CM: Yacine Adli’s role becomes a mystery – why Pioli hasn’t fielded him yet

By Oliver Fisher -

There has been some understandably surprised reactions to the fact that Yacine Adli is yet to play a single minute of Serie A action so far in the new campaign. recall how Adli watched his team-mates win against Udinese and draw against Atalanta but was not called upon off the bench for even a single minute, which certainly drew some questions regarding his current position and role within the squad.

Milan paid €10m to sign him from Bordeaux last summer and he was left on loan there for 2021-22, suffering relegation from Ligue 1. However, after a convincing pre-season in which he looked to have quickly adapt to the tactical mechanisms of Pioli, he has so far been left out.

At the moment it is a matter of priorities and characteristics for Pioli which mean that Adli is currently in the ‘third row’. Pioli does not work on rigid positions but rather on game concepts, and right now he sees Adli above all as an attacking midfielder or at most as a winger (left or right).

These are two roles in which competition is high because there is Brahim Diaz and Charles De Ketelaere for the No.10 role, plus Rafael Leao, Divock Origi and Ante Rebic for the left flank then Junior Messias and Alexis Saelemaekers on the right.

Pioli believes that in a 4-2-3-1 Adli is not suited to playing in front of the defence where the tasks are different, so the only solution is for the have to work hard and hard to climb the hierarchy.


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      1. Agree!

        Diaz is the typical Spanish players: good technics at his foot but no vision and thus low football intelligence.

        Pioli can sometimes extremly stubbon. Remember how shamlessly he treated Hauge after Hauge had single-handedly won us Euro League group stage matches?

  1. Diaz is not what was expected, Adli showed much more in preseason and deserves to be up there with CDK battling for the spot. Diaz should be tried out on RW, he played there already while he was in City.

  2. I can’t wait for Pioli to field Adli or CDK at right wing only for it to fail spectacularly and then the comments section to go wild that we need an actual right winger 😂😂😂😂

    1. Lol exactly. Some of these people act like they have coaching certificates and a lot of experiences training top players that they think they know more than Pioli. I bet they only played video games like Fifa or Football Manager 🤣

          1. You mock others for their lack of credentials, so I ask for yours.
            Or are you just another little keyboard warrior with faul langauge and bad behavior?

        1. I’m not the one who said Pioli made bad choices and stuff as if i know better what to do than him. I let Pioli do his job. So why did you asked me? Asked those people, moron.

          1. I ignore your insults and bad language and blame it on lack of maturity, character and arguments.

            Do you mind answering me? What makes you the clever one on this forum?

            I am sure that 90% or more trust Pioli. That has never been the topic here.

            You wrote:
            Some of these people act like they have coaching certificates and a lot of experiences training top players that they think they know more than Pioli.

            So what is YOUR experience?
            What is YOUR certificate?

            Please answer

        2. 1) What makes me the clever one in this forum? Easy. I’m not pretend i’m smarter than Pioli and act like i can do his job better than him. Period.

          2) My football coach certificates & experiences? Don’t have one. But i don’t need to act like i can do a better job than Pioli or any professional coach.

          Now, you got your stupid answer so can you fvck off? I’m tired looking your dumbass profile pict.

          Oh and please, don’t act like you’re a mature person cause your clearly not, Kristiano.

          We’re done here.

          1. So you are as dumb as anybody else, just more arrogant and pretentious.

            Dumb and arrogant is an unhealthy cocktail my little friend.

            Thank you for finally answering. At last.

  3. Bad decision of Pioli. For the 10 role, Adli have lot of things better compared to Diaz. I still dont get it, why Pioli insist to play loanee over permanen one that much better. Or, Pioli just want to save Adli for big matches?? Lol.. maybe he think Adli was secret weapon, so he save it until he really need to play.. lol

  4. Adli can be rotation for bennacer, to he deeplying playmaker, while pobega can be rotation for tonali for box to box

  5. Gotta love these people who claim Pioli made bad decisions not to play Adli when Pioli is the one who train and working closely with Adli since he arrived at Milan.

    Pioli and his team knows exactly what they are doing compare to these keyboard warriors who only watched from the tv lol.

  6. The competition is high from Diaz? No, it isn’t. He had two good games, one was a friendly. Against good opposition, he was useless as usual. Diaz will lose his place over the next few weeks to CDK.

  7. Pioli is way overrated! You guys dont’t understand modern football if you agree with this nonsense of using the same flops again and again: sale, diaz, messias, rebic, krunic… You have adli, origi and cdk and you don’t give them the starting spot. This stupid mentality that they should be phisically ready.. as if they didn’t train for 3 months. No, they all come from respectable leagues with comparable fitness coaching.. they don’t need special programs to recover.. wtf?

    1. Pioli is overrated, you are simply not serious.If Pioli had not come you wouldn’t have dream winning Serie A.
      What do you know.The coach is the one who works closely with the players and he knows how match fit they are not you who hasn’t even seen the players training before.You guys talk nonsense too much.

    2. Pioli “way overrated”? What a way to disrespect a coach who put Milan back on the top of serie a table and qualified for champions league again.

      Are you really Milan fans because the way you wrote this crap sounds like you’re a Inter fans and a clueless one too.

  8. Go loan adili to other club for 1 season until brahim return to Real Madrid . Monza or torino should be good destination

  9. I also don’t get why Pioli hasn’t played Adli when he was the most promising player in pre-season. Diaz is useless against tough opposition. And how many times do Messias and Saladmaker have to fail to be relegated to the bench? I understand Pioli wants to play CDK as a CAM but he’s also good as a RW and we need him there more right now.

  10. Mr. Pioli sometime I dnt knw why not to play Adli is better than diaz, u guys if not forget exactly what did to Peter Hauge at the end the management sold him

    1. I don’t understand why some people are so obsessed with Hauge as if the guy gave scudetto and champions league trophy for Milan.

      Can you tell me what’s so great about Hauge?

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