Sky: Zaniolo totally frozen out as Roma make asking price clear ahead of summer

By Oliver Fisher -

Nicolo Zaniolo has been frozen out of Roma’s plans after not accepting a move to Bournemouth, according to a report.

Sky (via Football Italia) are claiming that Roma have made the decision to exclude Zaniolo from their plans after he rejected a January move to Premier League strugglers Bournemouth. In addition to that, they have made it clear he will not leave before the window shuts or during the summer for an offer below the €35-36m the Cherries put forward last week.

Bournemouth had a fee agreed with the Giallorossi but did not manage to convince Zaniolo to agree personal terms, which has annoyed the management and means he won’t play for Roma again this season.

It was reported by Sky that the 23-year-old was holding out for a move to Milan as he wanted to stay in Italy, so a new attempt in the summer could come from the Rossoneri given his contract at the Stadio Olimpico runs out in June 2024.

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  1. To all the Maldini defenders that keep saying you can’t sell a player that doesn’t want to leave.
    This is one of the ways where you force a player to leave, if you do your job on time.
    You don’t want to resign with us , no problem, you are not part of our plan going forward. You can find another club that satisfies our financial demands and leave, or you will be sitting on the bench and not playing for the next 18 months.
    No player will accept to sit on the bench for 18 months when there are clubs that want him and offer him more money. Because his value will go down, that’s way too long of a time. Not just his transfer value but also his salary. Who is going to offer Zaniolo 3.5 or 4 mil in a year and a half after he hasn’t been playing? No one.
    But the most important part of this whole thing is the timing. Roma has control over Zaniolo for another 18 months. They have LEVERAGE.
    Paolo allows players to drag negotiations into the last year of their contracts and then he losses them for free because by
    then the player has all the leverage and other clubs can offer more money than Milan can.
    Do your job on time and you won’t have players leave on free.
    How can you excuse that players who are with you on a 4,5 year contracts to get to a point to leave for free? What were you doing all those years ?
    Why were their contracts not addressed earlier?
    But I know I’ll still get people blaming the owners and saying you can’t sell a player, excuses excuses excuses.

    1. Sure, that’s the strategy to use on an important first team player. That’s exactly what Bayern did with Alaba, Chelsea with Rudiger – oh wait, no they didn’t.

      1. Oh wow, you have 2 players from 2 different clubs who have plenty of money to afford to lose 1 player on free.
        Alaba was a bayern academy product and left for free at age 30 after he won everything possible with them.
        Maldini lost 4 players in 12 month span that were 27 and younger. In the prime of their career.
        One of them was 21 year old ,top 5, GK in the world,
        The other was 25 year old Kessie. Juventus just agreed to sell Mckinney for a deal that can reach 40 mil but we couldn’t get 40 Euros for Kessie, who was playing his best football the last 2.3 Years of his contract and is a way better player than Mckinney
        Hakan was playing his best football in 2020 and 21.
        Who are the next names you’ll come with. The semi retired Isco, Marcelo, Bale.
        Pogba that no one including manutd wanted.
        34 year old Perisic whose contract inter neglected.
        Or Matic, belloti Nad wijnuldum
        All of those players are past their prime.
        And most importantly, an exception doesn’t negate the rule.
        No one lost 4 starters, players in their prime in a year but Paolo.
        Over a 100 mil lost and people still find excuses

    2. These are all different stories. Yes, it is big fault to lose players for free, but in the same time Milan had bigger rotation and bench with Kessie and Romagnoli. Luckily, they helped us win scudetto. And once they entered in last year of contract, you can’t sell them for big price because, we must be honest, they are not superstars. Hakan Calhanoglu is retarded, so different story, and Gigio moneymaker.
      It is big problem to leave for free, but every story is different. Zaniolo is not doing good thing for himself but also neither Roma.
      We can hope for positive news in Leao case after 30. June 2023.

      1. No you can not wait for June. You will have a year left on a contract and he will leave for free. But you can bench him for a year sure. In which case you will lose both a year of top player and a a compensation, enteiry.

    3. How about Skriniar? Should Inter leave him on the bench to rot if they can not sell this winter? Or should Inter still play him to achieve something this season? Remember Lewandowski case in Dortmund? It’s not all black and white in terms of contract extension.

      Dollarumma, we knew it’s impossible to offer the salary he wanted. Hakan, well, this is a strange case as we offered him pretty same amount with Inter. But both players were utilized till the very end and helped us reached that UCL zone.

      Kessie, it’s crystal clear he would love to extend with Milan. But all things changed when he received a call from Xavi. Should we let him sit on the bench? In the end, he still played a lot and helped us to win that Scudetto.

      And we could see many players and their agents smartly used this bosman rule on the pandemic era. When they know the spending power of many clubs had diminished. One thing the FIGC can do to protect the club is to allow the one year contract extension clause like the one in EPL.

      But yes, I got your point. And I agree to some extent. The contract extension would be way better if we do not dwell it till the very last year. And I think Maldini (and Co.) learned a lesson here. Where we can see several of our core players extended the contract early (Tonali, Tomori, Calabria, Theo, and Benny).

      We’ll see what Maldini decides to do with the Leao case. We can judge from there if he learns a lesson or not. So let’s see..

  2. Boss of Milan, do you have the guts to make leao the ball picker at San Siro? Totally Not playing football for 1 year could “cripple” some players. Show some guts to bench this player if he has taken you for a ride in renewal talks. Ibrahimovic will agree to it too.

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