CM: Focus on youth and self-financing – Cardinale’s plan for Milan’s transfer business

By Oliver Fisher -

Some more details have emerged about how AC Milan’s budget should look going into the summer and the ideas of Gerry Cardinale, a report claims.

Speaking live on his Instagram profile (via MilanZone), Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara have been ‘offered’ a budget by RedBird Capital which is a total of €45-50m excluding the proceeds of any potential sales such as Samu Castillejo, Mattia Caldara and those not considered part of the plans.

The problem with this budget and the reason for Maldini’s unhappiness is because the amount would only allow for the signings of Renato Sanches and Sven Botman, therefore nothing left over for the attack.

Longo also mentioned the potential for future self-financing through transfers which can be seen with what Inter are doing currently by sacrificing Milan Skriniar to bring in two or three others players.

Moreover, Cardinale wants to focus on the youth sector in order to bring through players that can be developed into future stars.

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  1. Ignore these articles guys, journalists have no idea what’s going on so they’ve started to invent we’ll soon see what the truth is but I’m quite confident it isn’t this information that has came out the blue

  2. What is this crap! If this report is true then this Cardinale guy has no place owning an Italian sporting institution like AC Milan! Its a rich man’s game and if you have no money, you have nothing.

  3. Does anyone really think Redbird will invest a cent more than the purchase price? They don’t even have the money for that. I mean this purchase is 25% of their total value. City owner has about 17B and his family trillions. You think we will compete with them with Emirates being their sponsor by selling the best player to buy 2 players or having 50M per transfer window? 😀 No way. The only thing I expect is higher prices of everything, from tickets to merchandise, just not right away.

  4. Do I have to remind everyone that RedBird representative in an interview said they do not believe that spending big is necessary, that they believe that Moneyball (thing Muricans do in baseball) will also work in European football. Ther intentions were always clear, they plan to use us for growing and grooming young players and then selling them for a profit.

    Congrats, we are now Atalanta or Sassuolo 2.0. And if we are very, very lucky we may reach levels of Leipzig in a decade or so.

    1. Spot on! this is what i was saying from the very beginning….see American mentality is different to what football have evolved in Europe since inclusion of petrol dollars….very few clubs likes of Premier league who already have immense financial resources through self finance can compete like the one this article stated..our seria a is in shambles no stadiums which forms the bases aren’t even there…..I don’t get why dont they simply say let’s become a selling club nuture talents, sell them for for profits and invest in squad again…..redbird can’t say they are ambitious owners if they go with such mentality….yes by ambitious not like those petrol dollars club but decent with having spending power of around 100m….I might get roasted for this but if an offer of 100m plus comes for leao plz sell and invest in team like juve did with Zidane…its a high risk move which will dent confidence with fans but tbh this team is simply not complete after loosing few first team starters as free players…..we mignt be lucky to even qualify for 4th place if this trend continues… of now yes we are champions but we are incomplete and way with our competitors doing their business it will be one of those season where we keep our heads down

    2. Yeah, I have to agree. Milan becoming the club that develops and sells players is just a disgrace. And just a reminder to everyone that said that Elliott picked the one that will be better for Milan, not for them. We live in a real world, not your dreams. Investment companies make money for investors, their job is not to make fans happy by spending.

      1. I don’t think Longo understand what self-financing here means.

        Real Madrid is self-financing, not with player sales but with commercial revenues. There was an article that said Redbird want to transform Milan into commercial club like Real Madrid.

        Keep in mind that it will take years, not instant.

        1. Yes, but it isn’t even close to being the same. Real Madrid doesn’t have owners who want to make money. Fans own it. You can be a commercial club and make profits, it goes to shareholders. Real Madrid keeps all of the profits and improves the club from that. This was the main reason why Real has 200-300M to spend right now. They didn’t buy in the previous seasons and profit doesn’t go to anyone outside the club. HUGE difference, you can’t compare fan based and private ownership.

          1. Manchester United owners took dividend, yet they can still spend 200m per season for transfer. Unfortinately for them, they don’t have Maldini-Massara-Moncada.

  5. If that information is genuine, then Milan is going to be relegated or find themselves in every season at bottom half, well that idea is bad regardless of their sporting orientation and its totally rubbish, I must tell you all this is not the Milan I dreamt of.

