Zirkzee and Guirassy to Demirovic and David: Milan striker carousel keeps turning

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s pursuit of a new centre-forward has turned into a media-conducted soap opera, with a new name seemingly in the frame every day and old flames being re-lit all the time.

We must start the summary provided by our colleagues at SempreMilan.it – one based on information from reliable reports and our own sources – by outlining what we know to be the certainties in Milan’s chase.

Firstly, the fact that the Rossoneri are still looking for a centre-forward for next season is a given and they are willing to invest quite a large portion of the summer budget in order to get a player who can do the job for years to come.

Secondly, Geoffrey Moncada’s notebook has a long list of profiles, some very different from each other and some similar, but the idea is that if one operation falls through there is not a mass panic due to lack of alternative ideas.

Milan have already communicated to Bologna their intent to pay the €40m clause present in Zirkzee’s contract and already have a verbal agreement over personal terms with the player.

What’s holding back the deal is the request of his agent Kia Joorabchian on commissions. The first request for €15m was rejected and it will be necessary to negotiate with him before the deal can get over the line. So, who could the Plan B(s) be?

Guirassy re-emerges

According to what was stated by Sky Germany, Milan seem to be relaunching their attempts to sign Serhou Guirassy, ​​a 28-year-old Stuttgart striker with a very affordable price.

According to the report it is Arsenal, Chelsea, Milan and especially Borussia Dortmund that are still on the trail of the Guinean attacker, who scored 30 goals in 30 games last season in the Bundesliga and has a €17.5m release clause.

However, as we have learned, what makes the purchase of Guirassy difficult to complete is first of all the strong competition from various top clubs, including those from the Premier League who have vast financial resources.

The risk is not that an auction will erupt over his transfer fee but rather that his agent – knowing his client has a very affordably price, like with the Zirkzee situation – will push Guirassy towards who offers the most in salary and commissions.

Guirassy is asking for no less than €6m net per season from his next club and while it cannot be absolutely ruled out that Milan might pay that to the right target in the right circumstances, it is 50% more than what Zirkzee’s prospective contract entailed.

The wages and commissions are two factors which alone would be enough to eliminate Milan from the race, but the Rossoneri remain on the sidelines to understand the real intentions of the other clubs.

The feeling among the management is that the supposed presence of Premier League clubs is more of a power play from Guirassy’s agents than real competition, to either get Dortmund to push harder or to invite other suitors.

The wild card Fonseca likes

In any case, the Rossoneri are not left idle and are evaluating other alternatives for the attack. One of the most long-followed profiles is that of Armando Broja, but in the last few hours the Ermedin Demirovic hypothesis is gaining more and more traction.

According to what our team have learned, Milan have a concrete interest in the 26-year-old centre-forward, who scored 15 goals and 10 assists last season and was one of the stand-out strikers in the league.

The Bosnia international is considered by many to be the new Edin Dzeko, both for their shared nationality but also for the way they play. In fact, like his more famous compatriot, Demirovic often loves to drop in to contribute to the build-up, and he is aerially dominant.

This is a type of striker that Fonseca knows well having coached Dzeko at Roma before. According to what was stated by Sky, the asking price set Augsburg for Demirovic €25m, but our information suggests that it could be closed at around €18m.

What would complete the carousel cycle and bring things full circle would be if Jonathan David ended up signing from Lille, a name that Milan have been linked with window after window and who now finally seems to have an asking price that is in reach.

David’s name has never left the orbit of Moncada and co. who are known admirers. The likes of Chelsea are being linked in the Premier League, but again this could be less concrete than sources are making out, and thus it is a track to keep an eye on, or keep keeping an eye on we should say.

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      1. Bingo. Everything in the media is real for these guys.

        Mercato doesn’t open until July.

        The Euro 2024 and Copa America are ongoing.

        Anything right now is simply rumor.

        1. Exactly – the reports are fake if we don’t get the player or it’s a player you don’t like – but are somehow real if you do like the player and we get him? LOL. So if Zirkzee’s agent reduces his demands to 5M and we sign Zirkzee now the reports were true? 😂😂😂

          Some people on here are really really dense.

