Watch: Footage shows Pulisic did not see Lazio’s man on the ground

By Isak Möller -

There was controversy in AC Milan’s 1-0 win against Lazio as the latter were handed three (!) red cards, in addition to a big brawl at the final whistle. An incident between Christian Pulisic and Luca Pellegrini was at the helm of this, with new footage showing how it went down. 

After a challenge between Ismael Bennacer and Valentin Castellanos, the latter went to the ground and most of the players stopped playing. Pulisic, on the other hand, didn’t see the incident and thus played on, with Pellegrini committing a foul and getting his second yellow card.

As you can see in the video below, although Lazio were furious after the incident, Pulisic clearly didn’t see that Castellanos was on the ground. He played on, as was the right decision given that the referee hadn’t blown his whistle, and his actions had nothing to do with sportsmanship.

It ended up being a game-changing moment as Milan then took better control of the game, creating a few chances before Noah Okafor bagged the winner in the 88th minute. However, Lazio have nothing to complain about after a precedent against Inter in 2021.

Milan will take on Slavia Praha next and it’s an opportunity to bag another aggregate lead at San Siro in the Europa League.

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  1. The third red card is the funniest.
    -Pulisic dribbles to the inside, but the ball gets poked away, directly into the path of lazy Leo.
    Lazy Leo then literally stops and watches the ball.
    So pulisic has to sprint over to leo to try and get it cause lazy leo is just standing there, literally could just put a leg out. Cp11 sprints like 30yards all over and pulls the guy down.

  2. Doesn’t matter whether Pulisic saw him or not. Pulisic played to the whistle – Pellegrini didn’t. First rule of football. If Lazio wanted the ball out, they had plenty of chances to put it out themselves.

  3. Let’s be clear here.
    Players traditionally put the ball out of play if there was a serious collision where someone may be hurt.

    Then players started using this to stop play in a dangerous situation by faking injury.

    Forget the Pulisic/Pellegrini tussle, the problem and “The unsportsmanlike” behavior is by Castllanos who has barely any contact with little Bennacer but goes down like he was punched by Mike Tyson, why? Because he lost the duel, it was a dangerous break for Milan and he wanted to stop play.
    I’m sick of seeing this type of thing and Theo does it a lot also, we suffered a goal last year by faking injury and not playing to the whistle.

    I’m delighted they got what they deserve and I would say the same if it was a Milan player sent off

  4. Pulisic didn’t know he was on the ground. Lazio could have played it out but didn’t. The threats being sent to Pulisic by Lazio fans warrant police investigation and prosecution.

  5. It doesn’t matter if Pulisic saw the player down our not the game is played by the whistle and the Lazio player should have kicked the ball out. That’s what they expect other teams to do when they have a player down.

    So the referee was right to let play continue. In Serie A these teams are always play acting when they are not seriously injured and causing the game to stop for no reason.

    Also Lazio and Lottito must have short term memory because when they played Inter Di Marco was down and they continue to play and scored instead of kicking the ball out. So fvck them.

  6. Serie A, as a league, has the most divers. But Real Madrid has been the diving champs for decades. Vinni Jr deserves an emmy after everygame. And Vinni learned from the best diver of all time…Neymar. Fifa needs to take the diving and simulation out of the game. Have VAR send yellows down for every dive. Don’t stop the game, just give the card at the next stoppage. It makes the beautiful game ugly.

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