  6. at least the arab owner put the money where their mouth is.
    I don’t see why people defending this new owner and affraid with the oil money?
    do you think this redbird or elliot are also conducting honest bussiness outside their sport bussiness?
    legit maybe, but a really honest bussiness?
    come on?
    football is the biggest sport on earth and a very big entertainment bussiness.
    Milan is the second most winners champions league /cup in the world, I don’t understand with people who was affraid when investcorp want to purchased Milan, because we really deserved a very good team, and for that we must be able to keep our best players and adding more quality players if we want to competing in 3 championship.
    as a true Milan supporters of course we always have to support the team whether they are on top or bottom, but we should never have a mediocre mentality! ever!
    we have Maldini & Massara, if they get the support with a right budget and especially if given a large budget, Milan’s squad will be amazing.
    i don’t buy it when this new owner or the president saying this or that until they really do it.
    in this sport, the owner either has money or not, as simple as that

    1. The problem is that Milan didn’t even need to spend 250M. 100-150M would be more than enough to get all the players we need (depending on the agreed fees) and with a few sales the owner would have to give around a 80-120M or better said get a sponsor for that amount like it is done at some other clubs.

    2. Investcorp is not oil company, they are not state owned, they are just another investment fund. If you think they have financial power like the owner of City, PSG, or Newcastle, you are mistaken.

  7. The only true is that Redbird has not done anything so far. It doesn’t matter what’s happening behind the curtains. The facts are self evident. There is a huge stalemate. This is the way Redbird chose to make a statement. And a bad one. Instead of investing money into the market they generate tensions

    1. Redbird increase the salary cap by 20% (around 20m), the media often omit it from their publication. On the other hand, last season, Elliot reduce the salary by 20%, it makes contract renewal harder.

  8. Putting aside any transfer strategy and budget, investing in the youth sector would be a very astute direction to take and was the backbone of the squads of Milan’s golden era. The youth teams have been quite poor over the last few years rarely producing any high calibre players so a revolution in that sector would go a long way to contributing to a successful future.

  9. This takeover smells. Elliot was awful and red bird will be the same. Thank God for Maldini and the scouting of Moncada because truly I believe without them we’d not even be in the EL. Don’t give Elliot credit they’re awful and get no credit for the scudetto

  10. The thing is that Inters debt will be less every year, especially if they set up a good enough team to go far in the CL and make price money, they will not self finance for years. They buy young players now and cut the heavy salary’s from Vidal and Sanchez off and buy guys like Bellanova and Asslani who are young. I don’t want us to be self financing for years bc they we can better be like ajax, not competing in CL ( or 1 time in 20 years like Ajax’s run in 2018 which was sick) bc a club like Milan don’t need to self financing. I’m so done with these guys BUT investcorp wasn’t a country or state thing it was also a fund but richer I think. We will see what happens but I hate that Cardinale guy so bad. We will be useless in CL bc our defense is good in Italy but teams with more qualtity will also score there and Leao against good and faster rightback will also be pocketed easier, and Saelemakers and Giroud and Diaz you just can’t play them in CL

  11. I see why Maldini isnt renewing yet. Not only the money that Redbird offer to him is probably low, but also the burden is huge. Minimum transfer budget, and we lost key players, and even some of the players that Milan have right now is not scudetto contender squad. We are deffending champion next season, and we are in pot 1 for UCL, fans expected more. if we have a bad transfer, and some of new players do not work well, dumbass fans in this website will be started to blame Maldini due to incompetance of doing their job.
    Anyway, it would not be a surprise if Maldini is not renewing. No one can save the club from an owner who think Milan is a brand with decorated history in Europe, but not as a football club with billion fans across the world who wants their beloved club back to its glorious day. #FU!!!redDick

    1. Name one key player Milan has lost? I can’t think of any. We brought in a few key players lately though (Maignan, Theo, Kalulu, Tomori, Tonali, Giroud). Can’t think of any player that was/will be missed.

  12. I felt from the beginning that Elliott chose cardinale for their personal interest and the stated loans and future gains. Elliott did nothing to improve Milan squad, pioli did a wonderful job with cramps. We are lucky to have one scudetto, now let’s wait for another 10 to 15 years

  13. The important thing not being talked enough by the media is the fact that Redbird raise the salary cap by 20m.

    Salary cap and transfer budget is something that is closely interconnected, raising salary cap means lowering transfer budget and vice versa.

    Redbird give 50m transfer budget. At first glance this seems less than what Elliot allow Milan to spend last season which is 70m. However that 70m came at the expense of lowering salary cap by 20m which contribute to losing Kessie.

    The true ammount Elliot spend for squad building last season is 70m – 20m = 50m.

    Meanwhile, the ammount Redbird alow Milan this season is 50m + 20m = 70m.

    So in truth, Redbird allocate 20m more for squad building than Elliot allocate last season. This will help Maldini to renew the contract of Milan players and lower the risk of losing another player for free.

    1. An often overlooked point for sure. The renewals alone have added several million to the wage budget this year alone, let alone the ones reportedly being worked on.

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