‘Winter market’, ‘depth’, ‘Pioli’ – Our followers have their say on what is causing Milan’s problems

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have not enjoyed they best start to 2021, as the team continues to stutter in terms of results without the same consistency as last year post-lockdown.

Of course injuries has a big part to play in this as the Rossoneri have very rarely been able to field the same starting line-up from one game to the next, but the general consensus is that the team is not as effective at coping with absences as it was in the first half of the season.

We asked our Twitter followers for their thoughts on what is going on at Milan, and their responses are below…

@labgorilla: “I honestly wonder if the early season style of play in constant wave of attacks is just not sustainable. So maybe it is Pioli and his training method. It’s worth considering. Before anyone asks, I have no clue how Atalanta do it! Milan doesn’t either!”

@regista_rgst: “I think the main problem is injuries. we lost many players due to injury and force us to deal with different formation almost every game, it cause the problem on tactical. i want milan to take an action against their doctor or lab, its so easy for players to get injured.”

@milan_karbitan: “Yes nothing wring with Pioli or his football. The only thing we should blame is the attitude from those bums. I know it since the game against Spezia. And its serious problem.”

@Silolo_Masilo: “Has anyone considered the inexperience of our squad …many of them this is the first time they find themselves in this situation including the coach …let’s just focus on our main goal which was top 4 maybe just maybe that will relieve them of the pressure.”

@alvdon_zz: “If injury is the main problem so Pioli should be blamed. Remember when October Milan played very well even though many players were injured, because at that time Pioli dared to play all his players without favoritism. Now look at how Pioli privileges Krunic and Samu. 🤦‍”

@azzyd1: “Pioli is the real problem of the team. Many kept saying leao is inconsistent, while ibra and rebic were out injured, was leao not consistent where in those period, he played center forward, winger and as no10 which he did pretty well but on the return of ibra what happened to him.”

@milanzak6: “Depth. Its really that simple. Relying too much on a few talented players to pick up slack when really we need to have more capable players coming off the bench”

@hmegandana: “the issue is winning mentality. At the first phase, the squad is relax and enjoy the game, nothing to loose. But on the second phase, the demand and pressure getting higher and makes the squad tensed. So they can’t show their potential. IMO”

@uk_acmilan: “Injuries. Winter market not good enough.”

@urbansaadhu: “As the commentator mentioned, Udinese were playing their 25th game of the season. Milan their 38th. We are going to be playing 50+ games by the time season ends. As the season drags it becomes difficult for the same players to compensate for missing comrades. Intensity drops. Milan can choose to play a less intense style but that doesn’t work since we don’t have the players with silky technique and ball possession. A deep squad for one Covid compressed season makes no sense since next season there will be longer gaps between games. So better recovery. By that I mean in this weird season because it started late and needs to finish on time, a player missing 10 days due to injury could end up missing 4 games. Next season 10 days might mean just 2 games or maybe 3 at most.”

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  1. Our main problem is : We are not able to mount fast counter attacks. By the time our players get somewhere near their penalty area, our opponents would be in place ready to block our efforts.

  2. The issue is psychological.The core 12-14 players have been expected too much of. The rest have simply overachieved for a period and are not good enough to
    maintain that level. Injuries and covid have also played a big part. Now we are facing an uphill battle.Forza!!

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