Watch: Replay suggests Milan should have had a penalty while 1-0 up vs. Atletico Madrid

By Oliver Fisher -

As if the Franck Kessie sending off and the 93rd minute penalty were not enough, another questionable incident from last night’s game has emerged.

Milan’s players and fans have been left angered after Cüneyt Çakır was the centre of attention for two hugely controversial calls that ultimately determined the outcome of the game.

Now a video has emerged showing a potential handball incident while the Rossoneri were 1-0 up in the game as an Atletico Madrid player thumped the ball at the arm of his own player inside the box…

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  1. The problem with this team is that they play football instead of stopping the ball, swarming the ref, and b**ching and moaning for a VAR review. This is not how you win at the modern game.

      1. They play football instead of stopping the ball? Swarming over the reffree?? And asking for car review???

        I don’t know which era you live in but that me exactly how modern football works and these players were robbed.

        European and Italian newspapers are saying the same thing so you can pocket yours.

    1. The modern game doesn’t send off of a player for an non existing foul.

      The modern game do ant ignore two handball nd acknowledge one.

      Even the European newspaper acknowledged the fact that both Var and reffree had a bad game.

      This team got no problems, they were just unlucky cis of be reffreeing so pocket your words, you make no sense

      1. “The modern game doesn’t send off of a player for an non existing foul.”

        “The modern game do ant ignore two handball nd acknowledge one.”

        It doesnt? So what happened yesterday?

  2. I think this shows that there needs to be more accountability with refs. This Cuneyt guy has had some bad high profile games and it’s perplexing that he’s still allowed to ref at the highest levels. If players can be suspended for their actions/bad decisions why not refs? Frankly this guy and the VAR team were so inconsistent that they should be bumped down to the lower divisions until they prove competent

  3. @kilroy woooowww… a juventino bitching and moaning about milan. did you see juve? why don’t you bitching about the refs? Ooooo I forgot! Agnelli’s credit card is maxed out. Ooppss…cheap trophy by the way

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