Watch: Reijnders crucial in build-up for the Netherlands’ winner vs. Poland

By Isak Möller -

Tijjani Reijnders played the entire opening game for the Netherlands in the 2024 Euros, helping them clinch an important 2-1 win against Poland. Indeed, the AC Milan man was crucial in the build-up for the winner. 

With injuries to several prominent midfielders, it was known before the game (and the tournament) that Reijnders would play a key role for the Netherlands. He delivered earlier this afternoon, putting in a very neat performance against Poland, with tons of contribution when going forward.

As you can see in the video below, he was particularly important in the build-up for the winner (2-1) as he received the ball in the centre of the park. Instead of immediately passing it on, he awaited the press from Poland and then found Ake at just the right moment.

A crucial win for the Netherlands as most believe that France will top the group, thus leaving the Dutch side, Austria and Poland fighting for the other spots. Reijnders will continue to play an important role and he has certainly started well.

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  1. 😂😂😂

    I was expecting a key pass, an assist or a decisive recovery but here is his classic “crucial” lateral pass.

    1. To be honest his game was good. Sometimes he fades away same as in Milan’s game but man if he plays a bit more forward his passes between the lines are very good. He’s just wasted in the double pivot

      1. Yeah I don’t doubt that but honestly this is getting hilarious how he’s treated here like a baby doing his first steps. Tomorrow, “Reijnders drops crucial deuce in WC”. I mean this action is just basic play, people who played football in their life know that his teammates warned him that a defender is coming in his back so he has to get rid of the ball quick.

          1. That’s because the whole team looked flat. Is not a bad team, but Koeman can’t seem to get anything good out of them… I’m kind of disappointed with Holland after the Poland game.

        1. Facts!
          He was rated the lowest of all outfield players for Netherlands by Fotmob (ie by pure data only). They overrated him on this site too much for my liking. That pass in the build up was a ‘thats what you’re supposed to do” pass.
          On the full time show I had watched they roasted both him and the other player who were standing in no man’s land on the corner. That was abysmal defending. I know Holland played zone on corners but that was useless

          1. Ok….we know he can’t defend….can he even shoot? He missed a clear shot on goal from inside the penalty box. Wasn’t even on target. Like a terrible miss. He even made the run from deep (credit for that tho) and squared himself up properly for it too.

          2. @IKWYDLS: Reijnders is a very well rounded player IMO.
            He is neither a good shooter, nor a good defender and his passing is above average at most. He is not a good playmaker either (passing laterally doesn’t count). But he is not that bad.

          3. @Giga that’s as accurate of an assessment of I’ve ever seen one. Again, not saying hes bad, he’s not. But he is quite overhyped

      1. Yeah with De Jong, De Roon, Koopmeiners and Wieffer injured. I’m not at practice so I guess there are things that I don’t see but this is too much haha it’s just a pass, a very basic play in football. Again, I love his attitude, even if I would like more grinta, and his smile so I wish him nothing but the best. But we should stop acting like he’s Seedorf or Kakà, watch his highlights on YouTube, he’s far from being a world class player currently.

        1. He’s definitely no Seedorf yet but there’s a lot in him to work with and improve. I like what I see out of him so far and his movement with the ball.

  2. Without FDJ, Koopmeiners or even rumored Milan target Matts Wieffer, 🇳🇱 midfield looks distinctly average.

    Just hope Reijnders gets good gametime, tournament experience and comes back injury free.

  3. People hating on Reijnders when he’s been nothing but spectacular for the Dutch since the qualifiers. He’s doing a real good job. People on here have 0 liking for someone who does good, it’s like they thrive on self loathing and doing terrible. Like always praising the season before last when we finished 5th instead of actually having hope by finishing 2nd after that debacle.

    1. But that’s exactly the issue… “spectacular” for the Netherlands???? Have you seen him vs Germany or even this game?
      Ppl don’t have a problem saying he’s decent. It’s the “great” and “spectacular” is the issue. He’s not there yet. Koopmeiners is better than him. FdJ also at this point. Doesn’t mean he can’t get better than him but right now ….nah. That’s not hating, that’s just reality. But saying he’s been spectacular is overating him

      1. Koopmeiners is a 10. Reijnders is used deeper in midfield. Hard to compare the two. Of course if Teun is healthy I would pick him for the 10 role for Oranje.

        But I would love to have Reijnders develop more as the 10 at Milan – a lot of potential there and frankly, RLC ain’t it.

  4. What seems clear is that any Milan fan needs the netherlands to completely fail thus tournament. God forbid Weiffer or Zikzee shine.

    1. honestly, that’s the only reason I’m keeping an eye on Holland and France, to see our boys play.

      Otherwise, FORZA Azzurri! 🔵🔵🔵

  5. It’s not that people are hating on him but he’s being overhyped to the point it’s becoming cringy. I too don’t understand what they are trying to justify. He had an average first season with us. However he’s a likable and talented lad but he needs to grow balls. So I hope he can show more in his second season with us. He sure needs to considering the mediocre midfield we have.

    1. LOL!!! Honestly, Ted!

      Given how last season went, WHO would you NOT want see improve in the upcoming season? 🤣

  6. I looked up and saw a player shoot wide from the edge of the box and immediately thought ‘Reijnders’. His finishing is terrible. He had a decent game.

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