli, and despite still being a useful source of goals, we shouldn’t rely on him as our main striker anymore. and veliz ticks all of those boxes. he is strong, heads the ball well and has pure predator instict. i think he will explode. we missed out on enzo and julian alvarez while and look how much their price has skyrocketed in the last 1 or 2 yrs. like even the management just want to have crazy capital gain they could’ve gone for him.

          2. Argentine league is no worse than Austrian league
            We are buying players like Galliani used to…when somebody scored against us in Europe he would always try to buy them. Famous examples being Dugarry and Kluivert.

        2. “I read that RLC is very injury-prone”

          😀 😀 😀 😀 On this site’s comment section you can read that about everyone! Everyone is too old, too slow and injury prone.

      1. Actually, lazio fans are the racists. You need to brush up on history a bit.
        Go check thier team rooster a bit

          1. That’s not an argument you baffoon, people like you is why the comments here are ruined because you think everything is an absolute arguement war

          2. do you even know what an argument is?
            You’re here saying that this dude should support juve because their fans are supposedly racist and then you mention Lukaku who was in talks with juve to join, still is i think.. And that is your example of how juve is foking racist.. FOK. And im the buffoon…
            Just so you know, for the future, argument has many definitions, it isnt always a heated exchange of opinions

  1. You guy say he will not deliver been okafor as a striker aguero is he tall if i may ask ..?ramos of benfica is he tall ..?
    Di Natalie is he tall ..?
    Talking about RLC he is far better than varaquez better than bakayoko better than your pobega..
    Must everyone be at equal level in the whole team

    1. Okafor is pretty tall, can score quality goals and play a lot pf positions. He is not a quantity goalscorer or poacher.

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