CM: What Milan’s imminent €33m signing means for the future of Kalulu

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are set to sign Sven Botman from Lille this summer and that raises questions about what will become of Pierre Kalulu’s role in the side.

According to, Milan are very close to signing Botman as only a few details are remaining before a deal worth €33m including bonuses is completed. Except for surprises, the Dutchman will be Paolo Maldini and Milan’s first summer signing and represents a significant investment, beating competition from Newcastle.

Numerically Botman will replace Alessio Romagnoli, who will not renew his contract expiring in June and will sign a contract with Lazio, but the difference is that Botman will be a starter as he is seen as the perfect partner to Fikayo Tomori.

Pierre Kalulu has had a fantastic season so far and has shown all of his quality and potential even as a centre-back, meaning that in just a few months he has become a guarantee for Pioli. However, when Botman comes he will be forced to take a step back and will be a wild card again, even for the right-back role.

The first choice for that position is Davide Calabria, but the Rossoneri captain cannot be sure of his place, while the same applies to Tomori and Botman in the middle. Kalulu wants to take back what he has gained and the competition drives up the levels expected.

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  1. Kalulu is better than Botman. Botman is too slow. He got exposed for lack of pace and positioning badly in the Champions League. Unfortunately if Botman arrives it will spell the end of Kalulu’s growth
    Besides with the new owners shouldn’t we be targeting better defenders?

      1. Ive been thinkin the same, considering the squad rn and for the next season switching to a 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 (or a 3-4-1-2 which is like a hybrid between both) will bring the best out of Theo, allow Kalulu to keep his starter spot and keep growing, and maybe even redeem Saelemaekers on the RWB position which also suits Florenzi

        1. This isn’t FIFA or football manager. You can’t just shift to a totally different formation just like that and not expect consequences. The movements are different, the positioning is different. Look at when Bonucci had arrived and we had 3 CBs and tried that formation, it ended disastrously. Milan is a 2 CB team. Besides not sure if pioli can coach for such a formation

          1. As if the current formation was perfect… Look at the number of goals scored this year. NOTHING happens on the right side. Left side shows glimpses of good things once every 5-6 matches (when Leao has a good day – ie. not too often).

            3 CBs would give Theo permission to attack more and could possibly fix the RW-issue too.

            Definitely worth trying. And there’s the whole summer time to work on the new formation. Milan is already faaaar too predictable with their never-changing formation (ok, they do adjust the attacking “trident” a couple of times per year but only in emergency).

    1. You are so pathetic.

      Who brought Kalulu to Milan when he was unknown and had not even played senior football? Maldini.

      The same Maldini signed Tomori.

      Now you think you know better than him? You think Maldini doesn’t know what he’s doing?

      Maldini played the game at the highest level as one of the best defenders ever.

      What are your own credentials?

      Kjaer is not a young man any more. Nobody knows how he’ll be when he returns from injury. Romagnoli is leaving. Gabbia can’t play at high level yet. Then you can’t rule out injuries to the starting eleven with Milan playing in Série A, Coppa Italia and UCL.

      In spite of all these, you think Botman is not needed.

      1. I didn’t say Botman isn’t needed. Just with the new money you’d think we’d go for a better player. If Maldini sees something in him then yes of course I trust Maldini but from what I saw in the UCL, he got severely exposed. Plus all I’m saying is that Kalulu’s growth will be impeded. Our best run of form in defence this season is with Kalulu as CB and that’s no coincidence

  2. 5-3-2


  3. 452 would be nice, but we would probably have to buy @leas 2 strikers or bring up a primavera
    361 ftw 😂🤣😂

  4. I don’t get it, reinforceing defense which the strongest line in the team with a 33m deal while we are having disasters in our attack! defense is not really priority and we should focus on the front line

  5. buy Botman & send back injury prone Florenzi, or sell Salad then Flo as RW backup, Kalulu can cover CB/RB & Gabbia as urgent CB or just loan him

  6. For all who say not needed botman . See how we lost at semifinal coppa? Both CB tired and play disastrous,no competitor in CB because Kjaer ACL,gabbia not reliable,Romagnoli injury prone( Will leave free transfer next season). Even if botman come , kalulu can compete with botman-tomori for starter spot CB and compete with Calabria in RB. Just return Florenzi to Roma to give kalulu room in RB. It is better to sign botman still 21years rather than sign unknown young defender that unproven quality. Best defense with depth are the key to winning Scudetto

  7. I would think that we would play with one larger centre back(Kjaer / botman) and one quicker(Tomori/Kalulu). This combo would be amazing and we would have the appropriate backups to do true rotational system. Imagine a season without 3 injury crisis’s.

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