Watch: Theo Hernandez doubles Milan’s lead vs. Lazio after amazing solo run

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan doubled their advantage against Lazio after a quite simply brilliant solo run and finish from Theo Hernandez.

Right on the half hour mark, Milan doubled their advantage and it was all the making of Theo Hernandez. He took the ball from Maignan’s roll-out virtually on the edge of his own box and ran with it past several players before sending a deflected shot past Provedel.

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      1. That’s not it, you dvmbass, it’s the evident big picture. If you can’t understand something so blatantly obvious, well…

        1. Time and place.
          You will have plenty of time to cry over your boo little boo boo, under another post.
          You didn’t say anything about Theo goal.
          Fanoyism is something else.

          1. Perhaps? He should’ve blamed, Maldini for Leao’s injury, as well? It is not fanoyism, but expressing concern.. I suppose it doesn’t matter to you? You only know, how to put all blame on Maldini..

          2. Ha ha ha,
            Maldini fan boy enters the discussion.
            This was an important game for Milan vs a direct competition for top 4.
            Theo scores an amazing goal that helps Milan to stay in the race for top 4, but that doesn’t matter, not one word about the goal, only Leao matters. With or without Leao Milan still must reach top 4.
            And yeah Maldini incompetence is the main reason why Milan has to fight with Atalanta, Roma and Lazio to make tip 4

          3. @Poli I am not a Maldini fan, but a Milan fan! I don’t put non existent, blame.. Maldini is the reason, why we won the Scudetto and are in Champions League Semi Finals! But your head, is too small to realise that.. We play Inter in five days, and one of our attacking player, was forced to withdraw in 11th minute, but I see, how that doesn’t concern some empty heads! Yes Theo’s goal, deserves applause.. Right now, Leao’s situation is more important!

          4. @Maldini fan
            “I am not a Maldini fan, but a Milan fan! I don’t put non existent, blame.. Maldini is the reason, why we won the Scudetto and are in Champions League Semi Finals!”
            Tell me you are not Maldini fan by telling me that you are a Maldini fan.
            Your big head still don’t get it

          5. @Poli oh! So you are Einstein, who knows everything!🙏 What I don’t know? You blame Maldini for our failures, but refuse to acknowledge him, for Scudetto success and Champions League Semi Finals.. BTW, you only, come out of your cave, when we have negative result! So just, stay in your cave.. Stop attacking others, just because others opinion, differs from yours! If I was a Maldini fan, I would’ve stopped supporting Milan long ago! I am baffled, by your audacity to put, non existent blame on him! If you miss, Donnarumma, Calhanoglu so much.. Then why don’t, you go support their teams?

  1. I just read this tweet on AC MILAN BRASIL, God willing it is true:

    “DAZN Italia showed an image of Pioli talking to Rafael Leão during the break. The player wanted to stay on the pitch, but the coach said: “No, Rafa, get out.”

    Maybe his problem isn’t so serious and Pioli opted preserve the player for Wednesday. Let’s hope!”

  2. This is not fanboyism, not at all. It’s called RATIONAL THINKING. But Poli with his less than zero IQ and stupid hatred against Milan’s greatest stalwart Maldini obviously cannot fathom that..

    But anyway, very solid victory.

    1. Ha ha , you commented under every post that spoke about leao injury. You are more concerned than Leao about his injury. It’s cool, you are a leao fan boy, own it.
      I am not hiding that Maldini is incompetent and amateur as a sporting director

      1. So? You are a Donnarumma and Calhanoglu fanboy, since you blame Maldini and Massara for letting them leave right? Nobody cares, what do you think.. I am glad that empty heads, like you don’t run Milan..

  3. Sack Pioli if we don’t finish top four. Ibra won’t play again with us. Milan won last season because of him

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