CorSera: No to Zaniolo, yes to Ziyech – RedBird’s directive to Maldini on January funds

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan will not be signing Nicolo Zaniolo from Roma this month as RedBird Capital are not willing to make the budget available, a report claims.

News has exploded over the past few days suggesting that Milan are seriously pursuing a deal for Zaniolo who will be allowed to leave Roma given that his contract expires in 2024 and he seems to have reached an impasse with the Giallorossi management.

According to a report from Monica Colombo of Corriere della Sera however, Zaniolo will not arrive at Milan before the window closes simply because the ownership are not willing to grant extra budget to sign the Italian.

However, they are willing to make some extra funds available to sign Hakim Ziyech from Chelsea, suggesting that they have expressed a very clear preference on who they think that Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara should go for to strengthen the attack.

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  1. Wrong choice again. Foreigner ova local? Ok…o. dts hw some of us suggested Berardi n Bellotti…but dey chose Origi. Oya naa….

    1. This is FOOTBALL, goal is to win games and trophies. Stop making club football being about playing domestic players. Utter madness. Right player to the right position. Period.

      1. If the management prefers ziyech ,so what are we waiting for again ? Negotiation should kick off immediately or are we playing waint games in case Roma might change their current stance.

      2. Yes but it is down to the clubs to develop domestic talent otherwise the national team suffers. It is the case of effectively doing it and balancing it so you win and develop. Look at Italy these last years!! And to say there are no good up coming young players is ridiculous. They are just not given a chance. Many young Italian wingers to be given a chance yet we go and get salemaekers and play him instead! What has he shown?!

    2. It’s the Italian players that are dragging this team down. Calabria and Tonali have been awful this season. Zaniolo is just another overrated Italian player.

      1. No sir. Calabria has just recovered from a bad injury. Tonali, last games aside, has been one of the best players all along.

      2. So an Italian team shouldn’t focus on Italian players. It’s fans like you that ruin the club. This is AC Milan we are an Italian club and yea we shouldn’t be 100% Italian but we need to focus on these players.

      1. soulless, spineless. winning at whatever cost is not the way. that is literally inter milan’s credo, (ironically they play more italians now), so why even support Milan?

        1. Did I say “at whatever cost”? No, far from it.

          F*cking dramaqueen. Gone are the days where Italian clubs had 8 Italians on the pitch and only a few foreigners. Time change. Even Real Madrid fielded an all-foreign starting 11 a few weeks ago for the 1st time in the club’s history. How about that. Did the fans boycott their team due to that? No. Neither would I. Would I be proud of it? No.

        1. FFS, can you even read?!!

          “I’d rather watch Milan win trophies with foreigners than be a mid-table team with all Italian squad.”

          That was a rhetorical sentence and I said “WITH ALL ITALIAN SQUAD”. Do you understand what it means? ALL ITALIAN SQUAD! Does Milan have an ALL ITALIAN SQUAD? No. Hell no.

  2. This is good. But we all expect 1) positive net income at the end of this season, 2) departure of low class players such as Bakayoko, Mirante, Tata, and sales of players like: Origi, Rebic, Messias, Florenzi and Balo Toure. 3) Reinvesting net positive income and players sales in good: striker, defensive midfielder, right winger, and central defender.

  3. Milan could have moved for Ziyech in the summer but gambled on the wrong player. Now they are sniffing again. OPEN THE CHEQUE BOOK and buy Ziyech.

  4. What will happen: Milan will not sign Zaniolo. Zaniolo will be sold to someone else. Milan will play a waiting game for Ziyech, and Roma will swoop in and secure Ziyech as a replacement for Zaniolo, and Milan will be priced out of a deal for Saint Maximim. In the summer it was like this: we lost Kessie and Romagnoli, but first and foremost we had Alexis/Messias for RW and Tata for backup in goal. CDK is hardy a winger, thus we didn’t address this weakness, and we got Mirante which should’ve competed for the backup in goal. Seems like Milan have chosen til gamble on Tata, and without immediate action will fail to address RW.

    1. This is true. Milan will most likely end up with neither of these guys. Milan negotiating: ” Will you take half of what you are asking for this player? We are Milan.” The same way they expect every player to take less money than they can get elsewhere to come play at Milan. I don’t know what decade they are living in.

  5. Con tutto i rispetto. Ma non prendere Zaniolo a queste condizioni significa che non hanno capito un c…. Del calcio Redbird!!! Adesso quando il Bournemouth vendera Zaniolo per 60/70m magari capiranno che cosa hanno perso. E sul mercato il milan e troppo lento.. E qui ce anche unpo di ignoranza, perche se non fanno qualche inesto adesso, perdiamo anche il 4 posto e non avere la champions la situazione echonomica sarebbe ancora peggio…
    Redbird fuori dal Milan!!!

  6. I have no issue with choosing Zyiech over Zaniolo due to Zaniolo’s injury history – BUT – I think it is very telling IF this story is true that an absent (thus far) owner is dictating our transfer policy over the people he hired to do that job??? Could be a sign of things to come…

    1. When you look at the signings Maldini has made, this is probably better. Bakayoko, Ballo-Toure, Adli, CDK, Origi, Thiaw, Vranckx, Dest. That’s 8 players over the past 2 seasons that have contributed Nothing…Zero.

        1. And Bakayoko and Ballo-Toure the season before you moron. Add Florenzi to the list as well. The point that you seem to stupid to grasp is that almost all of his signings and all of the money he spent have done nothing and added zero to this team. Can you possibly argue differently? Then look at the starters he let leave for FREE and try and possibly tell me he has done a good job. Stop being a little fanboy and get real.

  7. Oh boy… that Ziyech guy would be such a total miss! Instead of going towards a player who’s 3 times better technically, and knows the league, plus, he’s Italian, and that would be huge plus for Milan for the UCL games, given UEFA’s regulation to have at least 1/3 of the players being “home grown”…
    Ziyech… Jesus! That guy hasn’t shown anything ever! WT’s up with these people?! The same way they put Rafa’s extension on total hold, now we’ll be investing those little money in total misses and failures?!
    Better swallow the pride and bring Kessie back, if he’s willing to sign for double less than what he was offered last season (6.5 mil).

  8. Really? What has Ziyech done and can do. Where have you been living my friend? Ziyechbwould literally rip up teams left right and centre.

    1. I guess those Ziyech-haters didn’t watch the WC last year… They probably didn’t notice Morocco doing pretty well and Ziyech playing a huge part in that success.

    1. You just don’t like it because he’s not Italian. He’s a much better all around player than Zaniolo. So he’s about to turn 30, so what? You can easily get 3 good years out of him. Meanwhile Zaniolo is overrated, often injured, already with 2 major knee surgeries, and even if he does reach this great potential that you guys think he has, he would then leave Milan for more money because we know they won’t pay top dollar.

      1. Ziyech has always had attitude problems. Hence why he was dropped from the morocco squad until this World Cup. Zaniolo has had his injuries but has played more games than rebic, origi and messias this year so…

        1. And what’s he done? he has 1 goal and 0 assists. Messias has 2 goals and 1 assist.
          Last season in 28 matches he had 2 goals and 2 assists with 11 yellow cards and 2 red cards.
          Messias had 5 goals and 2 assists.
          No thank you.

  9. Yesterday they should sign belotti and then ens up with injury prone origi. Now they budgeted january to ziyech only to loan ?? Haha… If milan targeted europa league, thats the answer…

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