          This forum has become a $hite show

        2. I’ve learnt especially after the whole Fonseca thing, among others, that some of these rumours have merit. We can’t exactly decipher which are true but I def won’t discount it

      2. People like you who keep repeating “don’t believe everything in media” in every post:

        Why smart pants like you keep following the media and this website 🤡

        I really appreciate the destructive optimism people like you try to bring to the comments section but facts so far are against this management that is running out of new promises to make.

        I really hope that the 100 million transfers budget will change the general sentiment that you cam see across all Milan related social media

      3. People like you who keep repeating “don’t believe everything in media” in every post:

        Why smart pants like you keep following the media and this website 🤡

        I really appreciate the destructive optimism people like you try to bring to the comments section but facts so far are against this management that is running out of new promises to make.

        I really hope that the 100 million transfers budget will change the general sentiment that you cam see across all Milan related social media

        1. 100. Each one of us don’t know any better. That’s why we follow this page to get every update on our beloved team. No point keep visiting this site if you don’t believe in anything that’s written. Or maybe some of you really have that much of spare time to begin with,

          1. Or you follow this page and comment on hopes of getting others to agree with you. That shot of dopamine that further validates the need to be here all the time.

            Trouble is the dopamine hit simply means you spew anything you believe will get you more agreemet and more dopamine.

            Self licking ice cream cone.

      4. Youre the same type of soft little plastic who said the original signing was fine, and will be unfiltered when we don’t sign any top level striker at the end of the summer. Pipe down plastic

  1. They said they have big budget for striker. But even at 17.5m and with reasonable wage they still hold on to find cheaper but lesser quality player.

    1. So Milan is ready to pay 40 mil release clause for Zirkzee but somehow you got that they wanna spend less than 17 mil?
      Guirassy wages are actually higher than Zirkzee from what is reported.
      Zirkzee is the better player with much higher upside

        1. He saved a penalty and even on the Croatia goal he made a great save on the first attempt. Not to mention that without him Italy would have lost 7 or 8:0 vs Spain.
          Gigio has been great , the rest are trash.

          1. Yeah. People can think of Gigio how they like but the fact is that he’s in the top-3 when it comes to making saves. Like the penalty. Excellent save. Something MM16 can only dream about. And FFS, Gigio almost got his hand on the Modric’s rebound too! What more can you ask from him?

    1. Inter had no problem bulldozing us to Serie A title or in last consecutive 5 derbies with the likes of Acerbi, Darmian, Bastoni, Barella, Dimarco.

      1. Oh come on. They have many international players like we do. Not just Italians. Their basis is non-Italian. Just look at their squad.

        1. I believe you wanted to say OUR basis is non-Italian. They won with the likes of Acerbi, Darmian, Bastoni, Barella, Dimarco. And Fratessi, who also topped Reijnders in statistics despite playing less games and not as a starter.

          1. Yeah Frattesi stat padded in garbage time for inter this season, but what about the comparison between the starters.
            Reijnders vs the great Italian Barella
            Reijnders 4 goals and 4 assists vs Barella 2 goals and 7 assists in all competitions.
            One of them Is getting called mediocre and the other is supposedly the best midfielder in the league.
            Frattesi topped Barella in statistics. Does that make him a better player?

          2. Barela, Bartesi, and Di Marco are top players, agreed. But Inter’s star performers were Argentinian, French, and as hard as it is to admit … Turkish.

            Who do people want us to get apart from the three above and maybe cheisa (if he can stay fit)? Current crop of Italian players is simply rather mediocre

            Lol dejan10! Fratessi …

          3. Rejinders often dropped deeper, and had 4 goals and 4 assists.

            And what’s with those supposedly awesome Barella and Fratessi looking horrible with the national team?

          4. Pioli forcing tiji to play as DMF because rlc & benny bad on defense. It is his first time on serie A but he already become ACM best midfielder last season. Benny, tonali ,krunic , even kessie have more worst statistic in their first season with ACM comparing with tiji

          5. Woah I didn’t think I’ll wake up the whole Gerry bunch with my comment. Why are you getting so defensive when I’m just giving you the facts here.

          6. And before you say Reijnders needed to drop down or play part time DM, go compare Reijnders and Frattesi heatmaps.

      2. “Inter had no problem bulldozing us to Serie A title or in last consecutive 5 derbies with the likes of Acerbi, Darmian, Bastoni, Barella, Dimarco.”

        True. But. Those players have been awful at the EUROs. Where was Darmian & Bastoni when Modric scored? How can Bastoni miss two sitters? Dimarco has done absolutely nothing. Barella? One lucky goal and otherwise completely invisible and only back-passing every time he gets the ball.

        Just shows how far Italy has dropped from the top.

        1. Wouldn’t that make Spaletti the responsible one? Simone has no problems bringing best out of, as the Gerry boys like to call them here, subpar Italians.

  2. Zaccagni. Well… Italy decided to play the last few minutes… after many close calls. Shame to Croatia, they did play a good match.

  3. Italy was on the front door most of that game. They simply couldnt finish against a weak defense. Bastoni missed two headers he normally buries (esp against us)

    Calafiori with the assist. Are we still in that race?

    1. Calafiori would be an awesome purchase for us. But he was born in the wrong country so that’s it. Better stop dreaming.

    1. Its funny how many transfer end up with failure meet salary or agent commision. Its explain that this team didnt have pulling power anymore beside money of course.

      1. yea so lets just go pay an agent 15 million when the total transfer is 40 million. Notice how some of the other rumors with that same player are now dying down. Nobody wants to pay an agent 15 million.

    1. Ha ha 😂.
      That’s an understatement.
      But apparently Milan should go out of their way to sign an overpriced, overrated player just because he is Italian to satisfy some people in here.
      Just look at Frattesi and Raspadori as the perfect examples.
      Both of them cost Inter and Napoli 35 mil each and both of them can’t get off the bench. Frattesi can’t beat out 35 year old Mikhitaryan for a spot at inter, while Raspadori can’t get starting time even with all the injuries Osimhen has had for Napoli.
      Scamacca doesn’t look so good outside of Atalanta, as he showed the previous season at West Ham.
      Fagioli, who missed all of last season, and wasn’t even a starter at Juventus prior to that got into the game.
      If that doesn’t show how poor the pool of Italian talent currently is I don’t know what does.

      1. That’s not the argument, the argument is signing nobodies and not giving players from the Primavera players a chance and not signing young Italians. The same Scamacca that helped Atalanta thrash Liverpool and helped Atalanta to the Europa League?

      2. Yet Frattesi topped our “new Seedorf” in statistics despite playing less games. And before saying he played part time DM as many here would like to argue cluelessly, compare the heatmap of Reijnders and Frattesi.

        Simone had no problems embarrassing us in last consecutive 5 derbies with these “subpar” Italians in his starting 11.

        So, just as you all pointed fingers to Pioli this season and not our average team, try and do the same with Spaletti who got it all wrong with this NT crop.

        But sure, it’s not really convenient for you so I don’t expect you to be reasonable.

  4. Roberto de Zerbi to Olympique Marseille, here we go! Agreement signed until June 2027, three year deal.

    De Zerbi, ready to start OM chapter with Brassier as first signing soon.

    Brighton will receive around €6m compensation.

    Now we know why he’s never in the picture.

  5. Italian main problem is overrated Mancini, Italian players this generation is not so great i agree, but still doesn’t make players like Origi, Chuk, Musah & other random to be great players, many cheaper Italian deserved their place in this Milan.
    Inter just won serieA w/ that mediocre Italian & our systematic calculated detail chosen non-Italian players got slaughtered by those mediocre everytime

    1. But don’t give people here facts, they don’t want them. They won’t point fingers to Spaletti who got it wrong with this NT crop, as they did to Pioli despite our team being average and had one of the worst defensive records.

  6. Not surprised of these clowns running the club. The got rid of Maldini because he demanded quality players. Last mercato was a failure and filled the club with mediocre players. This season will get worse and won’t be surprised if they go for Pinamonti or Milik.

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